Neptune in 9th House: How It Defines Your Personality and Life

This placement of Neptune makes people get easily carried away by all sort of ideas and philosophies that aren’t necessarily related to the reality surrounding them.

Neptune in 9th house

People born with Neptune in the ninth house of their birth chart are usually very educated and interested in philosophy, traveling or religion. It’s easy to influence them because they’re always curious and use only their intuition to find out if things are true or not.

They may be very good with art, so it’s very possible for them to study this subject or to teach it. Neptune in 9th house indicates they may not get along with some of their distant relatives.

Neptune in 9th House summary:

  • Strengths: Educated, focused and caring;
  • Challenges: Elusive and indecisive;
  • Advice: They shouldn’t let themselves get carried away by dreams;
  • Celebrities: Marlon Brando, Robert Pattinson, Vincent van Gogh, Jimi Hendrix.

Great spirituality

People with Neptune in 9th house believe anything can get done and trust the Universe more than anything or anyone else. This can bring them positivity, but if they exaggerate with it, they may end up very lazy and only wasting their time.

It’s normal for them to believe they’re the ones who need to be saved, so they usually avoid being practical or to take on responsibilities.

Their plans may sometimes seem unrealistic because they forget to give the details on how to make them come true.

The faith they have that things will only get better can surely get them far, but only if they keep being grounded in reality and admit they’re the only ones who can make things happen in their own life.

Very developed from a spiritual point of view, these natives are open to New Age practices and love being eccentric. However, they can wear rose-colored glasses and not think about the consequences of their actions.

It’s easy for them to be tricked into believing in something that doesn’t serve them well.

When it comes to the higher education, they may be confused and even chaotic, so they will probably not finish their studies or interrupt and continue them at a later date.

It’s essential for them to be disciplined if they want a degree from a prestigious university. They have great talent with marketing and advertising because they’re creative and can convince people to do what they want.

These people would be good doing the job of a teacher as well, but if they don’t struggle to make their big plans come true and are unrealistic, it will become difficult for them to live up to their ideals.

Neptune in 9th house individuals are attracted to anything mystical and don’t believe in boundaries when it comes to other worlds. They will search all of their life for a purpose and the deeper meaning of things.

Both Neptune and the 9th house are all about expansion, so the possibilities natives with this placement have are endless.

They want to get enlightened and to attain nirvana, therefore, they have an optimism that keeps them grounded during their darkest periods.

Their optimism and faith will also make them twist reality and become really confused. Therefore, they should channel their energies in the right direction as much as they can.

Neptune in 9th house people will always be accused of being too hopeful and not dealing with the reality as it is. They struggle for their ideals, but they need to watch out for how elusive dreaming can make them.

Things are not always what they seem, and they can get carried away by all sort of ideas and philosophies that aren’t necessarily related to the reality surrounding them.

Neptune is the planets of illusion, so its effect on people is to give too much optimism. In other words, depending on the house in which this planet is, natives can only see and hear what they want.

They’d always be in denial and reject anything that tries to give them a sense of reality. When Neptune is in the 9th house that rules over mental exploration, the natives with this placement strongly believe that nothing is impossible and that they can do anything.

While this may not be wrong, it can surely cause them to be confused regarding what’s real and not.

When things aren’t going their way, they become depressed and hide in a world of fantasy from which they don’t want to come out anymore.

Neptune can influence these people in their development by making them very secretive and private. In case this planet is in positive aspects, the natives having it in 9th house will be very profound when it comes to their spirituality.

They’ll strongly believe that a higher power controls them and can even experience all sort of situations in which they believe something supernatural is happening.

Usually, the Universe answers their prayers, so they’ll continue to believe in a God that makes all of their dreams come true and won’t bother to create a reality for themselves.

It’s like Neptune in the 9th house is their mirror in Heaven, the deity to which they’re praying and that gives them what they want. These people’s faith can move mountains, so they should really consider becoming priests or monks.

In the situation in which Neptune is in difficult aspects with Mars, they become victims of different sects that don’t have any religious intentions.

These natives are the perfect prey for different groups that are looking to scam. On a different note, they’re very sympathetic when hearing life has treated others in a bad way and usually take problems that are not their own as being their own responsibility.

Compassionate and generous, they really want to give, but they should learn how to get detached from their emotions because they couldn’t help in any way if they’d always be shaken by all sorts of feelings.

They make great therapists, counselors and even teachers. These people wouldn’t be bad as astrologers either because this type of work would require them to guide others into becoming better selves.

It’s easy for them to absorb problems of strangers and to begin thinking of solutions. The rose-colored perspective is not always of help, but they don’t usually use it when they’re not directly involved.

Very convincing and able to become creative when asked to, they can have great success in sales or advertising.

These natives will have no idea what to do when it comes to their education because being dreamy doesn’t bring them any of the discipline required to decide for the future.

The goods and the bads

While being the most creative, Neptune in 9th house people should pay attention to every little detail on the subjects they’re researching. They need to have clear goals, write them down and think of the action they need to take in order to achieve them.

This is the only way in which they can’t lose themselves while doing something. Focusing on their projects and what roles other people play in their story would help them achieve their dreams more easily.

Neptune in 9th house individuals will get to convince their friends and members of the family that there’s a higher power controlling everything. Studying their birth chart could help them reach a good balance in life and also think of achievable goals for themselves.

It’s okay for them to dream big, but developing a more practical attitude is definitely suggested if they want to make their objectives a reality.

The more realistic they are, the less others will take advantage of them. Very sensitive and relying on their intuition, these people are very good when working in teams.

If they focus on the necessary efforts to get things done, they can achieve great things, as it’s impossible to rely on good energies alone, no matter how much the Universe is of help.

They need to be aware of their responsibilities while their faith is encouraging, it can cause them to be stuck with their problems.

Actions are the only ones that speak, so they should focus to always take the right direction in life.

It’s like they don’t have a sense of discipline and always rely on lessons learned from experience. That’s why they often make mistakes and after become very determined to repair them.

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