Neptune in 8th House: How It Defines Your Personality and Life

This placement of Neptune makes people abandon any limits when it comes to sex, life and death or shared finances.

Neptune in 8th house

People born with Neptune in the eighth house of their birth chart have a way with other people’s money because this house is about finances, this amongst other things. Therefore, they may inherit, receive tax refund or share their finances with others.

What Neptune does when it comes to all these things, is to bring deception, weirdness and even hidden agendas. Many of the Neptune in 8th house people will struggle when collaborating with others in order to build something from the ground up.

Neptune in 8th House summary:

  • Strengths: Observant, analytical and decisive;
  • Challenges: Impulsive and moody;
  • Advice: They should set some boundaries in their relationships;
  • Celebrities: Jim Morrison, Whitney Houston, Elizabeth Taylor, Nelson Mandela.

Generous souls

People having me Neptune in the 8th house are usually very spiritual and can have experiences with the paranormal. They pay very much attention to dreaming and analyze what information comes to them in their sleep.

This is the reason why they enjoy role-playing and fantasizing in bed. Furthermore, when sexually involved, they’re also looking for a spiritual connection with the partner.

While they love to give in the bedroom, they may feel unsatisfied because their partner can’t offer them what they want.

That’s why many of them are looking for someone who’s very generous when it comes to sex. They may be looking their entire life for a person that doesn’t want to leave them wanting more.

Neptune in 8th house can make them discriminating when choosing a partner, especially when this planet is in challenging positions.

They have the same attitude with money and can be very generous. That’s why their budgets will always be chaotic and they’ll give more than what they actually have.

Many will take advantage of them when it comes to the financial aspect, or they may not be able to keep their money in their pockets for too long.

The boundaries they’re setting up as far as finances and relationships go are sometimes inexistent, so they usually allow their partners to take everything they have because they don’t really care about what’s left in their wallet.

It’s easy for someone to scam them, but over the years, they will learn how to be less shy when it comes to owning and thinking of what’s theirs. However, they will never be good at accounting or at dealing with inheritance.

It’s suggested they get together with a person who’s financially independent and also well-intentioned. In bed, they have a great imagination and love to experiment all kind of new positions or styles.

Individuals having Neptune in the 8th house don’t have any limits when it comes to sex, life and death or shared finances. All these aspects of life will be blurred by Neptune, in their case, so they can feel confused when having to make a correct assumption about them.

Their experiences can be transcendental and they’re very capable of dealing with emotional hurt from their past. It’s good for them to engage in sexual fantasies because this is what satisfies them from a spiritual point of view.

It can difficult to deal with Neptune’s traits because these usually bring about suicidal thoughts and matters related to death. Natives having Neptune in 8th house may be very dark when it comes to all of this, and their sexual identity can sometimes be very confusing for them because they don’t know who they are when making love.

It’s very likely for these people to be disappointed when their sex life is not according to what they’re fantasizing.

They probably have psychic abilities and are very sensitive to the needs of their partner.

Neptune is the planet of dreams, so in the 8th House, it gives people with this placement great intuition, déjà vu episodes and even prophetic dreams. These natives will always question themselves on matters of life and death.

It’s easy for them to get drunk from only one beer because they’re very sensitive to all kind of substances. They want to connect on a spiritual level with their partner, and having the planet that rules imagination in the house of sex makes them wanting to fantasize more and more about how they could make love.

These people have a need to please, this being the reason why outside of the bedroom, they don’t mind being highly generous. If they’d have a partner who wants to take advantage of them, they’d end up being tremendously deceived.

When it comes to money, they see things in a too positive light, which can bring them many difficulties, especially until their 30s, when they’ll become more responsible with their finances.

If they have someone they can trust, it would be better for them to let that person handle their money because they can easily be defrauded by those who want to take everything they have.

Everything relating to spirituality or the soul makes natives having Neptune in 8th house more attentive. On the positive side, this can help them become highly spiritual and loving with their friends and family, but on the negative side, they could end up deceived because they can’t find what they’re looking for in others.

The 8th house is also the one of debt, so Neptune placed here can bring serious problems with money. The natives with this position in their chart may get tricked when trying to obtain a loan and they can end up paying more than they actually took.

As a matter of fact, all kind of deceptive situations can be what rules be their life all the time, especially if Neptune is in difficult aspects with Mars, Pluto and Mercury.

With these placements, they’d have a lot of bad luck when it comes to inheritance and even when collaborating with lawyers. The same aspects of Neptune are not in any way beneficial for dealings with the government.

They may not be able to pay their taxes or do something illegal. In case Neptune is in bad aspects with other planets, the natives will not get together with the right people and can have secretive partners who only want them for their money.

Neptune in 8th house individuals have great talents when it comes to the paranormal because their consciousness is very open to the transcendental and the Universe altogether.

They may get lost in a world of imagination and become unable to see what’s real. Expect them to talk about strange happenings in their life because the supernatural always seems to find them.

Confusion and twisted realities will be very present in their life because the cosmos seems to play tricks on them. They may also have problems because they’re reading different weird theories and don’t research the facts behind the information.

This means charlatans might scam them by offering them all sorts of services related to the paranormal. That’s why they should be careful what religious groups they’re joining as many sects and communities are only looking to get people’s money and don’t have any knowledge to offer.

It can be very easy to hypnotize them because they’re sensitive when it comes to magic. Their sex life will always be interesting and fun, so their partner will be very happy to get unified with them while making love.

They can offer great pleasure and take their lover to higher spiritual grounds because they don’t only want to connect only in body, but also in spirit. On the other hand, they be so spiritual that they no longer require any form of physical interaction.

The goods and the bads

Neptune in 8th house individuals can manifest themselves in many different ways and have strange views when it comes to wealth. For example, they don’t want to negotiate and are always offering others more than they can give.

Many will want to be in their life just because they’re giving and don’t mind sharing. This is the reason why they have money problems and also why they don’t know how to fix their life when it comes to the financial aspect.

A more objective perspective as far as finances go is highly suggested for them. Feeling everything on a deeper level, they want to give spiritual meanings to everything happening in their life.

They’re able to see more than others can and usually don’t pass by problems without thinking of the best solution.

These are the people who can find what’s underneath and who can deal with subtleties in a graceful manner.

Everyday life doesn’t seem simple for them, but they usually prefer to go with what is in front of their eyes and don’t misinterpret people’s intentions.

However, they may feel like no one understands them or that others are missing the meaning of life. This can sometimes influence their relationships in a bad way.

Because they have high ideals, they may put too much pressure on their partner and see things that aren’t actually real. Their imagination is something they should be proud of, but it can also cause them problems in their relationships.

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