North Node in Sagittarius: The Easy-Going Companion

These people wish to know and experience a bit of everything so may end up a little aimless and distracted in their own lives.

Sagittarius North Node

For many past lives, the soul of the people with North Node in Sagittarius has struggled to gather valuable information. These natives are knowledgeable because they want to accumulate data, to the point of no longer having space in their mind or on their devices.

The Nodes at their birth are manifesting the way they’re supposed to, as they shouldn’t have their personal voice placed in everything they’re creating. It’s just what other people have been saying.

North Node in Sagittarius in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Adventurous, creative and witty;
  • Challenges: Undisciplined and impulsive;
  • Celebrities: Nelson Mandela, William Shakespeare, Alfred Hitchcock, Ariana Grande, Angelina Jolie;
  • Dates: Apr 3, 1955 – Oct 4, 1956; Oct 28, 1973 – Jul 9, 1975; Aug 2, 1992 – Feb 1, 1994; Mar 4, 2011 – Aug 29, 2012; September 24, 2029 – March 20, 2031.

Being on top of everything there is to know

It can be said North Node in Sagittarius people are the best information spreaders because they can find any source and improve their knowledge, no matter where this may be coming from.

In this quest of theirs, there’s a lot of difficulty in making decisions because there are many directions to be explored and not enough time.

This isn’t necessarily bad because it indicates that natives born with North Node in Sagittarius have an active mind and are always looking for more information.

However, there can be a time for them when they’re sharing with others what they know, just to get an opinion on things and to discover how their mind is functioning.

Having the ability to take so many opinions into consideration, they have to continuously explore their own view of the Universal Truth and to determine how their life should be lived.

They should think their life is a great quest and that they need to expand it by having amazing experiences. When allowing themselves to be free for reading or going places, they should as well explore eccentricities.

Those having their South Node in the sign of Gemini may want to go all over the world for more information, especially those of them who were born in forgotten places.

Their wish is to see if there are more things to see besides what they’ve known all of their life, or the experiences they went through.

After all, the Gemini is influencing them to interpret life from what they read, whereas the Sagittarius is giving them the need to go through experiences and to leave comfort behind.

Exploring more can lead them to want more and to see the big picture. People with the North Node in Sagittarius have the desire to stay far away from the undisciplined ways of Gemini.

They carry the need to explore and to expand their mind. Their ideas are of adventure-seeking, and they want to explore systems, not the small things.

No one should be in shock if they’re becoming interested in politics or are studying macro-economy. They can be interested in business as well, and analyze how the schools are functioning in their country.

It’s very likely many of them are ending up in big religious structures because they want to be in a system that’s expanding.

When young or during their past lives, they may have been too fast in finding answers and knowing everything. They probably experienced with many things and tried to understand how others are thinking and acting.

However, during this lifetime, their soul is all about relativity and finding out things about how the truth is applying to them.

When adopting the philosophy presented here, they can start to see life as a big adventure and to feel safe with their positions.

These people are seeing life as a big adventure, so they should take their time to share what they know with others, as well to determine what the meaning of life is.

More than this, they should try and see how they can tell their stories. Their North Node is surely asking of them to give meaning to things.

On the other hand, the South Node is all about gaining new information, the undisciplined type that comes in codes. This data can arrive for their entertainment. Gemini is all about factual things and the information that’s being accumulated.

Therefore, during this lifetime, people with North Node in the sign of Sagittarius have a chance to put information in structures and to build their impression on the big picture, which is giving them the opportunity to see how the grand schemes are working.

Maybe they can find out which connections they need to make. Sagittarians are never interested in what doesn’t have importance and is only superficial. This is helping them search for the profound truths and to discover different philosophies of life, to make connections and to identify matters of cause and effect.

Adding meaning to experiences

People with the South Node in Gemini are all the time asking themselves “Why?”. They want to make logical connections and to identify what is the true meaning of existence.

They can notice how things are related and functioning altogether. This can help them be connected with the Universe as a whole, as well with nature and therefore, the way fauna and flora are interacting.

The more they’re developing their intuition and are speaking from their higher senses, the more they can have their friends interested in the stories they’re telling and their profound wisdom.

They’re all the time trying to leave behind their impatience, not to mention their too logical mind is always hungry for more knowledge.

If spending some time alone outside or reading a book, they can become truly inspired and understand what the purpose of their life is, so their soul is resonating in ways that are meant for them to see how they’re presenting themselves to the world.

The more they’re acting this way and moving in this direction, the more they can keep their optimism and are allowing themselves to have a positive attitude.

These people are also great when it comes to sharing their ideas, so they’d be great as teachers, even speakers, no matter what field they’ve decided to activate in.

The more North Node in Sagittarius natives are picking up the shadow of Geminis, the more they can put value on the richness and various elements from the things they’ve experienced.

These natives have lived more than others have ever had. During this lifetime, they’re capable of putting everything together, into something with coherence.

The vision of Sagittarius is adding a lot of meaning to the experiences of the South Node in Gemini. Their evolution is all about new processes and using the intuition in order to build the strongest foundation, in order for them to have their truths explained.

These truths are both personal and at the same time philosophic. Logic has indeed served them in the past, but it seems to get in their way sometimes.

However, as said before, it’s their intuition that can help them. Gemini is the ruler of nearby travels and friendliness, whereas Sagittarius is just an ambassador for global issues.

Those with the North Node in Sagittarius are the happiest with the people they know best. Pushed by Sagittarius to travel, they can be nervous when they’re young.

Some of them may have a fear of flying. However, they can embrace the world and its wideness, not to mention they can experience the spiritual development at maximum levels.

Represented by the Twins, the sign of Gemini in the South Nodes is giving people the spirit to run away from those who are trying to get them.

The natives of this placement need to be pushy and ready to take any risk, regardless of who is helping them to hook up a person.

This sign rules over the hands, so people having it in their South Node can be very crafty, good musicians or writers, as well surgeons or healers.

When it comes to their shadow, this is about doing too much and tripping into the fantasy world. More than this, they should avoid committing themselves and keep all of their opportunities open.

However, they shouldn’t think they can be young for a lifetime. Intelligent and curious, they’re talented at communicating and learning languages, but they should use these skills of theirs in a profound manner.

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