Moon in 8th House: How It Shapes Your Personality

People with the Moon in the 8th House are emotional and intense so it’s very likely they will be surrounded by contradictions and some conflict.

Moon in 8th house

The 8th House is all about change and sexuality, while the Moon is also a great influencer when it comes to change. This means people with Moon in 8th House can’t find their peace romantically and are always looking for new partners to have fun with in bed.

Moon in 8th House summary:

  • Strengths: Sensual, creative and straightforward;
  • Challenges: Pushy and controlling;
  • Advice: Be careful with the risks you are throwing yourself into;
  • Celebrities: Cristiano Ronaldo, Nicki Minaj, Orlando Bloom, Zac Efron.

The Moon makes them emotionally unstable, needy for cuddles and nurture, feeling like they have to take care of others themselves. These natives want to deeply connect with people, but the lunar influence doesn’t allow them to. If they are able to acknowledge this, the level of intimacy with their partner will be deeper.

Moon in the eighth House natives are known for their possessiveness and jealousy, being the type that always asks questions like “Where have you been?” or “Who else was there?”. It’s a sort of a paradox with them, because on one hand they desperately crave being close to someone, and on the other, they aren’t in any way capable of trusting a person who wants to be their partner.

Striking conflict

People with Moon in the 8th House are very aware of their surroundings and how their close ones feel. They are those individuals who know many things about taboos, the occult, strange sex and even death.

It’s easy for them to get very attached to others because the way they love is very intense and deep. This is also why it takes them a while to recover from loss, getting hurt or being rejected.

It’s possible that as children, their parents have forbidden them to live as intensely as they wanted, because they were exaggerating with how deep they used to sense.

When these people love, you can be sure they are doing it with all their heart and soul, always wanting to be the main support in their close ones’ lives.

The position of the Moon in the 8th House means they inherit many personality traits from their mother’s side, including all of the negative aspects the ancestors of the woman who raised them may have had.

It’s normal for unfortunate events to be destructive in love and stability, so they should be attentive not to allow anything to destroy their passion and the beautiful connections they have built with others.

Natives with Moon in eighth House can have this arrangement as a symbol of the very strong complexes they’re not even aware of and which exist below what they show in public.

It’s possible for them to also hide memories that caused them pain in the past. This is the reason why they are sometimes hateful, jealous and even depressed.

While making their own money and living the good life, they also want be in control of their close ones’ finances. When feeling melancholic, they like going shopping and spending all their money on clothes or jewelry.

They might inherit a consistent fortune from their mothers, but they will still have moments when they’ll feel like what they have is not enough.

Because they’re very emotional and intense, it’s very possible for them to start all sorts of conflicts with those who don’t see things the way they do. These natives have a deeper and more meaningful understanding of life than others, which means they are different and often puzzling.

When the Moon is in difficult aspects, they become very difficult to let go of and hungry for power. Also, they may want to deal with everything that’s forbidden and kept away from the public eye.

Many of them will have psychic abilities because they are very intense and capable of grasping the darkest aspects of a person’s personality. So, don’t be surprised if they’re healers of alternative medicine, who use their instincts to determine how to make people better and how to nurture.

The position of the Moon in the 8th House indicates they are more aware of the dangers surrounding them and that they have a need to protect. Their emotions may be very much based on sexuality rather than on other types of interactions.

This 8th House also happens to be the ruler of wealth accumulated from others, so the planets in it are often linked to an organizational spirit and a talent for business.

Moon in eighth House individuals can be domineering and controlling, so it’s possible they will not even care about what others are feeling if they aren’t emotionally satisfied. Meanwhile they’ll crave feelings and go through all kind of emotions.

At least their hypnotizing look and magnetism will always have them drawing people in, no matter how overwhelming their personality may seem.

The 8th House deals with sex and death, so people with Moon in it may have been impressed by powerful scenes regarding these two things as children.

They are the type who want a stable sexual partner because security is very important to them when it comes to lovemaking.

If they don’t get what they want, they may encounter many problems along the way, getting disillusioned and disappointed by those who can’t offer it to them. And on these occasions, they end up displaying a behavior that they would otherwise be ashamed of.

Experiencing feelings intensely

Needing to feel emotionally secure more than anything else, Moon in 8th House people are always pushing themselves to be better or taking on new challenges because they need to reinvent their own emotions.

Simply fascinated by how others work, secrets and everything that’s not being told, they’re very attracted by those who are a mystery to them. Changing their sexual partners very often may indicate that in reality, they’re emotionally insecure.

These people need intimacy, but the fact that their emotions change too often can be in their way of attaining their relationship goals. However, they are known as passionate, intense and truly loyal to their other half.

While craving to be close to someone, they can be very introverted and not trust those who want to be in their life. Expect them to give their all when in love, but don’t think for a moment they don’t want the same thing in return.

The 8th House is about feeling emotions very intensely, so people having their Moon in it respond strongly and passionately to challenges, no matter how lighthearted the Moon in either an Air or an Earth sign would make them.

The 8th House position means they have their feelings stronger than others, but they don’t show them.

For those with the Moon in Pisces, the rich imagination and transcendental abilities are lived rather internally when the eighth House hosts this celestial body, because this position would make them more private, secretive and even solitary.

Their need to take care of their own feelings would be normal as they’re aware many people can’t understand their intensity.

Mysterious, some won’t be able to see what’s beneath their surface, but they would probably feel how the Moon in the 8th House influences them. These natives enjoy not being figured out, so you can be sure they’ll never reveal too much of themselves and their emotions.

But this can influence them in a negative way because they may develop paranoia and an exaggerated need to protect their own feelings.

It can be overwhelming to discover their survival instincts, but you can make an idea about all this by seeing how they think danger is around each and every corner, hence the paranoia.

However, it’s impossible to find someone stronger and more resilient than them. They can go through the most difficult problems and become wiser and more powerful after figuring out the solutions. The more they struggle, the deeper they’ll grow to be from an emotional point of view.

They’d make great counselors because they have all the required experience and can read people like an open book. The connections they usually make are of real profundity, so their loved ones need to be as deep and intense as them if they want a long-lasting relationship.

Moon in eighth House individuals don’t have sex for the fun of it as they emotionally invest in lovemaking. Physical interaction feeds their soul and makes them more emotionally attached.

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