Neptune in 10th House: How It Defines Your Personality and Life

This placement of Neptune makes people wish to find real inspiration in what they do for a living so they might struggle a bit with holding a routine.

Neptune in 10th house

People born with Neptune in the tenth house of their birth chart are usually very spiritual when it comes to what they are doing for a living and the recognition they get from the public.

They may be confused and have some difficulties as far as finding the perfect job goes. They’re never who they seem because their behavior completely opposes their personality.

Neptune in 10th House summary:

  • Strengths: Hard-working, elegant and approachable;
  • Challenges: Perfectionistic and judgmental;
  • Advice: They need to dedicate more time to their families;
  • Celebrities: Pablo Picasso, Gwen Stefani, Bob Marley, Clint Eastwood.

It’s possible for them to be too ambitious and to forget about what needs to be done in order to get their efforts recognized.

Careful about their dreams

Very intuitive when it comes to what’s mainstream and what those around ask of them, individuals having Neptune in 10th house are very creative, true visionaries and artistic personalities.

It would be great for them to work with art, in the service of others or taking care of some charity events. In case Neptune is in challenging aspects in the 10th house, they don’t know what direction to take in life and are not aware of their own goals.

In this situation, it may be very difficult for them to find their profession, and they’d do something they don’t actually love because they fear perfection can’t be attained in the domain they really care about.

It’s suggested they take a look at their expectations and determine if these are too idealistic. Responsibility seems like a burden to them, and they don’t want to get involved in other people’s lives, no matter what.

It’s possible they have been confused as children by one of their parents, and as adults, they find it difficult to take a certain direction in life.

When it comes to their career, they may not get credit for their work, so they aren’t all the time recognized for their efforts.

This means they won’t know their own value or that others will take credit for what they’ve done, or perhaps their superiors won’t give them the rewards they deserve unless they start to trust themselves and their talents.

These people have to be careful with their reputation and to assess their abilities as accurately as possible. It’s true they don’t want fame, but still, knowing where they’re standing would be a great idea for them.

Neptune in 10th house natives may want to get inspired in their professional life and have a passion for healing or doing something creative.

Therefore, it’s possible for them to become very successful with design, art and medicine. A job as a counselor would be suited for them as well. It doesn’t matter what they choose to do for a living, they always need to be inspired and feeling fulfilled because Neptune is the planet of dreams and ideals that have to be made a reality.

They want to make the world a better place, so their contribution to the society will always be meaningful.

Neptune in 10th house people need to be careful not to get disillusioned when chasing their dreams as they can have too higher ideals that aren’t all the time possible to be made a reality.

The placement of Neptune here suggests they will always want something more and to feel important after working on their noble goals.

It’s normal for individuals with this placement to feel unhappy with their professional life. What happens in their career is strongly related with how Neptune sits in the 10th house.

For example, when this planet is in good aspects, the effects would be astonishing and beneficial. On the other hand, when in negative aspects, it can become really malefic and cause the natives to no longer have control over their career.

The 10th house is rather a good host for this chaotic planet. Having Neptune here is more beneficial than having it in another house with a direct control over natives’ life.

Limiting this planet’s energy can be beneficial for the career of people having this placement, as long as they take on some jobs that are to the liking of the celestial body.

In short, Neptune won’t help them in any way with a job that requires organization and following a strict schedule. No matter how much individuals having Neptune in 10th house will struggle with a routine, they won’t be successful.

Their perfect jobs are the ones related to arts and freedom of movement or speech. It’s very likely one of their parents influenced them very much when they were children by being weak and confused regarding what authority and discipline mean.

Perhaps their mother or father hasn’t been there for them or one of them was an alcoholic. Not having a role model, they wouldn’t know how to fight for success and how to follow a career path.

At least they will know ever since very young that they need to adopt an unconventional approach, which makes it normal for them to change jobs and work as bartenders because Neptune is also the ruler of alcohol.

When it comes to love, it’s normal for all the natives having Neptune in 10th house to fantasize about someone and to feel disillusioned because they haven’t found the ideal person they thought their lover to be.

It goes the same way with their career because they want something perfect when it comes to their profession, and their goals are usually unattainable.

If they’ll contribute to the greater good, they’ll feel fulfilled and happy. However, things don’t always unfold as they expect them to, so they should become as decisive as possible about their career.

Neptune, the planet of imagination, makes natives having it in the 10th house very creative. They could easily become writers or do something unusual for a living.

Since the same planet rules also over illusion, they may decide to become famous and use a pseudonym. There’s as well the tendency to take on too many responsibilities at once, so they can end up running in circles and losing their minds because they can’t handle what needs to get done.

They will work two jobs and won’t focus too much at neither of them. In the meantime, they’ll have high ideals and wish for success, whether under their name or a pseudonym.

The goods and the bads

Neptune in 10th house natives may have many interests that are very creative, so it can be very difficult for them to determine what they want in life.

Some get lucky and find something to do for a living ever since very young. However, these are the most evolved ones, those who are aware things in life are not always perfect.

Others feel like they’re not interested in anything, and they may end up procrastinating all of their life. It’s okay to be indecisive about a career in the today’s society as there are many ways to make money.

Therefore, they could do many jobs before finding out what they’re passionate about. It’s suggested that no matter what, they find the balance between their job and their hobbies.

These natives shouldn’t insist on following their big dreams because as said before, these can be pretty unrealistic. The everyday responsibilities are more important as they support their existence.

Worrying too much about perfection will have them doing nothing, so their expectations should be a little bit lower because they can find motivation in everyday tasks as well.

Accepting that others don’t dream the same as them is also indicated. Their creativity may help them attain great heights, but it’s essential for them to have their goals defined.

It’s also important they don’t talk too much about their work because many can take the credit for what they’ve done.

It may be difficult for these people to express themselves so that others get to see the efforts they’ve done. All this means they have a problem with self-confidence or self-respect, which furthermore leads to difficulties advancing in their career.

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