Ox and Rabbit Love Compatibility: A Selfish Relationship

These two may take a while to build mutual trust but once this happens, they are likely to be committed and to make all sort of promises to each other.

Ox and Rabbit Compatibility

When it comes to the love between an Ox and a Rabbit, it can be said these two signs make one of the greatest couple out there as Oxen are very dependable and Rabbits extremely friendly. They’ll immediately be attracted to one another, and their relationship would be full of peace and warm moments.

Both are appreciative of the fact that their union is tender and reliable, so they may want to be together forever. When Oxen are in love with Rabbits, expect them to always make all kind of gifts and to take them out to expensive dinners. These two will be a couple that relies on friends and visits family in order to feel the warmth of other people and to get encouraged.

CriteriaOx and Rabbit Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

Oxen and Rabbits can have an incredible relationship, no matter if friends, lovers or business partners. The fact that they have noble souls will help them have a long-term relationship of love. Their emotions may be different, but they’ll manage to deal with them by talking and enjoying life.

A case of opposites attract

Oxen and Rabbits can find each other very attractive from their very first date. Their personalities oppose one another, but this is a great thing because it means they have complementary traits and the opportunity for a successful relationship.

Rabbits don’t want to stress that much, which means they can help their Ox partners relax as well. These last-mentioned ones have a big ego, but Rabbits are known for being tactful, so Oxen will never feel hurt or undermined in their presence.

When together, a Rabbit and an Ox may feel like they’ve been together for a lifetime. Because Oxen are very stable and helpful, they can make the shy Rabbits feel at home in their company. Furthermore, Rabbits love to spoil Oxen and to give them many hugs and kisses.

Some may find them a self-centered couple that only wants to make inside jokes and to say sweet words to one another. However, they’d only be the perfect as lovers and include pampering in their daily routine.

It’s possible for Oxen to become authoritative at some point, but Rabbits are too relaxed to ever care about this. On the other hand, Oxen don’t mind showing their affection in public, just like Rabbits desire to, so neither of them makes any sacrifice in this relationship.

What makes them different is the fact that one is sensitive and the other isn’t. For example, Rabbits are very caring and can feel other people’s emotions, all whilst Oxen are known for not sharing any of this and for not understanding how Rabbits actually work.

Oxen have to learn diplomacy and shouldn’t criticize Rabbits all the time because these can really end up being hurt.

Another issue may be with the Rabbits, who are a little bit selfish and don’t know what they want, while Oxen are very organized, logical and have many virtues. It would be better for Oxen to not push Rabbits just because they don’t agree with their ideas or they fact that they’re doing nothing.

This relationship may sound difficult when mentioning all these things, but these two signs can really make things work between them if they’re working hard at their union. It’s possible for both of them to try and convince the other to do things their own way.

Rabbits may sometimes seem like they don’t care about other people’s wishes and that they are only focusing on themselves. When Oxen simply don’t agree with them, they should just refrain themselves from being pushy and stubborn because Rabbits can easily decide they no longer feel supported by Oxen and that a breakup is necessary.

While they may have a few ups and downs, the Chinese Horoscope says Oxen and Rabbits can work really well as partners. They both have respect for one another and when wanting some fun, they just need to go outside together for the world to offer them all that it has.

Usually, Oxen are the ones who rule and the Rabbits those who follow. Oxen are known as hard workers who’d never take advantage of someone.

When he’s a Rabbit and she’s an Ox, their relationship can be very happy, even if she may grow to be a little bit tired of his affection.

The Rabbit woman surely doesn’t like being served, no matter if what the Ox man is doing represents his proof of love and nothing else. Another thing that brings them together is their common love for children.

The qualities of this union

A Rabbit and an Ox have in common their love for peace and the way they both prefer to avoid conflicts. Oxen are about peace amongst other things and they usually allow others to be whomever they want just as long as they’re satisfied.

The animal that represents them shows a lot how they aren’t bothered by anything, especially when not feeling provoked or irritated.

Rabbits are also in need of balance and prefer to avoid everything that makes them uncomfortable. Therefore, when together, these two will try to avoid any type of stress or arguing, so their life can be full of harmony.

Furthermore, they’ll be patient and not do anything to rush one another, which means their union has all the chances to last for a very long time.

Both of them are in love with the finest things in life, so they can be found shopping for tasteful things and enjoying the food at good restaurants. Oxen are known as creatures of comfort, no matter if men or women, and they have an earthy nature that determines them to enjoy pleasuring their senses.

Therefore, a perfect night between Oxen and Rabbits means staying inside and listening to good music while cooking something exotic and drinking a great wine from expensive glasses.

All this means they’re also very proud of their home and always happy to have friends or family over for dinner. As a matter of fact, their social life would be pretty much about inviting people over their place.

This can be great for Rabbits, who are known for being very popular amongst their friends. These natives are very good at getting along with people and at offering their loved ones a great setting for socializing.

Furthermore, Rabbits are known to be obsessed with having a beautiful home in which harmony rules and expensive furniture occupies an important place.

Oxen don’t mind this quality of Rabbits at all, so they’ll go along with it. While sharing many traits, Oxen and Rabbits are also a good couple because they complement each other.

The Oxen’ stubbornness may be a problem, and signs that are more selfish like Dragons and Monkeys would not even think to deal with how inflexible Oxen can be. Because Rabbits are diplomatic, they may get along easier with it.

Furthermore, Rabbits are calm and can accept what Oxen have to say because they just want to avoid conflict and they know it’s easy for them to convince Oxen to do things their way. It can be said the persuasive skills of Rabbits are quieter than too noticeable.

The challenges of this romance

After spending too much time together as a couple with a Rabbit, the Ox may think they don’t have what it takes to offer their lover the social life he or she needs.

While Rabbits are not like Rats when it comes to sociability, which means they don’t need validation, they’re still very popular for being charming and mannered. Many of their friends admire them for bringing about the good spirits and for being tolerant.

On the other hand, Oxen love spending their time at home and enjoying a meal that has been cooked in their perfect kitchen. They may feel burdened when having to attend parties and usually get bored at social gatherings.

Another problem this couple may face is linked to the fact that Oxen need to feel emotionally secure, while Rabbits have a problem with commitment. Oxen require their lover to always be by their side and to be sure of the relationship they’re having.

Rabbits can be bothered by the Oxen’ questions and doubts regarding their love. But all in all, they both want to be in a long-term relationship, so they’ll commit after patiently thinking what they’ve promised one another.

It can take them some time to build up mutual trust, but as soon as they’ll enter their relationship, they’ll know everything is going to work out.

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