Mercury in 12th House: How It Affects Your Life and Personality

This placement of Mercury makes people exceptionally intuitive, amazing at appraising any situation and reading straight through others’ intentions.

Mercury in 12th house

The Mercury in the 12th house natives are very emotional and intuitive, so much that they have to gather the courage to actually speak up for themselves.

Normal situations that others would just go through without a problem causes them headaches and anxiety attacks. This is because they think too much or rather end up overthinking the simplest things, exaggerating and turning every inconvenience into a tragedy.

Mercury in 12th House summary:

  • Strengths: Communicative, insightful and talented;
  • Challenges: Brief, distracted and moody;
  • Advice: Be careful who you are sharing your secrets with;
  • Celebrities: Beyoncé, Freddie Mercury, Madonna, Bruce Lee, Adele.

These people tend to keep their thoughts and opinions a secret, afraid as they are to be judged or made fun of. Socially, they are shy and keep to themselves.

Visionary but rational

This is a really weird combination because we all know that Mercury natives are usually very talkative and open, keen to act on a whim and to reveal pure joy at the first sign of something fun going on.

Well, these 12th house Mercury natives are different in that they quite opposite in this regard. They are very sensitive and don’t trust themselves at all, reasons for which they prefer to keep silent and just listen.

If you ask something, they might answer, although very succinctly, and then retreat back. They don’t know how to interact and how to best express their thoughts. The constant failures only end up strengthening their fears.

These people have a really peculiar talent, a nifty predisposition for talking with the spirits of the dead. This connection to the other side weirds people out, but it’s something they take great pride in.

The visions and intuitive appreciations that they have are quite helpful, from time to time. Logic and rationality have nothing on them, at the very least.

This aspect houses a lot of emotional pressure and the liability to end up in difficulties because of depression, overthinking, superstitious beliefs and irrational worrying. There are also flaws as well, as we can see.

They might have had a few problems in opening up ever since they were children, probably because they weren’t entirely sure of the exact approach or they didn’t trust themselves enough.

With a little master on their emotions, things could be exponentially better even now. A pity for all that potential. However, these people know how to listen and keep secrets, so they are one of the most reliable individuals in this regard.

They prefer visual stimuli, symbols, images, tangible ways of understanding, rather than abstract or logical theories.

They’re still learning how to best put their words to good use, how to express their thoughts as efficiently as possible.

The positives

There are some massive advantages and pros from being so sensitive and intuitive though.

This insight and synchronization to outward stimuli and emotional potential grant them perfect clarity and awareness, which leads to them making good decisions based on reliable information.

They have the necessary material for a good social life, a lot of knowledge to be efficient and socially adept. This is why they have a lot of friends with different interests and personalities because they want to mimic a diverse range of ideas and attitudes.

Confidence and self-esteem are built with time and experience, so this approach is good.

Other ways in which they could use their spiritual affinity and insightful nature is by helping people, by healing and reconstructing their lost selves.

The lost and the abandoned find a place of respite and refuge next to them because they offer the prospect of miraculous wellbeing, of great rewards.

Even if their patients, so to speak, are skeptic and incredulous, it still doesn’t change the fact that the Mercury in the 12th house natives are in touch with the mystical forces.

Their questions are answered from the other side. Doubt this at your own peril!

They are careful not to let others in on their secrets though because that would destabilize themselves greatly.

Secrets are better kept hidden from the prying eyes of those who would seek to harm them. They might also be afraid that people will mock or make fun of these things, of their spiritual awareness.

Mercury in this house is responsible for a good communication, for a solid understanding of how to best transmit ideas and reach out to people.

Essentially though, these natives are exceptionally good at seeing through people.

They can become psychologists, mind-readers, soothsayers, fortune-tellers or professional decryption masters, seeing their talent with words and language.

They are very good at identifying, recognizing and rearranging patterns, certain characteristic elements that repeat themselves in speech, the meaningful signifiers.

Actually, by studying psychology, they would reach a deeper understanding of their own minds and inner contradictions, the workings of their deep cognitive processes.

This will help them avoid any further bad things happening, a subjective mimicry of their inner states that would confuse their adversaries.

The negatives

One of the problems that they deal with constantly is the tendency to become immune to any outside stimuli and close themselves up.

Daydreaming, thinking about the future, idealistically so, evidently, occupies all their time.

Just think about it. You want them to do the chores around the house or they have a meeting in one hour, and they’re sitting in the armchair, staring into the void, being in their own worlds.

It’s annoying and irresponsible. They need to take control of their own lives, to be more receptive and aware of their surroundings. Listen, watch out for how others interact, observe the patterns, and simulate.

They will try to hide from other people, to nest away in a world of their own. No one has access there, so they’re safe with all their secrets and emotional vulnerabilities.

This is why they’re often known as being unpredictable and unorthodox because you just don’t know what to expect.

They do their thing without expecting others to agree, but the problem is the lack of logic or reason behind their actions. It’s just not there.

Just pure emotions, intuition, sensitive deductions, and subjective appreciations. Needless to say, these can lead to wrong ideas and mistakes.

Mars and Uranus can make these natives prone to spilling the beans, to sharing their secrets or those of others with suspicious characters.

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