Monkey and Dog Love Compatibility: An Impressive Relationship

This relationship has its goods and bads and enough chances to work out and for them to have a great time together.

Monkey and Dog Compatibility

When lovers, the Dog and the Monkey can be very well suited for each other, but only if the Dog trusts the Monkey completely. Not that people in this sign can’t be trusted, but it’s better to know all about their strengths or weaknesses before getting involved with one of them.

Therefore, the Monkey is energetic and extremely curious, which means he or she can stray, regardless of how important and serious his or her relationship is. The way the Dog can handle this depends on each and every individual. People in this sign are known to be ruled by strong morals and they can’t trust others very easily.

CriteriaMonkey and Dog Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

With the Monkey, the Dog can have a lot of fun, get to be very energetic and more outgoing than he or she has ever imagined.

Very attracted to each other

While very different in nature, the Dog and the Monkey seem to have the same energy levels and to both want for their relationship to be as smooth and interesting as possible.

The Monkey needs only to have fun and is always prepared to take on a new adventure. While the Dog loves this about his or her partner and doesn’t mind being with a Monkey, he or she is known as more serious and not at all superficial.

What characterizes the Dog very much is also a need to sometimes be alone and to just let a certain mood dictate. Because the Monkey is a very busy person, he or she may not even notice that the Dog is in fact missing.

The Monkey is famous for wanting to go out, for being optimistic and for always doing something productive. If the Dog won’t mind such a character and will be willing to collaborate with his or her partner, things between these two natives may happen naturally and in an idealistic way.

The Monkey will always appreciate the fact that the Dog doesn’t have too high ambitions and that he or she doesn’t try to be in the spotlight. Usually, Monkeys are more determined to succeed than Dogs.

While the latter is always impressed by the former’s behavior and skills, it’s also possible for him or her to only see this sign’s negative traits.

In return, the Monkey may think the Dog is not in any way open-minded or that people in this sign really don’t know how to have fun. However, because both of them are pretty balanced, they can have a long-lasting relationship and a solid marriage.

Therefore, the Dog and the Monkey may not be perfectly compatible, but they can surely resist as a couple, even for a lifetime. When out in the world, the smart Monkey will always be impressed by the Dog’s wisdom.

Furthermore, the Dog will be able to unwind when being with the fun and independent Monkey. When the latter will want some time off, the Dog will suggest going away for the weekend or having some fun on a trip to a faraway land.

In return, the Monkey will not hesitate to help the Dog raise money for different charities. It’s possible the Dog will feel very hurt when the Monkey starts to become sarcastic.

The other way around, the Monkey will simply hate how the Dog criticizes all the time. With the good and the bads, this relationship still has great chances to work out because these two natives are capable of having great times together.

This love can flourish

Very attracted to each other, the Monkey can charm the Dog almost instantly, while he or she’ll be completely fascinated by how loyal their partner is. A Monkey always knows how to make a Dog happy despite the latter’s pessimistic tendencies.

When with a Monkey, the Dog will get to see the good opportunities in life without even struggling. The latter can show their partner how to stop racing and sometimes smell the flowers, even if he or she can be too criticizing when bothered.

As a matter of fact, the Monkey can become very upset when the Dog is unsatisfied and starts to talk about all the negative things in their life. The more these two accept one another, the more their love can flourish.

A Monkey may very much help a Dog when it comes to charity because Monkeys are very good at rallying people. Furthermore, the Dog can help the Monkey be more responsible and not engage in projects he or she can’t complete.

These two will go to parties, enjoy time with their families and raise money for causes in which the Dog truly believes.

When it comes to sex, their relationship may start to become a little bit challenging because the Monkey has a lot of energy and loves to experiment, while the Dog is sensual and prefers to take things slowly.

If they want to last together for a very long time, the Monkey needs to learn everything about foreplay and the Dog has to work on being more imaginative.

Therefore, the relationship between a Dog and a Monkey isn’t possible without a few compromises. If they want things between them to be harmonious, they should tolerate each other’s negative traits.

The Monkey will always admire the fact that the Dog is sensitive and at the same time logical, intelligent and down to earth. In return, the Dog will love how the Monkey is all the time independent and charming.

When it comes to common grounds, they need to just appreciate materialism in the same way because the Monkey can want luxury too much, while the Dog only cares about charity.

One is interested in personal wealth, the other dreams about principles. If the man is a Dog and the woman a Monkey, their interests will be similar, but they can still have many differences in their personalities.

He may not like the fact that she’s superficial, so he’ll become criticizing. She’ll always think of him as exaggeratedly moral. When the man is a Monkey and the woman a Dog, he’ll rely only on luck, she’ll have high ideals.

The fact that they’re so different may bother their relationship, not to mention he’ll fight for his independence, she won’t trust him in any way because she’s obsessed with loyalty.

The fact that he doesn’t know how to spend money and usually loses finances will make them argue almost all of the time.

The challenges of this romance

If it’s for the relationship between the Monkey and the Dog to work, it’s suggested the entire responsibility of the commitment isn’t left only for the latter’s shoulders.

The Monkey’s famous for a curiosity regarding other prospective partners and the Dog is one of the most loyal natives in the Chinese zodiac. It can be difficult for him or her to accept the fact that the Monkey may stray.

There are also situations in which Dogs have cheated because they were feeling unhappy in their relationship. The fact that the Monkey can’t provide all the emotional stability a Dog needs can have these two taking separate ways.

A Dog needs to always be reassured that his or her partner is committed to their relationship because when feeling ignored and lost, people born in the year of the Dog start to look for what they need someplace else.

It can be said the Monkey and the Dog can have great fun when together and that their relationship is highly energetic, joyful and pretty much social. The Chinese zodiac says Monkeys are the most entertaining and exciting natives, which means they can put up with the Dogs many moods.

Very busy, active, flamboyant, extroverted and curious, the Monkey also wants to have a lot of money. According to the Chinese Horoscope, the outcome of a Monkey and a Dog being together is very positive.

These two natives love being in the company of one another and can make love all night without getting tired. They can only function as a couple if the Dog trusts the Monkey to never cheat.

While it may sound like a mistake to believe a Monkey would never stray, it’s easy to guess, as soon as meeting a person in this sign, what’s to be expected of him or her.

It may sometimes be too difficult even for the positive and happy Monkey to simply put up with the Dog’s pessimism. Therefore, the Monkey may feel like the Dog’s moods are just too much, while the Dog can think the Monkey is simply superficial. Another problem these two may have as a couple has a lot to do with the fact that their values are different.

While the Monkey chases after opportunities, the Dog believes only in ideals. People born in the year of the Monkey are intelligent, skillful and ingenious, but they only want to find solutions to their own problems and to never struggle for others.

Furthermore, Monkeys are also known for sometimes telling lies, just so things happen to their benefit. The Monkey is intelligent, but more in a manipulative way, which means he or she can only make others do what he or she wants.

The Dog is at the opposite side because natives of this sign are very righteous and honest. A Dog will always fight against injustice and bring balance to chaos, this being the reason why people born in the year of the Dog are always opinionated and involved in different causes.

A downside of all this may be stubbornness taken to the extreme as Dogs often think they’re the only ones right and no one can convince them of anything else.

It’s very unlikely for a Dog who’s very much like this to get along perfectly with a Monkey as many Monkeys are as well convinced that they’re all the time right, regardless of the topic in question.

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