New Moon in Gemini: What It Means And How To Channel Its Energy

New Moon in Gemini makes you curious and sociable but also aware of your own flaws.

New Moon in Gemini

The New Moon in Gemini brings forth new opportunities to brag about your intellect and extra chances to talk to people, gain some extra knowledge.

People will mimic the communicative and sociable Gemini character who can really kick the hornets’ nest with their enthusiastic attitude.

This is the time to be quick-witted, to use wordplays to create funny situations, and to fall in love with getting into deep and complex conversations.

With all the talking everyone will be doing now, it’s a definite mark of the rewards they’ll be getting during the next Full Moon. After all, it is now that they set up the foundation for the future growth.

Even the most unsociable personality will find themselves, during the New Moon in Gemini with this incredible interest in talking to people, not as a way to gather up knowledge or see whether they can keep up the pace, but more with genuine interest in the other.

People will take great pleasure in all of these simple moments, putting everything else aside. And this teaches all of us that there is far more to a conversation, other than the mere debate, the argumentative back and forth. Open-mindedness, tolerance, curiosity are much more important.

The chatty Gemini has always been perceived as the carefree and unrestrained talker of the zodiac, a being curious about all sorts and ready to share their knowledge generously.

And the New Moon in Gemini is going to prompt everyone to borrow from these characteristics and to have a bit of fun, just for the sake of it. There may be some added impulsivity but nothing of concern.

People will be a lot more attentive to the reactions of those around and will study the way others behave. This might help some with getting close to other people and to accepting the individual differences that make us who we are.

With increased awareness, extra responsibilities would be expected to surface as well but it seems that the Gemini influence is strong on this too and people will be quite relaxed about the serious side of life.

The New Moon in Gemini brings spontaneity and unpredictability. Obviously, everyone’s spontaneity will grow and extend a lot and they will start living their life at the maximum point by trying their hand at all sort of activities in a very adventurous way, full of impulsive actions.

Imagine for a second how the Moon is responsible for the changes it brings into the natural world.

For example, have in your mind right now the picture of an in island surrounded by the glaring darkness of midnight, with the ocean in front of you, the ocean vanishes into the far-away reaches of the sky, and in that spot you will see the beautiful, and shining Moon.

That’s why it’s clear that the New Moon marks everything that is new, especially new beginnings which will help you change your life entirely.

It is like a back support which will give the courage and the power to be able to do things which normally you wouldn’t do, like starting new important and interesting projects, or fulfilling your deeper desires and making your dreams become reality.

Use the energy of the New Moon in Gemini to:

  • Abandon any rigid thinking patterns;
  • Relax by channeling your inner child;
  • Be curious and ask a lot of questions;
  • Read books and get informed by any means;
  • Think a little bit more before you speak.

Romantic awareness

One of the most important principles that the Geminis follow when in love is not to put too much effort into the relationship. Right, it does sound a little counter-intuitive but this who they are and this is going to be the behavior you are going to borrow during the Gemini New Moon.

There might be an underlying reason to this and it refers to the fear of things turning quickly from love to obsession and a relationship transforming into an exchange where the happiness of each partner depends on the actions of the other partner.

The New Moon brings this self-awareness into play, so natives of all signs will be very careful in a romantic endeavor, not to put all their hopes and expectations towards the partner.

There is a word of caution as well, that refers to the possibility for one’s behavior to still affect their own relationships with the loved ones.

Because of the adrenaline that fills this lunar aspect, people will start breaking barriers and they might forget to think that this behavior of theirs could hurt their partner’s feelings, and can even make the latter lose the trust in them.

Just make sure that your illusionary life due to the New Moon is going to keep your lover safe and is not going to harm his or her feelings.

What to do during this New Moon

What else could you possibly do during the Gemini New Moon, other than use your godly intellect and curiosity to play the social game, and reach the very top quickly?

You will see society as a perfect stage for you to show off, to have fun, to find the excitement that you’ve been longing for.

Making new friends, engaging in intriguing conversations that continue on for hours, matching two people into loving each other, what else can be more interesting and fascinating?

Be it online networking, talking to people on Skype, playing online video games, or going outside and putting yourself in the thick of things, under this New Moon you are likely to behave like the very social butterfly of the zodiac.

Gemini knows very well how to engage with the technological virtual world and so will you during this New Moon. You will be inclined towards the new gadgets or all forms of communication.

There may also be a tendency to spend money on a whim, on things you don’t really need, just because you find them attractive.

During the New Moon in Gemini, those who are totally addicted to technology and who tend to spend their whole day checking their Instagram account, or talk on Messenger with their virtual friends, or upload some photos on Facebook or Twitter will likely increase their consumption of social media further.

This New Moon is aimed at filling your batteries with energy through interactions with those around and you won’t necessarily make a big distinction between what is virtual and what is real.

On the other hand, those concerned with their consumption of superficial interactions, could potentially be more observant during this New Moon and set new boundaries.

Practical activities, especially dealing with chores or helping a friend move house or similar, could provide surprising satisfaction and a great mood.

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