Neptune in Aquarius: How It Shapes Your Personality and Life

The position of Neptune in your natal chart reveals how intuitive and dreamy you are and whether your life takes any spiritual turn.

Neptune in Aquarius

Those with Neptune in Aquarius in their natal chart let themselves roam the world free, uninhibited, without listening to anyone’s advice.

They have big dreams, and they idealize the world. Without caring at all about the social conformity or expectations, they do their own thing, trusting in their own gut instincts and following a set of self-imposed principles.

Neptune in Aquarius in a nutshell:

  • Style: Enlightening and intuitive;
  • Top qualities: Gentle, creative and practical;
  • Challenges: Aloofness and extremism;
  • Advice: If you don’t show emotions people will not believe you are genuine;
  • Celebrities: Friedrich Nietzsche, Thomas Edison, Mark Twain, Claude Monet.

In order to achieve their goals, they will break apart any shackles that hold them down to a stagnant mentality, break free from this ideological bubble, and fly toward the horizon.

Personality traits

Supernatural senses and philanthropic reflexes all mix up together to form the Neptunian Aquarius’ personality.

On the one hand, Neptune brings them a heightened spiritual awareness, instincts, and precognitive abilities, while the Aquarius is naturally endowed with great generosity towards the idea of community.

On the other hand, this native prefers to stay by themselves, cold, rational, unrestrained, their own man, while Neptune brings great emotions, a need for peaceful cohabitation with other people. Both traits will combine this time.

For the most part, when a Neptunian Aquarius makes their debut in the world, uncertain times are coming. The very community will break off from the traditional standards, taking with it the previously accepted standards, a metaphorical destruction of society, of its norms, inter-human relationships, especially virtual ones. Moreover, ideals tend to be thrown down from their lofty place in the skies, muddled in the real world. Modernity suffers a backlash of its own stringent needs and degenerative streaks, and all this is foreseen by Neptune.

It’s a time of societal disparity, of dissolution regarding the structure that makes up the very spinal cord of the modern world.

Around this native, strange meteorological phenomenon could appear from time to time because Neptune is responsible for the changes in weather. Uranus, the original planet of the Aquarius comes to create havoc and increase the chaotic conflicts caused by Neptune’s influence.

Concretely, these natives can be just as humanitarian and angelic when they’re mood is good, just as they can become malevolent, the sheer image of doom, the bringers of the end-times, when they’re in a bad mood.

Both the saviors and destroyers of the world, the Neptunian Aquarians are marked by these two extremes which are interchangeable.

The sheer rebellious potential that these natives have in them is mind-numbing. They will literally listen to no one and abide by no rules if that means being chained.

Without the freedom to do as they see fit, they don’t want to live at all. They are initiators, pioneers, the bringers of innovative elements, of novel distractions, and will try to help humanity develop toward the next level of existence.

If they can’t achieve that, they are grateful for helping a handful of people. Moreover, as far as personal principles go, they are kind of neutral when it comes to religious belief, but they aren’t very scientific either.

Eternally awed by the mysteries of the world, they prefer to discover it through their own means.

The positives

They may be the next great inventors of the century, making legendary breakthroughs in scientific domains. They want to help brighten up the world, make it a better place, put it through a state of constant evolution and development.

However, if they don’t have the necessary instruments to achieve this, they will instead create them. Nothing can stop them from going forward with their plans, not even seemingly impossible things.

After reaching the conclusion that the idea is viable, they’ll need the feedback from their friends, and only after that would they start putting it into practice. A great satisfaction comes after seeing their projects coming to a close.

The negatives

However, they can be very dominative and bossy when it comes to seeing their plans come to fruition. They don’t care about other people as long as they get to materialize their own ideas.

A promise is a promise, and if they said they’ll support your project, there’s really no reason now to back up.

And because it’s their idea, everyone else is supposed to just follow it indiscriminately and without flinching a muscle on their face.

This leads to stagnation, inefficiency and a lack of productivity. If they learned to cooperate with others, things would go a lot smoother.

The Neptune in Aquarius man

The male counterparts seem to have the same artistic reflexes as the women, only that they tend to be a little more tied to traditions.

They’ll use these skills to further the development of old traditions, domains that have existed for centuries. The applications are endless as they are varied, and this translates to their love of experimentation, for trying out new things.

Certainly not someone to waste his life on doing something that doesn’t suit their tastes, they prefer to roam around the world, until they finally fulfill their professional desires.

Just like Neptunian Aquarian women, they prefer their partners to also have intellectual interests, and because they emphasize objectivity, sexuality isn’t really that much idealized.

Just like someone who has amassed knowledge for his entire life, this native is naturally egocentric. He believes his ideas are objectively correct without the need for proof, and anyone who refutes their God-given right will have to suffer.

Compared to women, men tend to be more daring and courageous in expressing their opinions, so there’s naturally a problem that tends to be present here more than anywhere else.

It’s for your own good to learn to be understanding and tolerant of other ideas. It doesn’t matter if you consider them to be wrong as long as you keep the social appearances and pretend that you are appreciative of their ideas.

The Neptune in Aquarius woman

Generally friendly and generous with their like-minded people, the lady with Neptune in Aquarius rapidly changes her tune and turn into an annoying critic who’ll try to put you down then and there because you disagree with her ideas.

Being a very intellectual individual, it’s clear that she won’t just give up on her ideas. She has formed them after a long period of studying, after amassing countless knowledge, various pieces of information.

Philosophically speaking, she uses her reason to objectively analyze humanity and pinpoint its flaws, as they fall into her preexistent categories.

Like it wasn’t enough that they were intellectually superior to everyone else, it turns out that Neptune endows them with a great creativity, with artistic tendencies.

The aesthetic sense is strong in them, so strong in fact that they can easily touch upon their deep potential towards the artistic domains.

These natives can paint with ease, they can sing like they were born to do so, and they can even play theater as if they were characters out of a Shakespearian play.

With all these abilities and great potential at their fingertips, these women have to occupy their time, otherwise, they’ll go insane.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.