Neptune in Taurus: How It Shapes Your Personality and Life

The position of Neptune in your natal chart reveals how intuitive and dreamy you are and whether your life takes any spiritual turn.

Neptune in Taurus

One who is born with Neptune in Taurus in their natal chart, borrows from the indulging nature of the latter and the tendency towards dreaming and introspection of the former.

They love the idea of living in a luxurious and comfortable house with a glam and expensive design, and they are able to get it by working passionately their entire life.

Neptune in Taurus in a nutshell:

  • Style: Patient and understanding;
  • Top qualities: Romantic, dreamy, reliable;
  • Challenges: Possessive and materialistic;
  • Advice: Physical exercise could help you get out away from monotony;
  • Celebrities: Pablo Picasso, Carl Jung, Coco Chanel, Franz Kafka, Diego Rivera.

Of course, achieving wealth is really hard to be done, but once they will fix their passive attitude and start seeing their dreams as reality, they will pass every obstacle, even if it’s a financial or personal one, and they will end up fulfilling their dreams and living a happy life.

Personality traits

It’s definitely true! Neptune Taurus natives can be classified as dreamers, and they have many thoughts about how much expensive their possessions should be.

Their intelligence and ambition will help them get more than they will propose initially because they are materially-oriented.

This materialism will make them manage every situation properly because their practical mind acts as an incredible ability which overcomes any challenge and always fixes their problems in a productive way.

When it comes to their personal life, they might be a little bit more insistent, because once they fall in love, it’s going to be hard for them to let the partner go.

Their ideas are best when put into practice, and they are very practical when it comes to this, preferring to build upon realistic plans, rather than going forward with improbable and idealistic desires.

Usually, they capitalize on their artistic sense and the sense of aesthetic construction that animates each and every one of their ideas.

However, these natives are not good when it comes to organizing their financial situation, but due to their highly adaptable personality, they will eventually reach an acceptable level in this domain as well. Moreover, they are flexible enough to survive in almost any environment.

The Neptunian Taurians might try to convince others of the truth of their own ideas, in a constant process of persuasion, a holy war of some sorts that they fight endlessly.

This is not exactly the ideal path for them, since the sense of satisfaction that they get when someone validates their perspective is not truly a reason to be happy. True happiness and fulfillment come from one’s own revelation, from the individual enlightenment, not from making others see the truth.

Helping others reach their own understanding of the world is better than imposing your own viewpoint, and it leads to a greater satisfaction later on.

Moreover, their aesthetic skills are off the charts, and they will try to create their own understanding of the world through their own peculiar methods.

The positives

Those natives dominated by Neptune in Taurus have such great artistic abilities, being art lovers, that they use their artistic eyes to reflect the perfection in their material possessions.

They also use, as a veritable source of inspiration, their beloved partners which are the most angelic creatures on Earth, in their eyes.

You will see that once they are in love with someone, they get in touch with nature very often, and they start to appreciate their beauty at a high level.

All this makes them feel, from head to toe, a beautiful sense of freedom, which will definitely entertain their happiness and satisfaction. They are definitely the ones that best know how to enjoy their spare time.

The negatives

Because they are born with the assurance that everything will work perfectly every time, even their craziest dream will become reality, just imagine how disappointed they will become when they will realize that life sometimes punches you in the face and destroys all your dreams.

There is a big risk for these natives with Neptune in Taurus to start getting depressive and anxious, and even having confused states, not realizing why their perfect picture about the future got broken.

It is very hard for them to move on after a breakup, and there are a lot of chances for them to become angry and frustrated.

They have a really patient attitude, but if you pass the limits, you will have in your face a totally different person. At the end of the day, they will find the power to get up and start everything from scratch but before they do this, they will take all their negative feelings out.

The Neptune in Taurus man

These men are truly one of a kind when it comes to relationships. They love very passionately and with great intensity. This can be seen from their overall attitude and how they take care of their partner.

Most of the time, they’ll be willing to give up on their own comfort, just to bring a little bit of extra comfort to their lover. Moreover, they extract great working energies from that sense of personal fulfillment of having someone to help and support them.

Relationships really bring out the best in them, both professionally and emotionally. You may notice that the man with Neptune in Taurus puts a lot of effort into taking care of you, and he would greatly appreciate it if you express your affection in return.

They tend to overlook the importance and significance of their efforts, and it’s always good to hear words of appreciation from others. Little things matter the most, and what is simple has always attracted their attention.

Telling them you love them early in the morning, cooking for them when you know they’re coming late from work, these are small things that matter a lot to these men.

The Neptune in Taurus woman

As a Neptunian Taurus woman, you are looking to attain spiritual oneness with yourself, a state of perfect calmness attained through artistic accomplishments, preferably.

Romantic adventures are also a suitable path to reach the same results, but this lady has to realize, at the same time, that she has to take care of their duties, with responsibility, ambition, and perseverance.

Neptune makes sure that they have the time necessary to think things through and do a good job at completing their assignments on time or dealing with serious problems.

As far as relationships go, they are looking to find fulfillment alongside a partner who understands them, and they don’t want anything too complicated or eccentric.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.