North Node in Capricorn: The Diligent Worker

These people have very strong feelings and sometimes allow them to rule over them, although this is not happening very often.

Capricorn North Node

People with the North Node in Capricorn may have lived many of their past lives in the feminine realm of Cancer, which is their South Node and have been the ones who are taking care of others.

However, during this lifetime, they’re only learning how to be self-sufficient because they’re becoming providers. They mustn’t spend too much time in the corporate world, nonetheless because this can have their soul depleted of energy

North Node in Capricorn in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Intuitive, disciplined and observant;
  • Challenges: Distracted and stubborn;
  • Celebrities: Julie Andrews, Denzel Washington, Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Roberts;
  • Dates: Oct 10, 1953 – Apr 2, 1955; Apr 28, 1972 – Oct 27, 1973; Nov 19, 1990 – Aug 1, 1992; Aug 22, 2009 – Mar 3, 2011; March 27, 2028 – September 23, 2029.

Discipline can bring them a sense of accomplishment

Those with the North Node in Capricorn possess a lot of creativity and a strong intuition, so they need to use their gifts in order to make their dreams come true.

It’s possible for them to resist any schedule because they simply don’t like to have their life structured. If sticking to a plan that’s all about taking care of themselves, they can have the most beautiful life.

Many of the famous TV hosts have their North Node in Capricorn, as well life coaches, good chefs and true professionals.

Because they also have their South Node in Cancer, they’re struggling with their diet and can eat too much due to emotional reasons.

At their worst, they can make enemies out of those who had in any way an intention to be their opponents.

This is happening because they have too strong feelings and are allowing what’s in their heart to take over. All the sufferings from their past can turn them into people who have too strong emotions and are shaking when dealing with an issue.

These people can be really dramatic if not paying attention to the way they’re acting. They’re only learning to be more responsible when it comes to their emotions, what they’re projecting and the way they’re acting, especially when it comes to matters of the past.

These natives are only trying to be more down-to-earth and sincere when it comes to what they’ve gone through, as well to discover reality as it is.

Those with the North Node in Capricorn are evolving when organizing. During this lifetime, they’re all about having the right responsibilities, meaning their soul always knows what to do.

Feeling deeply fulfilled can come for them when they’re disciplined and ready to support themselves. Just like those with the North Node in Virgo or Taurus, they’re spiritually developing and making all this practical.

Their drive is coming from the fact that they’re ambitious and determined to achieve great things in life. The expression of their soul is motivating them to have great goals and to work hard at making their dreams a reality.

As said before, those born with their North Node in the sign of Capricorn should advance in life by being disciplined. More than this, they have to be responsible for themselves, especially when their soul is asking them to.

The current lifetime is meant for them to be about responsibilities because their soul is asking them to be this way.

In order for them to feel fulfilled, they need to as well to rely only on themselves and to be organized. When being able to identify the matters and the structures that are meant to make them life their life properly, they really are taking the right direction.

Just like other North Nodes belonging to the Earth element, like the ones in Virgo or Taurus, those in Capricorn are meant for spiritual development and at the same time for allowing practicality.

They’re about being positive when it comes to achievements and motivation. The expression of people with the North Node in Capricorn is motivating them to set decent goals for themselves and to work very hard in order to make their dreams come true.

These people need to rely on their own integrity and to be ethical. This is how their inner compass should function.

The more they’re controlling and taking care of themselves, the more they can approach their objectives and learn from the past, turning all of their fantasies into reality.

During past lives or when they were young, they were probably worried with how their life was going and not paid too much attention to what they wanted to do, being too involved in the emotional side of life.

They may have been moody and had a dependency on others, which wasn’t in any way healthy for them.

Their present finds them as the ones who have to take care of their own life, but also by being independent.

At the mercy of karma

If they’re setting the happiest and most attainable goals for themselves, these people can be ready to have them fulfilled, but only by no longer being scared of getting rejected and by identifying what they need to do in order to be great leaders or persons with authority.

All this can have them feeling like new people because they may have spent their previous lives as domestic persons and identified themselves with the role in their family.

They may still have to deal with some karma during this lifetime, but they’re always ready to do what’s right because they’re responsible and not at all gullible.

This lifetime is finding them to be creators and the keepers of what’s of value. They’re respecting traditions and can find the right opportunities to surprise others.

Many are seeing their integrity and the way they trust as something that’s offering them the position of leaders they so much deserve. Since they’re serious and have ethics, they can feel like others are not giving them the attention they so much need, meaning they should identify ways of expressing themselves in the most creative manner, as well of identifying their most devoted friends to motivate them.

People with the North Node in Capricorn are enjoying more respect and love than they’re giving themselves credit for.

Life can always show them the best ways on how they can be leaders, meaning they can succeed in politics or managerial roles. They can also be entrepreneurs or artists.

It would be interesting for them to have this last-mentioned job because they’d open themselves more to the art and what it can deliver.

More than this, they should trust their intuition when looking at what they’ve created because their vision can be the right one.

People with the North Node in Capricorn are all the time understanding that responsibilities, honor and their skills to rule must be learned from making mistakes.

This is the only way for them to reach the highest peaks in life. They can see that their power is increasing when they have to deal with challenges.

Maybe during their past lives, they’ve only been too domestic due to their South Node in the sign of Cancer, but during this one, they’re feeling like they no longer have what it takes.

It’s okay to stay home and live a peaceful life too. However, their North Node in Capricorn is helping them learn how to make their dreams come true and how to obtain what they need from their hard work and the paradise they’ve created for themselves.

These natives want to always be seen as serious people. They shouldn’t avoid work and hide behind a hard shell, just because the world seems tough.

More than this, they’re trying to make something perfect out of how they’re interacting with their public. These natives have a strong urge to have their North Node valued, meaning they like to take good care of themselves and to look good.

As a matter of fact, they should be worried about the way they’re looking because this is helping them to be more confident and elegant, as well charming and mannered.

North Node in Capricorn natives need to learn how to collaborate with the people in their professional life. They shouldn’t just jump to do the small things if feeling pressured to perform, or when facing some setbacks in their career.

In fact, they need to learn that the world is not going to adapt to them when things aren’t taking the right direction.

These people’s emotions are sometimes too much, or perhaps they’re feeling like they have too many responsibilities. However, the more they’re getting old, the more they should learn how to deal with what they need to do.

When taking advantage of all the best manifestations of the South Node in Cancer, people with this placement at their birth can discover there are some tendencies that are left behind.

These tendencies may have something to do with the way they’re reacting and handling manipulation.

For example, they can be too intuitive and sometimes feel like they can no longer deal with reality, or they may refuse to open up to each and every of their emotion, which can be very dangerous for them.

These North Node Capricorns should trust their intuition and respect their own pace. Things may turn out to be just fine for them.

The purpose of their soul is to build a life for themselves, as well to become business owners or perfect at what they’re doing for a living. In other words, they need to fuel their ambition.

They’re keen on becoming wise as they’re growing older, but they need to spend some time alone in order to have the proper knowledge of what they’re supposed to do in life.

The natives with the North Node in Capricorn can leave behind their dependence for their family, just to be the ones who are well seen in the public eye.

They can achieve great things, no matter what they may decide to do for a living, but they should remember how to live in the world, not necessarily to become a part of it.

Their shadow is about not setting some limits between their self and their family or business life. Their purpose is to establish a relation of dependence with others while keeping their integrity.

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