Mars in Virgo: Personality Traits and How It Affects Your Life

If you have Mars in Virgo you are inclined towards dominating those close with your need for perfection.

Mars in Virgo

You are not going to find many people who are as neat and tidy as those born with Mars in Virgo in their natal chart. Because they have the feistiest planet in Virgo, these natives will never allow disorder in their life.

They don’t mind putting themselves to work in order for everything to be in its place. While others can’t even tidy up for Christmas, they are open to do it even when it’s not really necessary.

Mars in Virgo in a nutshell:

  • Style: Disciplined and enthusiastic;
  • Top qualities: Conscientious, quiet, health-focused;
  • Weaknesses: Overly-perfectionistic, nervous and merciless;
  • Advice: Try to get a sense of how far you can go;
  • Celebrities: Pablo Escobar, Thom Yorke, Kevin Spacey, Ciara.

Mars Virgos believe exercise can help anyone become perfect at something. The former wants to see things in motion, while the latter wants perfection. They will love to learn and master new skills. Not to mention the Virgo is one of the most disciplined and precise signs in the zodiac.

Personality traits

Mars Virgos are all about details and little things are everything for them. They are criticizing and always set to make things better. If it would be for them, everything would need improvement.

They like to help others and give their advice whenever necessary. Many people will admit these guys are always right, but it’s suggested they don’t boast too much with this.

Also, they might want to stay away from expecting unrealistic things from others. Mars is about action and the Virgo is obsessed with wellness. So Mars Virgos can be a little bit obsessed with taking care of themselves.

Yoga classes will probably be in their daily schedule. But they need to be careful not to be too self-critical or obsessed with their body image. Being too stressed about missing a workout can’t be helpful.

Practical and productive, Mars Virgos will always have goals towards which they’ll aim in life.

In spite of the fact that they start more things at once, they can be very successful. They are quite multitasking even if they have too much on their hands.

Not to mention how serene they are after a failure. The fact that they pay great attention to details can be very useful for them in love. Their partners will have all of their needs satisfied.

Because the strong Mars will be in the nervous Virgo, they will demand for their relationship status to be made clear very soon. The Virgo is lusty, but he or she needs to get to know someone in a non-sexual way before anything else.

And the partner of Mars Virgos needs to be clean, perfumed and with his or her hair tamed. It’s not easy to seduce them even if they are modest. But they criticize as soon as they are irritated or insecure. They are responsible and the most analytical people in the zodiac so they don’t mind hard work.

It’s rare that you’ll see them doing nothing. As a matter of fact, they can either be big procrastinators or have too much on their plate. But they will want perfection no matter what they will do. And when they’ll procrastinate, they’ll still worry they’re not very productive in life and look for an occupation.

Ready to explore love

Mars Virgos are subtle about love. They like to be open only in private. It can be tough for them to relax and be less criticizing and their partner has to be sensitive and interested in cleanliness as well.

Looking for long-term relationships, they don’t agree with casual encounters. It’s possible they won’t sleep with anyone until they will find the perfect person.

They’ll overcome their shyness only when they’ll want to learn new things. While interested in sex, they are insecure about the subject.

Mars Virgos don’t want attention but they sure want to make their partner feel loved and appreciated. That’s why they will pay great attention and respect to their lover.

They are devoted and curious, but never hurried to get together with someone who’s not right for them. They may be picky sometimes, but someone with a few minor defects won’t bother them either.

After all, they would only care for their loved one in a unique way. But they would do it only if there would be no drama or too much emotion involved.

Not at all selfish, Mars Virgos will learn what their partner needs and work to deliver. Their attention can be focused on only one person for a long time. Their lovemaking is not too wild but they are looking to enter a realm where they can explore with their partner.

The Mars in Virgo man

Not at all aggressive, the Mars Virgo man is rather attentive and caring. But because Mars seems to be a little more influential in Virgo, this guy will definitely be more decisive and outspoken.

Also interested in leadership positions, Mars is what will make him manly in a way that the ladies will love it.

But he needs to be often forgiven for over-analyzing or taking too much time to decide on something. Because he’s such a perfectionist, he will pay high attention to details and to how he acts in bed. Expect a man with Mars in Virgo to be a little bit more stand-offish than the typical Virgo.

The Mars in Virgo woman

The Mars Virgo woman is intelligent and loves a good conversation. She looks for something long-term. While others think she’s a prude, she’s in fact discerning and reserved.

She may not have many bed partners, but will definitely learn something new from all of them. She can appear naive because she keeps to herself all the time.

Mars can make her more assertive in the bedroom. Role-playing will be her favorite and her partner will love her for it, plus she should be aware she’s in power when making such demands.

With Mars in Virgo, this lady will be the star in love. Don’t think of her as too meek or shy, she might leave this impression, but she isn’t.

What’s beautiful about her is that she believes in the good nature of people and she always gives second chances. But if she wants to win more, she shouldn’t let others step over her.

Difficulties to overcome

If the energy of Mars is not balanced, the Mars Virgos can be exaggeratedly stubborn and criticizing. And they can be self-criticizing as well because they are so insecure.

Trying to keep all the negativity and aggressiveness they have in check can make them more nervous and anxious.

And in these moments, they can be the most demanding people. Their strive for things to be perfect combined with the fact that they worry and can’t pick what’s best for them can become overwhelming.

This can make any mutable sign feel good, but because of Virgo’s involvement, these people need stability. The ones with Mars in Virgo don’t like it when people are trying to take the easy way out.

They will build up frustrations because they can’t do anything about it. Because they are sensitive, they may get sick with anxiety or indigestion. You shouldn’t push them too far because you’ll never be able to get along with them again afterwards.

And they can get very annoyed when things aren’t going the way they want them to. Not the ones to shy from work, they will get results from their work very fast. But they get bored of the same projects, despite the energy they involve in them.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.