North Node in Scorpio: The Mysterious Soul

These people are very expressive but at the same time very careful to the signals they give others and don’t open up that easily.

Scorpio North Node

It can be said people with the North Node in Scorpio and the South one in Taurus love sitting all day and not stressing about anything. This is what’s keeping them happy because they have an inner need to feel at peace and to simply enjoy periods of relaxation.

These people are as well focused in sensuality and their own comfort because they’ve been looking for these during their past lives as well. More than this, when having comfort, they can rely more on the physical aspect rather than on the spiritual one. For this reason, they can eliminate some of their emotions and do something else to replace an existence based on feelings.

North Node in Scorpio in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Serious, appreciative and gentle;
  • Challenges: Unpredictable and dramatic;
  • Celebrities: Reese Witherspoon, Edgar Allen Poe, Diane Kruger, Walt Disney, Dakota Fanning;
  • Dates: Oct 5, 1956 – Jun 16, 1958; Jul 10, 1975 – Jan 7, 1977; Feb 2, 1994 – Jul 31, 1995; Aug 30, 2012 – Feb 18, 2014; March 21, 2031 – October 14, 2032.

Meant to explore profound matters

North Node in Scorpio people are all about what’s beneath the surface because the Scorpio is a sigh of the psyche.

These natives are using the present lifetime to explore both their conscious and unconscious minds and to identify the reasons why they’re doing certain things.

These natives know everything about the material world and can take things as they are, but they can also be sometimes given the chance to understand subliminal messages.

By studying a simple spot, they can discover great things about their own mind, what they need the most and what’s bothering them all the time.

With this occasion, they can see what’s not so obvious, especially when it comes to the behavior of people.

They shouldn’t just take words as they are because body language or actions can say a lot as well. People with the North Node in Scorpio can become detectives because this way, they’d have a chance to see others’ intentions, what’s motivating them and what their problems are.

It’s true some people are simply just whom they say to be, but sometimes, amazing things about energies, situations and feelings can be revealed.

North Node Scorpios are meant to explore the most profound matters when it comes to psychology.

During the present lifetime, they’re all the time learning how to place value on how others’ mind is working.

They should be able to deal with this, as well the energy of many because they already know how to do this for themselves and how to explore their own talents.

What they should do more is arrange, appreciate and master the resource of other people. They can inherit or leave money to their loved ones themselves.

Either way, they’re sure to leave something behind because this is what their energy is telling them to do, being a lot focused on the reproduction system.

Besides, individuals with North Node in Scorpio have all the chances to marry a rich person. Not that they’re looking for it because they’re not superficial, it’s just that they’re lucky enough for this to happen to them.

What they want from their marriage is to learn how to share energy with their spouse, so it may end up being just that. These natives are spiritual beings who possess a lot of soul.

For this reason, they’re not taking connections with others lightly. When their direction is towards the evolution of the Scorpio, their spirit may realize it needs to go beyond what’s physical.

Their system of values and their beliefs have changed their fixed ideas during this lifetime because they most likely went through transformations, depending on how others have contributed to their life.

The real problem here is interacting, but not for the sake of having relationships, more to escape a rut and feel worthy. It’s not easy to have things done this way, because North Node Scorpio individuals need to interact with their most profound level of their existence.

As soon as this has been started, they can enjoy richer experiences with other people, which can enrich their inner side in great ways.

Passionate about life and feeling all the changes, they should have enough courage to study the emotional side of things.

However, if they want to explore the amazing sights of the North Node in Scorpio, they need to be relaxed when it comes to worldly matters such as money and possessions, as they may lose their comfort and their energy.

Darkness and what is forbidden

Natives with North Node in Scorpio need to be less possessive and to open up to change. More than this, they need to explore matters of the underworld and to explore the truth, seeing where it resides and how is manifesting.

These people are meant to show different sides of the stories they’re telling, as well to explore paths that haven’t been walked before.

The symbols for the sign of Scorpio are the Phoenix, the eagle and obviously, the scorpion. Natives who have Scorpio in the North Node in their birth chart are supposed to imitate these creatures, to live as true survivors.

The more they’re ready to explore mysteries, the more they can discover the most valuable things.

The scorpion is the one that’s indicating their shadow, but at the same time, it’s the one that’s showing natives with North Node in Scorpio the truth, no matter how dark and scary this may be.

This sign’s wisdom is about exploring darkness and what’s forbidden or secret, in order to be transformed.

North Node Scorpio natives have a higher calling and are great as healers or detectives, not to mention the best friends when a situation is critical.

The purpose of their soul is to integrate the instinct of them being good with their weaknesses and their openness to do the hard, conflicting work.

These natives have to go beyond their comfort zone and to turn their good nature into something that belongs to others as well.

This is indicating they shouldn’t see their loved ones in a negative light, as well that they need to be compassionate, less controlling, sexual and nicer.

In other words, they should make peace with the scorpion inside their mind and heart, because this can bring them success, no matter what they may be doing.

When it comes to their shadow, this is all about their need to control and to have a predictable life. North Node Scorpios are often extreme because this way, they can see complexities and study matters of morals. They shouldn’t be lazy and all the time comfortable, as well not addicted to a certain financial source.

People with North Node in Scorpio and South Node in Taurus should think of what could happen more. They are seen by others as hardworking and good when it comes to the most practical issues.

They love spending their money, so many can interpret them as being in love with luxury. This is because Taurus is ruling over the senses.

For the same reason, they could be great artists like many musicians born with the same North Node out there.

During this lifetime, all these natives shouldn’t indulge and be hedonistic just because the position of the previously mentioned Node is determining them to move away from the material world.

They should learn about life through their senses and in the same time have a routine. Scorpio is also the ruler of money and investing, so North Node Scorpios can make a living from playing the stock market.

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