Neptune in 11th House: How It Defines Your Personality and Life

This placement of Neptune makes people crave being surrounded by friends and to establish spiritual connections with others involved in different groups.

Neptune in 11th house

Neptune in eleventh house people are very hopeful, dreamy and friendly. It’s easy for them to get together with others and usually have a large social circle formed from all kind of individuals who are somehow strange and unconventional.

These natives are the rebels and conspirators of the zodiac, the people who plan for long-term and rely a lot on their intuition. If they want to see their dreams coming true, it’s important for them to develop good strategies.

Neptune in 11th House summary:

  • Strengths: Intuitive, talented and sensual;
  • Challenges: Distracted, lazy and conceited;
  • Advice: They should take more time for their passions;
  • Celebrities: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Zayn Malik, Ellen DeGeneres, Lambert Wilson.

A tolerant personality

Very idealistic, flexible and compassionate, natives having Neptune in 11th house expect a lot from their friends and don’t mind dealing with other people’s weirdness.

However, they should be careful not to be taken advantage of. They are sometimes so giving and tolerant that many of their friends are looking to deceive them, so they should be careful with whom they’re spending their time with.

It can be hard for these people to set up some boundaries regarding how much they’re giving as they want to always keep the peace by offering generosity.

They can also believe it’s hard for them to be aware of their own dreams and goals, so when not knowing what to do in life, they get to become very unhappy.

As soon as they’ve reached at least one of their goals, they can end up thinking it’s not what they wanted or the opposite, that they need more of that thing.

They’re the type who has to be surrounded by friends and to establish spiritual connections with others involved in different groups in which philosophy is often discussed.

The fact that they have too high ideals is not in any way to their advantage because they’re often feeling disappointed, especially when seeing their expectations can’t be met.

Sensitive and faithful, they will always be attracted to art and get surrounded by people who are considered unusual. Sympathetic and compassionate, they want to help anyone without expecting something in return.

They should be careful not to give themselves to those who don’t deserve it and at the same time be clear with what they want others to do because would not generate any confusion or chaos.

Neptune in 11th house natives have vision and want to be of help with whatever they can. As a matter of fact, this placement is the one of the dreamers, of people who imagine a perfect society and peace all over the world.

They have the need to inspire others to become better, especially when they happen to be active members of a community. It’s not unusual for them to work for charities and to help those whose rights were stolen or don’t have enough money.

Furthermore, they have a great interest in everything that’s mystical, out of this world, or deals with New Age healing techniques.

The same Neptune in 11th house placement suggests they have talent with music, design and usually everything related to art. Wherever there’s a cause to join, you can count on them to be there and to give a hand.

It’s not surprising to see them giving flyers away down the street and to talk about raising awareness on the subject of animals’ rights. It’s their dream to see this world at peace and everyone living in harmony.

Most of them are great with the arts and can express their love by making beautiful music, taking photos, knitting clothes and doing all kind of different other things.

There’s nothing to make their soul happy more than art. Even a morbid and darker approach seems to be to their liking because the can study and admire it from a different perspective.

Neptune influences them to be passionate about the supernatural and to study progressive science or anything related to the psychic abilities of people.

Very worried about how they’re evolving from a spiritual point of view, they’re always looking to share their vision about religion and philosophy.

People with Neptune in the 11th house need to set some boundaries with when it comes to their involvement in the collective.

They can make many friends who are as religious and passionate about the mystical as them, but it’s also possible for them to get deceived because they’re too giving.

They think the entire society needs to be safe and are always unsatisfied with how things are working in the world. It’s essential for them to not put their faith in something that can’t get done and sounds unrealistic.

With Neptune being dreamy, it can be difficult for people having it in the 11th house to get in touch with what they want the most from life.

This planet gets them to be confused, so they’ll never know for real what makes them happy.

Always attracting unusual and caring people, they can choose the right groups to join, but they need to be careful with how much they’re giving to others. It’s very common for these people to feel used as a result of them being too generous.

Very ambitious and idealistic, it’s normal for them to often get disappointed and to realize their goals weren’t so well anchored in reality. It’s suggested they think more of doable things rather than off perfection.

Neptune in eleventh house individuals will always have mystery surrounding them because this planet rules over illusion. The sign in which it’s located is also important, together with the aspects from other planets.

How the life of people with this placement will be is determined by all these things.

Since Neptune is also the planet of alcohol and substances, the natives having it in the 11th house tend to get together with people who are alcoholics or drug addicts.

They should be careful not to get influenced by such personalities because Neptune in difficult aspects with Mars or other malefic planets indicates it’s possible for them to get addicted to all kind of substances as well.

They may want to function as a whole organism with the people in their life, and when in large groups they simply unify and dissolve with the crowd, but they need to know those individuals with whom they’re interacting have only good intentions.

There are also situations when more negative characters are influencing the group in a bad way, so they should pay a lot of attention to each and every person they meet.

While they may idolize their friends and put their family members on a pedestal, they should always be honest and speak their mind, no matter how much they’d be hurting people.

Many individuals wear masks, so Neptune in 11th house people shouldn’t just accept this.

There’s also the possibility to get together with those who are very spiritual, especially when Neptune is in good aspects. In this situation, they’ll collaborate with others to expand what their conscious knows and to develop their spirituality.

They may find such people in humanitarian groups who advocate altruism and generosity. It may seem no one is more talented at music that at any other art form than they are, so it’s very likely they’ll at least do something in this direction, as a hobby.

The goods and the bads

Neptune in 11th house individuals have to see things clearly and people for who these actually are because they tend to observe only what they want. These natives expect only goodness in their life, so they never stop to judge or to gossip.

Many will know them as extravagant and witty, so they’ll be liked by the public, no matter where they may be going.

Wanting to join groups of people with the same interests as them, they should focus more on this rather than on having perfect relationships.

It’s common for them to look for extra meaning in things that are already determined and purposeful and profound.

Neptune in 11th house natives should be careful and not expect too much from life because this way, they’ll never get to experience smaller things as they come and to become enlightened.

The path towards illumination should start with baby-steps because enlightenment is only possible through experience of life.

Because they want ideal relationships with their friends and lovers, they may feel like what they desire can’t be achieved.

Their closed ones will be pressured to live up to their high expectations, which can also mean frustration. With all this being said, it’s easy to understand why natives having Neptune in 11th house are often disappointed in life.

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