Moon in 7th House: How It Shapes Your Personality

People with the Moon in the 7th House don’t hold very tightly to their emotions and desires, being quite versatile, especially when the wellbeing of those close is at stake.

Moon in 7th house

Moon in 7th House people enjoy doing things in groups because they can’t stand being alone. It would be a tragedy for them to have to go by themselves to the movies or to spend a day in nature without a companion.

They need to be emotionally supported and to have others around who can make their life more fun. When it comes to romantic relationships, they may change partners too often because they always rush to say that they have found the one and get disappointed along the way.

Moon in 7th House summary:

  • Strengths: Affectionate, dependable and soft;
  • Challenges: Skeptical and criticizing;
  • Advice: Leave the future aside and live more in the present;
  • Celebrities: David Bowie, Megan Fox, Jennifer Lawrence, Prince William.

7th House natives are terrified of being on their own and they wouldn’t mind just being with someone, no matter how in love and happy they may be feeling. It’s also possible for them to stay in a relationship that doesn’t actually look so good.

Eager for reciprocation

People with Moon in 7th House rely a lot on others in order to feel emotionally fulfilled, secure and protected. They are very vulnerable and have a need to belong to a person, to be spoiled and nurtured.

The Moon is all about how a person feels, its position in a sign and a House determining the way a person expresses him or herself when it comes to emotions.

The seventh House is responsible for the way people interact with others, their marriages, businesses and friendships. It also determines how they cooperate and interpret people, together with what their unconsciousness expects in terms of giving and taking.

Individuals having Moon in 7th House are dependent on being with someone because the Moon makes them eager to receive a response from another person, all the time.

This celestial body also indicates their partner should be the sensitive, nurturing and moody type. They may also dream of someone who likes to smother and to be very protective because they usually marry young, and people in their twenties are more in need of protection.

The Moon has great sensitivity and can easily adapt to what others need, but when in difficult aspects, it can become more difficult for natives to enter relationships.

Depending on which planets interact with the Moon in their chart, people will respond to life problems more or less emotionally. This celestial body also represents the Mother, so those who are more influenced by it will choose a spouse whom they can take good care of.

The same Moon makes them care about others’ opinions and attentive to their needs and desires. It’s normal for “lunar people” to stress about what their partner and others think of them, feeling great when appreciated and in the center of attention.

When the Moon is in good aspects, natives having it in 7th House are capable of great emotions and very receptive to what others need. If the aspects are negative, they are changeable and moody, going with the flow when it comes to emotions and their existence in public.

But all in all, they really are the ones who enjoy romantic gestures or being treated with affection and understanding. When in the seventh House, the Moon influences its natives to use their relationships as vehicles to what they want and need.

These people can’t find their own desires in themselves because it’s others that make them more aware. This is why they forever remain children in their heart, believing their partner should act more like parents and not lovers.

It can be a challenge for these people to fulfill their own needs without noticing how sensitive they are to the ones of others.

When they don’t seem to hold on to their own feelings anymore, they simply take a look at their loved ones and get stimulated. Many will allow them to discover what they need and want with their help, so they won’t have too many problems taking care of their own desires.

Searching for the right one

People having Moon in 7th House are in need of human interaction and to be emotionally supported. It’s impossible for them to enjoy life on their own.

Their partner may make them feel things they have never experienced before, and they need others to determine what their own needs or feelings may be. It’s even difficult for them to take some time off between relationships because they are simply terrified of not ending up alone.

As they are versatile, many will like them for the way they act. One of their main concern should be to not become dependent on people or assume that others treat them the same way as they do. Their friends will be considered family, because they depend a lot on those who are closest to them.

Moon in 7th House indicates their moods and the way they are taking action are pretty much determined by their primary relationships. If they don’t marry young, you can be sure they will be searching for the right one their entire life.

When married, they can feel the same things as their spouse because they’re sensitive and think this is the way to make their other half’s life easier.

People having Moon in seventh House are eager to get a response from others. It may seem destiny has something very special prepared for them, because their Moon is situated opposite of the Ascendant and in a square from the Midheaven, having them doomed to relive the same things all over again.

While this can be stressing, it also helps them be stronger from an emotional point of view. Learning how to go with the flow can influence them to stay away from sufferings but it may cause problems with their emotional and spiritual development.

Since the Moon is in opposition with their 1st House self, they are very balanced when it comes to their temper, being able to see both sides of a situation. This means they get along with everybody, being able to approach emotionally charged situations by being fair.

They are the best negotiators, but it’s important for them not to get lost mediating all the time.

Responding to different challenges without expecting a certain response is something they should definitely learn, because they tend to instinctively guess what others may like or dislike, to anticipate their actions and to guess their feelings.

It’s easy for them to adapt their reactions according to each individual, which means everyone will like them, having their emotional needs completely satisfied. It’s very likely they’ll marry more than once and have a profession that requires them to give a hand to others.

Their bosses may notice they have people skills and put them in positions in which they need to deal with the public. Of course, it’s not only the Moon that influences them to be so helpful, for there are many other planets that influence its position, forming sextiles or trines and having big influences themselves.

The men with Moon in 7th House want a good wife who can be an amazing mother. They will practically transfer the emotions they have for the woman who raised them to their spouse.

The same position of the Moon indicates they are great at doing business, especially in the field of art. If many of the aspects are difficult, they may have their emotional and professional lives fluctuating.

Moon in the seventh House natives are very interested in their own image and how the public sees them. It’s also possible for things to go the other way around, making them very protective of their own individuality.

They know what others want and need, so they are able to perform on stage and to become very successful as actors. However, they would never manipulate their public, as they are only aware of what those looking at them want and how they could be served.

The personal style of people with Moon in 7th House is determined by how others see them. Their success in the public sector could be tremendous, because it’s like they’re married to the ones that admire them.

Some of their partners may not understand this need they have for an audience, so the chances of break ups can appear more often than in other natives with the Moon in a different House.

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