Monkey and Rooster Love Compatibility: A Challenging Relationship

These two can only build a successful couple if they respect and understand each other, as well as make some compromises.

Monkey and Rooster Compatibility

The Monkey and the Rooster in the Chinese zodiac don’t make the most compatible pair when being lovers and that’s what we are working with.

They may both be attracted to going out and receiving compliments, but after their very first few dates, they can end up thinking their relationship is not working because the Rooster only nags the Monkey to no longer go to parties, to eat healthier and to go to sleep at 10 pm.

CriteriaMonkey and Rooster Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤❤
Common valuesDoubtful
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

The Monkey can’t stop being curious and sociable, so he or she may not want to be around the Rooster that much, especially when this person is stressing them. It’s very difficult for the Rooster to stop nagging, especially when with the Monkey, because the first always sees there’s room for improvement in the latter.

They need to make their differences work

There are so many different things about the Monkey and the Rooster that a peaceful relationship between these two seems almost impossible. Furthermore, they both want control over one another, but in different manners.

The Rooster is insisting for his or her partner to be perfect and pays attention to every little detail. On the other hand, the Monkey shows his or her leadership qualities by being loud, taking risks and acting in a very noticeable manner.

Therefore, the Rooster may think the Monkey is just too much, while the latter sees the former as plain boring. These two are not great as friends either, but they at least have better chances at being life partners.

In the situation in which they’d be involved romantically with each other, they could no longer pay attention to their negative traits as when being friends. However, if they want to be a successful couple, they need to work really hard at their connection.

When it comes to interacting from an intellectual point of view, they have a strong bond and also a good physical compatibility. The Rooster will always be happy to benefit from the Monkey’s affection, but won’t stop nagging his or her partner every step of the way, which can cause the Monkey to become frustrated and to eventually leave.

It’s important the Monkey becomes more disciplined and interested in their relationship if he or she wants to be with the Rooster for a very long time.

The Chinese Horoscope says these two simply don’t match because one is looking for adventure, whereas the other can’t stop being all the time cautious.

Furthermore, the Monkey is relaxed, while the Rooster needs pompous surroundings and to make things perfect. One is very independent, which is the Monkey, the other prefers to respect traditions.

They can be a successful couple if they manage to laugh at their mistakes and if the Rooster encourages the Monkey to take advantage of his or her skills.

Their relationship can be balanced in the situation in which they respect each other and don’t mind being kind partners. When friends, they may have the same problems because the Monkey simply can’t stand the Rooster’s nagging, while the Rooster can’t accept the fact that the Monkey doesn’t have a care in the world.

They’ll fight over power and argue about who’s being right. The Monkey should notice the Rooster knows how to judge characters and the latter should admit the Monkey knows how to deal with people better than anyone else.

The relationship between these two is rather difficult because both of them want to be recognized and admired by others. The Monkey won’t be able to understand why the Rooster needs to fight all the time, while the latter will think the former is cocky, so there’s no chance for them to ever listen to one another’s advice.

While the Monkey prefers to do things fast and has many resources to come up with distinctive results, the Rooster only pays attention to details and is often moody.

The aforementioned has gained the recognition of being the one who always highlights others’ negative traits. If they still want to really enjoy their relationship, they need to let go of their egos and to meet somewhere in the middle.

Improvements are always welcomed

A long-lasting marriage between them is possible if both of them are working towards common goals, thing that can make them want to collaborate.

The conflicts between these two will always be there, so their neighbors and family will know when they’re fighting. Very good with words, both the Monkey and the Rooster can be very sarcastic.

While the Monkey is provocative, the Rooster prefers to bring strong arguments into discussion and to structure his or her thoughts. The fact that they’re both controlling will never do any good to either of them.

As said before, if they want things between them to really work, they need to let go of their egos because working together can help them be truly happy as a couple.

Being egotistical can only cause arguments between them and for their sexual life to lack passion. Therefore, if they want to be compatible in bed, these two need to want the same things.

The Rooster can’t refrain him or his self from wanting things to be perfect and from paying attention to every little detail. Therefore, people born in the year of the Rooster always think improvement is necessary.

They may think of the Monkey as someone who’s loud and overbearing. Enjoying to be flattered and loving to go out, Roosters know what efficiency means, but have very high demands.

Those who happen to be in the Monkey sign are loud personalities who want the entire world to pay attention to them. They’ll only see Roosters as boring because they’re always doing something unique and Roosters often oppose them.

When it comes to sex, the Monkey is uninhibited and can show the Rooster many interesting things since the latter has problems with his or her sensuality.

The Monkey can always teach the Rooster how to fantasize about sex and to not have any shame about it. In return, the Rooster will work hard at being more inventive in bed.

When they’ll exhaust all the new positions and techniques, the Monkey won’t mind kissing and cuddling, just like their partner wants. When the man is a Rooster and the woman a Monkey, they’ll be very attracted to one another, but she will soon end up being disappointed because he doesn’t have too much imagination and is conservative.

While she’ll dream about freedom, he’ll want her to only think of him. The more he’ll try to control her, the more she’ll look to leave the relationship.

When the man is a Monkey and the woman a Rooster, she’ll love him for being funny and intelligent. He won’t know why he’s attracted to her and she’ll want all of his attention. The man in this couple is fun and free, so he may cheat from time to time, especially because she’s too possessive.

The challenges of this romance

The Rooster in the Chinese zodiac is not known as spontaneous. The Monkey is always interested in fun and adventures, whilst their partner prefers to plan everything and to pay attention to details.

In the beginning, the Monkey will be intrigued by the fact that the Rooster is unavailable, but this will soon turn into a source of annoyance for him or her.

The Rooster is very honest and probably busy, so the Monkey won’t realize that he or she doesn’t have any time to play games.

If these two want to make it as a couple, they need to have the same social life, even if the Rooster is rather reserved and doesn’t want to meet as many new people as the Monkey, who’s extroverted and wishes to exchange ideas with anyone.

As a matter of fact, the Monkey feels at his or her best when being energetic, expressive and when talking. Furthermore, the Rooster may be completely disappointed seeing the Monkey prefers to only launch ideas rather than working on them because the Rooster is practical in nature and tends to work hard at new concepts.

The Monkey is quite the opposite because people in this sign are never taking their plans to completion and seem to always engage in new adventures.

The Rooster will always think the Monkey can’t commit and is too restless as all Roosters are known as responsible. Therefore, the Rooster may believe the Monkey is not suitable for him or her, which may sometimes make the Monkey agree because he or she thinks the Rooster is obsessed with perfection and comfort.

This last mentioned thing may be true because the Rooster has very high demands from everyone, including his or her lover.

When natives born in the year of the Rooster don’t have their standards met, they start to criticize, to nag, to be bitter and to give cynical responses. Because the Monkey has a big ego, he or she will never accept the partner’s criticism.

The only way for the Monkey and the Rooster to work as a couple is to have these two appreciating each other’s positive traits. As soon as the Monkey will be more responsible, the Rooster will start relaxing and they may even end up complementing each other.

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