Moon in 12th House: How It Shapes Your Personality

People with the Moon in the 12th house are sensitive and emotionally attached to everything that’s out-of-this world, they are always attracted by the unknown.

Moon in 12th house

People having the Moon in twelfth House are not very aware of how they’re feeling, even if their level of perception is very high. It’s normal for their own emotions to overwhelm them, and it’s often that they have no idea how to express what’s in their heart and mind. It’s like they simply can’t say what they need from an emotional point of view.

Moon in 12th House summary:

  • Strengths: Perceptive, balanced and generous;
  • Challenges: Misunderstood and difficult;
  • Advice: Learn not to take things so personally;
  • Celebrities: Rihanna, Harry Styles, Kendall Jenner, Miranda Kerr.

While having a lot of empathy and sympathy for others, they’re too confused inside to ever become emotionally available. It’s normal for them to retreat from the society for long periods of time, staying only indoors and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of their own home. They will only reflect and recharge their batteries, avoiding all kind of human interaction.

The Moon makes these natives very sensitive and easy to hurt, having levels of energy and the ability to take charge of some situations according to their moods. What makes them very happy is being kind and not showing the entire world that they’re actually like this.

Empathic beings

Moon in 12th House people are very interested in the occult and supernatural, having many chances to be very good psychics. When the Moon is in a favorable aspect in this position, these natives will be very successful at doing anything that’s not public.

Working with restrictions and in seclusion, like running a business from home or being guardians in a prison, is something they’d be very good at.

The same position of the Moon means they’re more likely to have secret romantic affairs, a positive aspect of this celestial body indicating their relationship will surely remain hidden because they can keep it this way.

The Moon in 12th House has an effect over their unconsciousness and becomes more influential when in this specific House, with an effect over what the collective thinks of subconsciously.

In other words, it makes natives more expressive with the energy of their Moon sign and feeling like victims when they’re out in the world.

People having Moon in 12th House can completely deny their Moon, so it’s important for them to realize this planet’s energy over them and to use it in a constructive way.

The position it has in this House makes people more empathetic and able to pick up others’ feelings, giving them a special intuition that many don’t have. That’s why the natives with this placement sometimes feel overwhelmed when others talk to them about their emotions.

Moon in twelfth House individuals are naturally inclined to give a hand and to heal those in need. But in order to do all this, they first need to find the balance within themselves and to take care of any problems that they may have in their own life.

It’s usually necessary for them to retreat and be alone for their load of negativity to be left behind and dealt with. Even those who are the extroverted type will become introverted with the Moon in this House.

The secret for their happiness is gaining the interior peace and not becoming too isolated from the society. The energy that characterizes them is defined by their lack of limits and amazing imagination, which can have them dreaming very vividly and meaningfully.

They get to feel the most comfortable when escaping the real word and retreat in the dreams they may have during the night, artistic activities or spirituality.

However, this means they need to learn how to deal with reality, because they’re often absent-minded and make people believe they actually don’t care about what’s going on. While able to identify what their loved ones feel, they still seem detached and not at all interested in what problems others may have.

Mysterious and secretive, many of their friends and family are always wondering if they actually know these characters they’re dealing with and whose Moon is in 12th House. Their incredible intuition comes to them instinctively, and they use it for reasons more or less meant to help.

Very attached to their mother and the maternal females in their life, they’re sensitive when someone brings up the woman who raised them, in these moments turning their intuition to the maximum.

Channeling their feelings towards doing something constructive can have them more sure of their successes and confident. When others limit them, they no longer know what to do, because their approach is to use their emotions and intuition without any boundaries.

It’s easy for Moon in 12th House natives to have feelings that are not their own and to send mixed messages, so identifying what’s really in their head and doesn’t come through intuitive messages may be the challenge of their life.

Quite fearful about emotional problems

People having Moon in 12th House are sensitive and emotionally attached to everything that’s transcendental, out-of-this world and forever existing.

When it comes to interacting with others’ feelings, they’re a little bit late in reactions and need moments alone in order to recover themselves emotionally. That’s why many may not understand them and they often isolate themselves.

The negative effects of the Moon in twelfth House are irresponsibility, too much sensitivity that is used as a reason for not getting involved, and not being mature enough for some deep feelings.

While resonating with other people’s pain or happiness, they never seem ready to give a hand when a person is facing difficulties. It’s normal for them to just retreat in a quiet and peaceful environment where they can do whatever they want.

Natives having Moon in 12th House see themselves as victims, the underdogs who always want to care for others and to play the hero. They seem to have a portal that takes them to different realities other than the common one, this being more accentuated if their Moon is in a Water sign.

An adverse aspect for the Moon makes them depressed, emotionally isolated and terrified of everything. No matter whom they may be spending their time with, you can be sure they’ll merge their feelings with the ones of others.

Because they have a good heart, individuals with Moon in 12th House will always give a hand, not minding if this can turn them into true martyrs as a result of them forgetting about their own needs and hurrying to help.

They should be careful not to get manipulated by others and to avoid getting hypnotized. It’s the easiest to have them under mind control because they immediately fall into trance when some specific techniques are being used on them.

Even the Moon can have strange effects over their mind, so they should pay attention to the way they sleep because they can become sleep walkers who do things unconsciously.

The Moon in this House makes them fearful when it comes to emotional problems, so they may be terrified that they’ll lose everyone in their life or close into themselves because they are not trusting people.

You can find them secluded just because they don’t want to do something wrong that may cause others to abandon them. Many of their childhood events and mother’s ways will be fresh in their mind forever.

They probably used to see the woman who raised them as their enemy and used to have many mood swings when they were very young, which lead them to depression and even hysteria.

Having a very strong imagination, they’re always dreaming, night and day, and their nightmares can be very vivid. They will spend many nights awake, being melancholic and having different thoughts. The Full Moon has a great influence over their sleeping schedule and causes them insomnia.

Their emotions are going with the flow, just like the sea’s tides and they can’t control them because of this. All the Moon in 12th House individuals dream of succumbing into an existence where they no longer need to stress about anything.

Their main gifts of empathy and sympathy will still remain buried deep inside them, so their need to nurture will never disappear. The twelfth House is all about the inner self and the hidden gifts people have to offer humanity. It makes natives aware of when they need to take action and what to do. Many famous writers and musicians had their Moon in this placement.

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