Ox and Monkey Love Compatibility: An Enthusiastic Relationship

These two are another living proof of the saying that opposites attract and have particular ways of showing their affection.

Ox and Monkey Compatibility

The Chinese Horoscope says that Oxen and Monkeys are very different signs that even oppose each other. This may not be very beneficial for them in the situation of a relationship, but they can find a way to make things work.

When first looking at Monkeys and Oxen, people may say these two don’t have a chance to enjoy life together as a happy couple. It seems like they don’t have what it takes to get along. They don’t pay attention or take a look at one another and are insensitive about their differences. It’s important for them to accept they’re the same because this way, they can make things between them evolve.

CriteriaOx and Monkey Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤ ❤
Common valuesBelow average❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

Oxen are withdrawn people who can have a lot of fun with Monkeys, only if they allow these last-mentioned ones to be themselves and to come up with new ideas. The thing is, when Monkeys start to be enthusiastic about something, Oxen may begin to feel uncomfortable because these natives are very conventional and prefer a quiet environment.

Who will dominate?

It’s possible that Oxen and Monkeys are too different to ever be together as a couple, yet they still complement one another in a very successful way.

When it comes to their similarities, they both want success and to be financially stable, even if they have different methods of working and obtaining money.

Oxen will always be intrigued by the fact that Monkeys are intelligent, Monkeys will love how stable Oxen can be. However, it’s possible for both of them to just be arrogant and to not manage to live together because of this.

While Monkeys are extroverts and don’t mind being in crowds, Oxen are reserved and preferred subtlety. Monkeys can be a little bit too bossy, not to mention they can find Oxen to be boring and unimaginative.

While both these signs have amazing qualities, they’ll probably not display them when together. It’s possible for Oxen to feel a little bit abused by Monkeys, so they won’t hesitate to highlight every flaw and weakness these last-mentioned ones have.

It’s essential for them to be in control of any situation regarding their relationship and to understand each other if a couple.

It’s very possible Monkeys will cheat because they’re always attracted to the new and wish to see if other people can offer them a better life.

Oxen wouldn’t stand to find this out, so a break up becomes inevitable in such a situation. Oxen will rarely go out of the house, which bothers Monkeys very much. However, there’s no one more dependable and steadier than them, thing that can be very appreciated, even by a Monkey.

When it comes to love, it can be difficult for Oxen to show the positive things about them. Monkeys will most likely dominate them, so Oxen will always blame their partner for being authoritative and by talking about how many flaws their Monkey partner has.

But all in all, these two could be sweet and fun to watch as a couple. Furthermore, they’re great friends who can rely on each other in times of need.

When it comes to sex, things are little bit more complicated because both of them need their own space and may not agree with one another when it comes to trying new techniques.

Oxen tends to have high standards for the people around them, so Monkeys may not be the individuals to live up to their demands.

The fact that Monkeys always want to have fun may turn the famous patience of Oxen into anger.

If the man is a Monkey and the woman an Ox, he’ll oppose everything she holds on dear to, which can be discipline, stability and saving money.

He’ll want to always run free and to enjoy new adventures. She’ll continuously nag him to become more like her, so only a joke or two would manage to save the day after a fight between them.

If the man is an Ox and the woman a Monkey, he will think of her as superficial, while she will see him as cheap. However, they won’t break up that easily because they seem meant to be together.

Oxen love to work hard, Monkeys to play, which can have them enjoying life as a couple more than others. It’s important for them to give their relationship a second chance before deciding to break up, if this would be the situation.

After all, there’s a reason why they’ve been attracted to one another in the beginning. Oxen can make anyone laugh and usually enjoy the fact that Monkeys are crazy, but only in secret.

At the same time, Monkeys admire the fact that Oxen are able to stop and smell a flower or two when working in something. Therefore, they can both make one another very happy if they only can notice their qualities.

Oxen can allow Monkeys to take them to a few parties, Monkeys can in return cook Oxen good dinners and even spoil them with a massage.

The qualities of this union

It can be said Monkeys and Oxen are another living proof of the saying that opposites attract. Monkeys are enthusiastic, energetic and sociable, which can make the reserved and down-to-earth Oxen very curious.

When first meeting, Monkeys can convince Oxen to open up, which in return will make Monkeys want to share their ideas and even to be more listened to by the Oxen.

While the latter are not the most imaginative people in the world, they still can recognize the fact that Monkeys are very intelligent, even brilliant.

While very attracted to Monkeys because these are fast-thinkers and inquisitive characters, Oxen will also like how Monkeys are also charming and very good with words.

Both of them have high libidos, which means they may enjoy each other’s bodies and emotions very much when having sex.

Monkeys are usually provocative when they’re involved in a new relationship, so Oxen may always want to see their passionate side, regardless of for how long they’ve been together.

If Oxen and Monkeys want to resist together as a couple, they need to overlook the differences between them and to work on what they have in common.

Monkeys are always resourceful and fun, which may seem to be unsuited for the stubborn and rigid Ox. In the eventuality in which these two are together, the fact that Monkeys are flexible can make real miracles happen.

In return, Oxen can bring to the table the fact that they’re stable, practical and very good with the everyday life. If it’s about for these two to have a very successful relationship, they need to bring out in the light what they think it’s positive about the other.

The more Oxen are interested in change and fun, the more their life with Monkeys can become enjoyable and even something they can end up dreaming of when apart from their lover.

On the other hand, Monkeys can learn how to be stable and consistent because Oxen can teach them all of this, step by step.

The challenges of this romance

The fact that Oxen and Monkeys attract each other very much may not help them keep the passion between them alive for too long because these feelings usually disappear pretty rapidly.

Oxen may never be appreciative of the fact that Monkeys have many friends or that they want to go out as much as possible.

Staying inside and enjoying the comfort of their own home is the favorite thing to do for Oxen. This is also why they’re always buying expensive furniture and have high-end kitchens that even chefs would envy them for.

Monkeys are only about going out, about having interesting discussions and about changing their environment. This big difference between them may prove to be one of the reasons why they’re breaking up more often than not.

Furthermore, Oxen are known for wanting to be involved in long-term relationships, while Monkeys prefer to have their freedom and to never commit until feeling like they’re done with all the fun.

Monkeys are famous for being superficial and even for cheating on their lovers. Very curious about everything surrounding them, these natives don’t feel good until they’ve met with new people and communicated with every individual at a party.

This means they can always find new partners, so it becomes impossible for them to be serious when it comes to love. Furthermore, Monkeys need to be sure they have freedom or they won’t even decide to be with a person.

Oxen will never understand them for all of this and cannot tolerate in any way being cheated on. More than this, Oxen are known for being possessive and jealous, which cannot be at all to the liking of the freedom-loving Monkeys.

Both Monkeys and Oxen are opinionated and express themselves in very different ways. While Oxen prefer to be subtle and to keep things at a low level, they become very stubborn when someone opposes them.

Monkeys have great egos and usually get angry out of nothing. Furthermore, these natives believe they know everything because they usually have a lot of knowledge on many subjects. It’s possible for them to have an air of superiority, which can make the Oxen go crazy with rage.

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