Ox and Snake Love Compatibility: A Harmonious Relationship

These two can rely on each other when it comes to difficult times, so their life together will likely be very happy.

A couple made out of an Ox and a Snake can transform in a great partnership if they’re both ready to compromise a few things. When together, these two can have a lot of fun and enjoy a relationship that’s stable.

Snakes are very sociable and open-minded, so they can make Oxen get out of their shell and interact more with others. Furthermore, these two can get along very well because they both love having a comfortable home and coming from work to a family that loves them.

CriteriaOx and Snake Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

While Snakes and Oxen may not be the same when it comes to their personalities, they surely have the same beliefs and ways to approach life. For example, they both like to contemplate and are interested in high-quality things, rather than in quantity and noisy crowds. While both are insisting to have things done their own way, the compatibility between them is still strong.

Working from the shadows

An Ox and a Snake make a very good combination because Snakes are materialistic and the love the fact that Oxen can provide for them. In return, the latter think the former are enjoyable people with great skills of observation.

It seems these two signs complement one another as Oxen don’t mind the support Snakes can offer, while Snakes are proud to be with someone like Oxen.

When first looking at them, many won’t give their relationship a chance seeing the Ox is always straightforward and the Snake prefers subtlety.

While Oxen love numbers and to base their opinions on facts, Snakes are very intuitive and prefer to let feelings rule them. However, after looking closely at how things are evolving between them, it can be easily concluded that they’re two people who love each other very much.

Perhaps all this has something to do with the fact that they both enjoy working from the shadows. It’s impossible to find either Oxen or Snakes fighting for the spotlight or being interested in superficial things.

They’re both looking to have originality and to take life seriously. There will be moments when Oxen will get jealous because Snakes can make them feel this way. The best solution in this situation is for Oxen to have enough hobbies and interests that keep them busy.

When having something to do, Oxen can overlook the fact that Snakes are very seductive and usually attract people like magnets. Furthermore, Snakes will learn that flirting with others doesn’t bring them any good and that only Oxen can make them happy.

In bed, Oxen need a lot of variety or they become bored. This is good for Snakes because these natives love exploring new positions and styles, so the lovemaking between these two won’t be in any way dull.

When it comes to choosing a partner, both Snakes and Oxen are very picky and take their time before deciding on someone. Ambitious and believing in the same things, these two are humble people.

Their combined strength can move mountains and is much more effective than the one they have on their own. With time, Snakes can learn to trust Oxen and to support them in everything they’re doing.

This is a couple in which partners can rely on each other when it comes to difficult times, so their life together will be very happy. Oxen are stable individuals on whom others can depend, which will make Snakes feel secure around them.

It’s easy to notice how hard-working Oxen are, so these two learn from each other many things regarding life and work. While jealous, Snakes will never have a reason to suspect Oxen of anything.

When dating, they’ll both feel like accomplices to something greater than themselves. They complement each other, and the attention and sweetness that characterize their relationship will be something they pretty much rely on as a couple.

Both Oxen and Snakes want to support their partner, and Snakes can be more than proud to see how reliable the Ox partner is. It’s normal for each of them to be demanding, but they won’t have a problem with how the other performs and will think they’ve chosen the perfect partner.

Those who try to separate them will be confronted and dealt with because neither Oxen or Snakes accept anyone to interfere in their relationship. It’s easy for Snakes to make Oxen open up, while Oxen we love the fact that Snakes are intuitive and good with philosophy.

When the man is a Snake and the woman in Ox, a few compromises may need to be made because she’d feel the need to plan and to have stability, while he’s impulsive and wants to live in the moment.

When the man is an Ox and the woman a Snake, he may be jealous and she can flirt with too many people. If they’ll understand each other from these points of view, they can make the relationship work as they’re really a good match when it comes to the bedroom.

The qualities of this union

When it comes to relaxing and going out, a Snake and an Ox are very similar, which means they can have a great time together. They’re both sensual and interested in pleasuring their senses.

Therefore, they’ll go out and try good food, drink the best wines, buy expensive clothes and do every other pleasant thing that brings them happiness. It’s possible for them to have many common interests.

The main difference between these two may be of culture because Snakes are usually great intellectuals, while Oxen are more interested in comfort. However, it’s possible for them to have common friends and to meet at a party.

Not to mention they both enjoy doing the same things, so they are likely to spend a lot of time fulfilling the desire to pursue similar interests. As a matter of fact, this is one of the things that brings them together the most.

When comes to socializing, Snakes and Oxen have the same methods and views. Neither of them wants to go out too much, so if they’re living together, it’s very likely they’ll host many parties and have fun in the comfort of their own home.

They’re very different from Rats and Monkeys, who always feel the need to get appreciated and to exchange opinions with their friends for their views to be validated.

Oxen are a little bit cautious when it comes to making new friends and they usually pay a lot of attention to the partner they’re choosing, the furniture they’re buying and the pets they’re deciding to own.

These natives prefer to live at a slower pace because only time can help them make the good decisions in life. This means Oxen will always have their friends since childhood and won’t want to make new ones.

They enjoy routine and being around familiar places, so if someone replaces something in their life, they can become very upset and distressed.

It can be said the same thing about Snakes, only in this natives’ case, they want familiar places because they’re always feeling comforted by privacy. Just like snakes in the animal world, the ones in the Chinese zodiac are not too loud and prefer being left alone.

It’s normal for Snakes to spend their days just sitting in the sun, listening to music or reading a good book. They don’t have this need to be surrounded by friends or to do something sensational.

From this point of view, Oxen and them get along very well. These two will never push one another to do things they may not like, so they can be themselves in the company of each other.

More than this, they’re both sensual, so their physical connection can be very fulfilling. They understand sex is important and strive to pleasure each other in the most passionate or inventive ways.

The challenges of this romance

Just like any other couple, a Snake and an Ox can also grow to drift away from one another. For example, they can be too similar, too quiet and reserved, which can lead them to no longer be interested in what they’re having together as a couple.

It’s possible for the passion to be completely missing in their connection, so they may need to look for stimulation somewhere else or they’ll end up taking separate ways.

What both these natives need is to feel emotionally secure, especially the Oxen, who are very materialistic and require stability in order to feel happy.

It’s impossible to ever be ambiguous with Oxen because they can’t allow for this to happen, which can be a different situation with Snakes, who are not as straightforward as Oxen when it comes to love.

Snakes prefer to keep many things about themselves private, so they’re often a mystery for their Ox partner, who may not be at all happy with this.

While Snakes are capable of warmth and kindness, they still don’t allow many people to be their friends or to get to their heart. This can become a problem in the relationship with an Ox, because the latter desires total commitment and for secrets to be revealed.

Any relationship Oxen have can be influenced in a negative way by the fact that they’re very stubborn. Just like the animal that symbolizes them, they can’t accept to deal with new things and to take others’ opinions into consideration.

It’s difficult to convince Oxen to do things differently than how they already know to do them. Therefore, they can become arrogant and feel like their partner has to grant all of their wishes.

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