New Moon in Virgo: What It Means And How To Channel Its Energy

New Moon in Virgo helps you get organized and view everything in a realistic light.

New Moon in Virgo

What the New Moon in Virgo teaches us is to abandon all the little things that are just filling our homes, and our minds, acting only as small obstacles in our path. They’re not only in the way, but this clutter is also a constant worry, having to always think about them.

So, you’d better start organizing your things, starting now, so that in the future, you’ll have a clean mind, ready to take upon the more difficult challenges that life throws at you.

This activity, better left for moments when the New Moon is in Virgo might even satisfy you and make you content with yourself, for getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff burdening your life.

You might want to also be vigilant this time around, pay attention to what is really important, and try to even out things, eliminate what’s causing problems, capitalizing on the essential, especially in the workplace.

Being under the influence of the diligent Virgo, you may feel inclined to find ways to increase your productivity without necessarily needing to work more. You will be patient with some people but firm with others and will analyze all the details before making a decision.

Efficiency is of the essence here, and it’s high time you worked hard to elevate it to another level. This doesn’t mean that you should become obsessive about it, because that never helped anyone, and it will only lead to a road of no return.

Work intelligently, with well-deserved breaks from time to time when the New Moon is in Virgo and don’t be afraid to take new responsibilities on board.

Most people treat Virgos with caution most of the time because it’s basically common knowledge that they tend to be overly-critical of everyone because they seek the impossible, perfection.

You will borrow from these characteristics during the New Moon and will want everything to be in perfect order, spotless, without any mistake, and if even the smallest thing is out of order, you are likely to blow it out of proportions.

But luckily, you are also benefiting from a great dose of pragmatism that will help you keep your feet properly grounded and will not let you succumb to any passing temptation.

Use the energy of the New Moon in Virgo to:

  • Keep a clean karma with good thoughts;
  • Start a new healthy habit or exercise;
  • Reorganize and start making lists;
  • Be kinder and less critical with yourself;
  • Use your practical skills and learn new ones.

The meaning of the New Moon

It’s quite a supreme feeling, knowing that your life is being subtly controlled by the movements of the Moon, your destiny, and the comings and goings of your life literally being contingent on its phases.

Its influence marks everyone’s personality in a different way, but the fact remains that it has a great bearing on any one of us, our achievements in the future, as well as how we live our life.

The New Moon represents the source of everything, a state of tabula rasa, of absolute nothingness, ready to be filled with all manner of experiences, feelings, emotions, attainments, and so on.

The New Moon in Virgo helps everyone embrace an organized life, resort to introspection and analysis. Under its influence one remains realistic, responsible and self aware. These days, you are more inclined to put off fun for later, in favor of dealing with work.

There’s no better time than the present to prepare for the future. This is the time to look at life from a completely different perspective, a calm, visionary, even humanitarian one.

What to do when the New Moon is in Virgo

Sociable, communicative, health-freaks, this could characterize people under the influence of the New Moon in Virgo.

Mercury, the governor of Virgo is feeding them the necessary energy to freshen up their conversations with wordplays, puns, ironies, a verbal debauchery that only the sagacious.

Under the New Moon, people will be inclined to go for anything natural because they believe it will necessarily lead to a healthier and better life. It’s true though, that much is known to everybody, so you will feel very good with yourself for pursuing this.

However, under this lunar aspect, one couldn’t care any less about what others thought of them either way.

In any case, the Virgos will want everything to be clean, organized, systematically arranged in their home. Even their cleaning products have to be of the best quality, preferably without any chemicals in them, if that makes any sense.

Virgo natives and subsequently, those under the New Moon in Virgo, are the very definition of generosity, of kindness, because they would sooner make a compromise than refuse to help someone in need.

And the thing is, they do it without even being asked to, out of the goodness of their hearts. It is said that many humanitarians, people of great repute, who were known for their philanthropic tendencies, were Virgos, most of them at least.

It doesn’t have to be something great, even the smallest kindness to a beggar at the corner of the street counts in their book, because generosity isn’t statistically calculated depending on the numbers involved.

Remember that the New Moon exacerbates dilemmas hidden deeply in the self and surfaces cravings that one would have preferred to keep hidden.

There are no limits to the extent one can go to satisfy these cravings. Honestly, it’s just like the world has gone crazy with anticipation, and they will find themselves roaming across town with no specific target in mind, just because.

During the Virgo New Moon some might not be able to stay put for two seconds straight. Most people will wish to talk a lot, learn new things, experience exciting adventures and try to perfect their professional life even more.

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