Ox and Dragon Love Compatibility: A Sweet Relationship

These two need to always remember they have common goals and also that they can be the best team together.

Ox and Dragon Compatibility

An Ox and a Dragon have all the chances to be happy as lovers, even if they may not seem to look for the same things when it comes to life. These two are different in nature and have opposite beliefs.

A relationship between them is possible only if they find a common ground and decide to do things the same way. Dragons are courageous and very daring, while Oxen are known for their stubbornness. Dragons may find Oxen a little bit too obstinate and even criticizing. While these natives love to dream, they’re also industrious and able to make their goals a reality.

CriteriaOx and Dragon Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Oxen are conservative people who pay a lot of attention to details and who avoid conflicts as much as possible. When with Dragons, they learn how to be understanding and inspired by everything beautiful that comes towards them. As far as love goes, it’s difficult for both these signs to be involved in a relationship of give-and-take.

Acknowledging each other’s qualities

The Dragon will always be looking for adventure and to do new things, while the Ox is reserved and methodical. The latter loves to be alone, so Dragons may find them difficult as these natives only want to be with friends, regardless of the situation.

The relationship between an Ox and a Dragon will need a lot of respect from both parts and for them to love each other because they’re both strong people who refuse to make compromises.

However, their union can help them both be more in contact with reality. Oxen are famous for being stubborn, Dragons for ordering people around. It’s possible they won’t get along in any way as a couple.

While Oxen never take action before they’ve explored any possible outcome, Dragons are moving fast and don’t give any attention to details. If they’ll agree to work together and to do things the same, they’ll get to be a team that is able to move mountains.

However, it’s more likely they’ll fight over unimportant things and waste their time with issues that others wouldn’t even pay attention to.

If they want to succeed at being a couple, Oxen need to be aware of the fact that Dragons have amazing ideas that can turn anything into gold. At the same time, Dragons must acknowledge the fact that Oxen are cautious for a reason and that their attitude can save them both a lot of money.

In secret, Dragons really admire Oxen for having a great work ethic, Oxen are amazed at what Dragons manage to accomplish. It’s possible for both of them to respect each other, but they’re very stubborn, which can lead to their relationship to end sooner than later.

Dragons are ambitious people who want to succeed and to be recognized, which means Oxen are very attracted to them just for this reason. Furthermore, Dragons will always push Oxen to succeed and to accomplish great things when it comes to the materialistic side of life.

When life is not going the way they want it to, Dragons can become very grumpy. It’s unusual for them to be this way because they’re the type that looks to be admired and loved while at the same time they’re very sociable.

Oxen don’t seem to have emotions and are very attached to the traditions they learned at home. If it’s for their relationship with Dragons to work, they may need to compromise once in a while and to really pay attention to their partner because their life with a Dragon can be really fulfilling.

The fact that Dragons have short tempers can make the relationship between them and Oxen end before it even had the chance to start. Therefore, they both should insist on spending only quality time together and on working out their differences.

Oxen are always focusing on logic and can seem very detached, so a relationship between an Ox man and a Dragon woman tends to be impossible because the woman would only dream big.

However, it can be said their connection is passionate because while they don’t argue a lot, the Dragon simply loves his or her Ox especially for the fact that Oxen avoid conflicts as much as possible.

Even when fighting, these two would still have respect for one another. Having high ideals, Dragons can never understand how Oxen can be so conservative, which make the connection between them to become frustrating. If they want to clear the air from time to time, they need to be apart for a while.

Thinking of similar goals can help them achieve many great things as a couple. When business partners, Oxen and Dragons can make great things happen because Dragons have a lot of luck with money and Oxen can really appreciate all this.

Furthermore, Oxen are great when having to work hard or to make Dragons very happy. If the Dragon happens to be a man and the Ox a woman, they would have to invest a lot of work in their relationship because while they’d be very attracted to one another, their goals may be different.

He’ll want to be spoiled and always admired, she’ll think doing all this isn’t dignifying. He wouldn’t refrain himself from flirting, she’ll go crazy because of this.

The qualities of this union

Dragons are famous for being energetic and for having a lot of charm. Natives in this sign can attract anyone with their magnetism and happy personality. Oxen are very tasteful and sensual, so it may become impossible for them to not fall in love with Dragons, considering these last-mentioned ones exert immense attraction.

A Dragon will like that the Oxen have a strong personality that matches their own. As a couple, these two will spoil each other with luxuries and go out to the most expensive restaurants.

This may be a way for them to be together without being bothered by anything, which means their love for beauty keeps them together. It’s like both Oxen and Dragons are materialistic and interested in pleasure in the same way.

It becomes very important for them to have all the resources they need for their life to happen as they want it to. Because they’re both hard workers, they’ll have everything they need and work long shifts in order to be financially rewarded in a great way or successful.

Their home will probably look very comfortable and feature expensive furniture because both of them want to benefit from the most beautiful things in life. The sex between these two is passionate because the Ox is sensual and the Dragon has a very high libido.

There are some convictions they’re both sharing, so when someone would try to interfere with their beliefs, they would both stand up for themselves and fight. Therefore, if they believe their relationship is meant to succeed, they won’t be stopped from making things happening, no matter how many differences they may have.

As said before, if they decide to be business partners, they have all the chances to become successful because Dragons seem to attract money like magnets, while Oxen can invest in opportunities that can bring them twice as much as they’ve initially spent.

If Oxen and Dragons want to succeed as a couple, they need to always remember they have common goals and also that they can be the best team this world has ever seen.

The challenges of this romance

The fact that both the Dragon and the Ox have big egos can spoil their relationship easily. Dragons are very assertive, especially if men, so they’ll want to rule at home and to be the heads of the family.

Even when dating, Dragons can make Oxen feel like they’re the ones in control and that important decisions should be left for them to address. Oxen have enough patience, so they won’t try to impose their opinions or to express their desires too much.

However, their temper seems to be dormant and they may one day explode in anger. It’s possible for Oxen to feel tired of the fact that Dragons want to be in the center of attention all the time.

While Oxen are also a little bit interested in having the spotlight, they may not like it at all that their Dragon partner is only surrounded by admirers and courted by members of the opposite sex.

Furthermore, Oxen are extremely worried and would hate to get cheated on, so the Dragon’s popularity can make them very jealous.

When it comes to socializing, Oxen and Dragons can be very different because Dragons are always going out and do something with their friends, Oxen prefer to stay at home and to enjoy a movie.

It seems that all the attention of other people is always on Dragons, their friends and even strangers never hesitating to make them feel like they’re center of the earth.

It can become difficult for Oxen and Dragons to get along when one wants to go out with friends and the other is just looking to be in bed.

Dragons and Oxen will never be too keen on displaying their affection in public. On the contrary, they have strong characters that demand peace and to cuddle only at home, in the most luxurious environment.

However, the fact that one desires to be in the club while the other wants to just stay at home and to watch a movie will always have them going separate ways. While they both love expensive things, they’re not spending money in the same way.

Therefore, Dragons may need to be a little bit less extravagant when it comes to shopping because Oxen can worry too much about finances. Not that Oxen don’t love giving their money for high-quality, it’s just that they don’t like being ostentatious.

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