Neptune in 7th House: How It Defines Your Personality and Life

This placement of Neptune makes people give more than they’re receiving when it comes to marriage and the different relationships in which they’re involved.

Neptune in 7th house

The Neptune in the seventh house aspect has indirect effects over people and their way of responding to others, or their behavior in marriage and other types of relationships.

This planet here makes natives idealistic and completely unaware of what’s real and what’s fantasy. It also brings a deep mental connection between two partners and great intuition coupled with empathy.

Neptune in 7th House summary:

  • Strengths: Dependable, trustworthy and kind;
  • Challenges: Dreamy, irritable and perfectionistic;
  • Advice: They should do more of what they love;
  • Celebrities: Amy Winehouse, Audrey Hepburn, Adele, Ashton Kutcher, Halle Berry.

An altruistic personality

Neptune in 7th house people tend to give more than they’re receiving when it comes to marriage and the different relationships in which they’re involved.

They may see things the way they want them to when selecting their partner, so many of their lovers would be considered soulmates by them.

These natives need to form a strong connection that relies on intuition and psychic perceptions with the one they love. That’s why they may not be the best judges when it comes to the way they interact with others.

It’s important for them to sometimes just take a step back and analyze people for who they are because they tend to see only what they want. It can be possible for them to be attracted to those who somehow need to be saved, or they may feel like victims who need a hero themselves.

Either way, they’ll always end up with individuals who only confuse them, are not in any way committed or can’t be only with them. Those who grow to be dependent on others are also their favorite type in the world.

Putting their lover on a pedestal, people having Neptune in 7th house can’t see the bad things about their other half. Therefore, they need to be more disciplined and set some boundaries when choosing someone with whom they may spend the rest of their life with.

Also, they should keep the lines of communication always open or their relationship will end sooner than later.

Most of the cases, natives having Neptune in 7th house grow to be dependent on their partner and on the most accommodating people this world has ever seen.

On a positive note, they’re very good at bringing out the best in others, especially their partner, but only if that person appreciates their efforts and wants to grow into someone better while next to them.

This placement indicates that Neptune will express itself the most when it comes to relationships and the qualities or traits that are only seen in others as the 7th house rules over marriage and describes what the natives would want in life partner.

Things about the 7th house should always be taken seriously because relationships are amongst the most important things people can experience in life.

The planets in this house indicate what qualities they will influence in people’s personality. Natives will unconsciously mirror their own traits in the ones they care the most about in their life.

Natives with Neptune in 7th house will always have fantasies and put their loved one on a pedestal, so whenever choosing someone to be their soulmate, they should be honest and pick very carefully.

This is a planet of fantasy and illusions, so it makes natives having it in the 7th house to want relationships with people that are unavailable.

These people will suffer a lot in love, and continue to dream about the perfect marriage, just like when they were children.

Adulthood makes them understand reality and to realize things aren’t always as they used to dream about them.

It’s tricky to have Neptune in 7th house because this planet only makes things about partnerships and marriage more difficult. It’s not the placement of tragedy or a too harsh life, but too much fantasy and irritation regarding everything this house rules can’t be good.

Neptune can’t accept any limits, people with this placement would imagine something perfect when it comes to their marriage, thinking the union with their life partner is unbreakable.

Things aren’t always this way, and they’ll learn the hard way romanticism can’t be kept like in the beginning. It can be confusing for them to see that after they’ve invested so much time and efforts into someone dear, things can go to waste and they no longer know who their partner is.

The thing is, they can repeat the same issues over again, with different other relationships and marriages. Having a need to find someone perfect, they will never see the negative parts of their other half and whom she or he truly is.

They usually attract people who have a lot of Neptune or Pisces influence in their chart because these are the natives who are always living in a fantasy world and don’t care too much about the everyday life.

In the situation in which Neptune is in good aspects in their chart, they have all the chances to marry an artist or a person with a very sensitive soul.

In case Neptune is in aspects with other malefic planets, they may have a wife or husband who’s addicted to substances and alcohol. The second situation indicates marriage with someone who no longer knows what what’s real and not, so it’s about a hero saving a victim.

It could also happen that their spouse doesn’t want to be saved, yet they will still continue to idealize the relationship and to not understand why their help is not appreciated.

Furthermore, when it comes to their money, they may lose a lot because they’d be spending on rehab centers or to provide their spouse everything, he or she need in order to deal with the addiction.

Influences from Neptune indicate they may be with someone who’s deceptive or hides his or her true personality from them. Since they want to offer everything they have to the person they love, this signifies a situation in which they’re being taken advantage of.

What’s curious is that they won’t even have an idea about what’s going on, so their friends and family members will try to wake them up and they’ll refuse any intervention.

They need to understand that a bumpy love life can sometimes lead them to become nothing else than the caretakers of their partner, someone who’s more a parent than a lover.

They will continue to use this Neptune’s rose-colored glasses and not acknowledge their other half may be the worst person they have ever had to deal with.

It’s normal for them to be with abusive characters, alcoholics, criminals, con artists and junkies. They will all the time make excuses for how their lover is treating them, not accepting other people’s opinions and refusing to see the truth.

If there would be a textbook, these natives would definitely be under the abused and dependable partner who believes things can change and that his or her other half is the most wonderful person in the world but he or she doesn’t show it.

Natives having Neptune in 7th house will blame circumstances and say it’s not their loved one fault for bad things happening in their life.

In other words, they’re a danger to themselves because there are also situations when their lovers can even get violent with them.

Very sensitive, these natives are great therapists as long as they don’t absorb emotions and feelings of others for too long and too intensely. Adopting a cold attitude will be the perfect solution for them if they happen to want a career in this direction.

The goods and the bads

Neptune in 7th house people are driven by their own sense of what’s right and wrong. However, it’s their imagination that makes things happen for them.

As a matter of fact, the combination between these two things can help them achieve many great things in life.

They’re the best at making others look good because they’re enthusiastic about people and the most optimistic individuals anyone could ever know. It’s important for them to be objective when it comes to relationships, or at least to talk about their problems with someone who sees things clearly.

It’s possible they’ll stay involved with someone who doesn’t serve them any good because they’d feel comfortable with that person.

Knowing comfort isn’t happiness is something they should definitely learn. It’s not in any way an effort to look for someone better, so they should just go ahead and take the pleasure in chasing a new partner.

Neptune in 7th house individuals should be careful not to become lost in their fight against unfairness and injustice because they often give all of themselves to different causes, forgetting about who they actually are and why they’ve started fighting in the first place.

No one says they aren’t amazing at helping others, but they should take care of their own problems before starting to give a hand to others.

When single, they tend to choose one of their friends to make decisions for them as life with someone seems to be what motivates them the most.

Not to mention they don’t mind having the responsibility taken away from their shoulders. This means they can pressure others too much sometimes, and many of their partners will run away from them when seeing things are happening this way.

The more they’ll stress about all kind of problems and feel nervous, the more they’ll pressure their lover to want to give them a hand. But this can destroy the balance of their relationship, so they may end up not getting what they want from life, which is having someone close to their heart.

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