North Node in Pisces: The Idealistic Wanderer

These people possess very high dreams and expectations but this is not to say that they don’t leave room in their lives to their loved ones and to having fun.

Pisces North Node

Most of those who were born with the North Node in Pisces have two jobs and are playing many roles in their lives because this is what’s making them happy.

Just like the symbol of Pisces, they’re swimming against the water current and therefore what’s socially accepted, benefiting a lot from this attitude. They can sometimes worry too much because they have hidden fears and their faith can be lost.

North Node in Pisces in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: disciplined, charming and spiritual;
  • Challenges: Controlling and anxious;
  • Celebrities: Uma Thurman, Matt Damon, Sting, Johnny Cash, Nina Simone;
  • Dates: Jul 27, 1950 – Mar 28, 1952; Apr 20, 1969 – Nov 2, 1970; Dec 3, 1987 – May 22, 1989; Jun 23, 2006 – Dec 18, 2007; January 12, 2025 – July 26, 2026.

These natives can discover that beauty is nurturing for them because through it, they can attain the higher power. More than this, they can fight against odds because they’re strong enough and can be led to what their spirit desires by their own system of direction.

Playing by the rules

The North Node in Pisces in someone’s birth chart is suggesting they’re compassionate and have vision, and that are also capable of leading.

It doesn’t matter what they’re choosing as a career, it’s their compassion and intuitive ways that can make them successful.

The Virgo South Node has many ways of dealing with the dreams and inside battles of the North Node in Pisces. Natives with this placement should always focus on what their heart desires.

The same North Node in Pisces is one of the most difficult North Node positions because it’s making people very energetic and interested in perfection.

Its natives are on a mission to bring discipline, no matter where they may be going, at any time. More than this, they’re always worrying to not make any mistake.

Their real problems may appear when their expectations and dreams are being met. These people have so high ideals that it’s impossible for them to meet them with ease.

Feeling pressured, they can all the time be anxious. Because of this, they can end up having health problems that are subsiding from their worries.

These people can get lost in routine and are brilliant at micromanaging, meaning they can become obsessive about every little thing.

Because they only played by the rules in past lives or when young, they can have the opportunity to just relax in mundane activities and to follow what their heart wants.

No matter what they may be longing for, they just need to let their guard down and to look at the world from the highest peaks.

It’s possible that in their past, they were the ones always looking to do what’s right.

Others observed them, and they expected a lot from them and their loved ones, maybe even strangers.

They could have done any job, from healing to crafting, meaning they were surely expected to act in a precise manner, very close to perfection.

People who were born with the North Node in Pisces are looking to be higher than the sum of their all. This placement is perfect for this Node because Fishes are transcendental and this Node is about overcoming limits and evolving.

It is the most comfortable in signs that aren’t so personal, like Aquarius, Pisces and Capricorn. As a matter of fact, these signs have a broad mission represented by their own energies.

Those who have the North Node in the sign of the Fish have a need to find their spiritual side. It’s like they’re from beyond this world, not to mention they’re devoted and possess a very rich imagination that they should embrace with all of their soul.

If they want to do all this, they need to let go of all the negative behaviors they’re practicing and that are holding them back.

Having the South Node in the sign of Virgo, this balance is what’s keeping them comfortable and organized. They seem to be naturally disciplined, not to mention they’re humble and can be extremely efficient, especially when assessing what’s going on into their life.

However, the talents they have inside them can effortlessly have them being mistaken when they’re not balanced with their life.

In this situation, they’re becoming tired workaholics who feel like no one and nothing is good enough for them, not even their own person.

An innate need of love

People with the South Node in Virgo can make mistakes when being too harsh with themselves, not to mention they can direct this towards others too. Even when not expressing their unhappiness, they may still judge in the background.

Their judgmental ways are all about the fact that the South Node is showing what they have brought with them from their life before this one.

South Node Virgos were most likely servants for others during this mentioned time period. They were focused on what they were supposed to do, one way or another.

More than this, they’ve could have obsessed over work and had no idea when the time is passing while they were investing all of their efforts in something.

During this lifetime, people with the North Node in Pisces have their chance to relax, to be not so perfect and to merge what their heart is dictating them with what their heart is.

They can be softer with themselves and make mistakes, forgetting about details and being as affectionate as they can be, as well more forgiving.

It would be a good idea for them to escape uncomfortable situations in the most graceful manner rather than being dutiful and passing on judgments.

It’s not a good idea for them to be confrontational, but they can be daring enough to use their intuition and to take action when they’re finding themselves troubled.

Over-analyzing is no longer necessary because one part of their soul is looking to trust how life is going, whereas their anxieties should be surrendered to the Divinity.

North Node in Pisces natives need to understand they’re being loved. However, they should allow others to criticize them, regardless how much they’re refusing to believe they’re not perfect.

This way, they can no longer have a problem when criticizing themselves, not to mention they can start to criticize their closed ones as well, by focusing on very little detail.

This can have everyone going crazy when around them. These people are planning all the time, not to mention they feel very good when things are going as they’re supposed to for them.

However, if their schemes are not in the right place, they can simply fall apart. It’s a big deal to keep the Universe in order.

The lesson these perfectionists need to learn is that every small issue is part of a big picture.

They can be happy within themselves and when surrendering, after which they’re no longer struggling or in control.

Their anxiety needs to be somehow released. As soon as realizing they can’t attain perfection, they can just have a good time and live at a calm pace.

This is when they can find their creativity to be something of great value for their comfort and happiness.

For this reason, they have the most creative soul, but this doesn’t mean all of them have to be artists. However, it’s the way for many of them to be taken out of their comfort zone, as well to be more analytical and to know how to make their life practical.

When immersing in art, no matter if they’re creating or appreciating it, they just have to let go of preconceptions and to just go with the flow.

They want to be artists, no matter if they’re only creating for a wide public or for the mundane.

However, the North Node in Pisces artists need to not get lost in details. In case they’re letting their South Node in Virgo to judge them too much, they can have their imagination run wild.

In case they have enough inspiration to separate the right from the wrong, their dormant artists can surface.

These people’s soul purpose is to go exceed the limits of their compassion and imagination. They’re supposed to explore the most profound matters of the psyche and how the unconscious mind is manifesting itself.

More than this, they need to know they’re being loved unconditionally. Natives with the North Node in Pisces shouldn’t see life as a struggle, as well they should agree pleasure is bringing them only good things.

Besides, they should allow their creative mind to make magic happen, as well their body to work in correlation with their heart, soul and mind. These people should be kind with themselves.

Their shadow is when they’re feeling like life is hard, when they’re doubting themselves and worrying about every little detail of life.

It can also be when they don’t have enough confidence in themselves, when not doing their duty, as well when feeling guilty and when they need to get rid of any shame they may be having.

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