Mars in Sagittarius: Personality Traits and How It Affects Your Life

If you have Mars in Sagittarius you are not easily tied down and your expectations of your loved one are not the most domestic.

Mars in Sagittarius

Those with Mars in Sagittarius in their natal chart are most certainly living their life very intensely. Restless and adventurous, they want to explore every corner of the world.

You can find them trying all the new restaurants, doing bungee-jumping or on a plane, on their way to an exotic destination. If they’re not doing something at all times, Mars Sagittarians are not feeling like they are themselves. These guys are optimistic and can succeed where others can’t.

Mars in Sagittarius in a nutshell:

  • Style: Eager and positive;
  • Top qualities: Crusader, honorable and cheerful;
  • Weaknesses: Rigid, self-righteous, uncommitted and restless;
  • Advice: Learn about what drives those close;
  • Celebrities: Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Portia de Rossi, Jules Verne, Mickey Rourke.

Open to a lot of things, they won’t refuse to try new experiences and they don’t see the world only in black and white, but rather believe in freedom more than in anything else. Don’t try to limit them because they will leave you. For them, the world is an infinite source of knowledge and opportunities.

Personality traits

Visiting new places in the world is the favorite thing to do for Mars Sagittarians. They are seekers of knowledge who love to discuss philosophy and to learn from other cultures.

You can’t stop them from traveling because they are the happiest when they’re on the go. So expect to find them in Athens or in Indonesia when you call or text them.

Loving the outdoors and sports, these guys are athletic and active. Going hiking or camping on the first date would be their favorite thing to do.

Because Mars makes them so competitive, they will want to win every race. And when it comes to believing in winning, they are the most positive people you could come across.

Mars is a warrior who doesn’t allow those who are ruled by it to believe in limits. However, Mars Sagittarians need to be careful with their money because they are true gamblers and prone to take unnecessary risks.

They wouldn’t even care about their financial future and bet on their favorite team in a second. The fact that they only live in the moment and don’t care about what’s going to happen next can bring them too many problems.

It can be said they aren’t the most practical people. At least they are lucky and bounce back from failure easily. At work, Mars Sagittarians will do their job properly because they are aware of the fact that only work can bring them the money for their great adventures.

People who play with their plans will be punished. They need to be supported if they are to collaborate with others for prolonged periods of time.

Too confident and sometimes arrogant, Mars Sagittarians can seem very foolish when they are trying to be cocky. They should focus more on their positivity.

You can have a lot of fun with them, but with the risk of them cheating. They like to chase and lose interest as soon as they got the person they like.

Mars Sagittarius in love

Mars Sagittarians are hard to keep in a relationship. They may seem like they are having great fun with a person, but their attention could be on someone else the next moment.

When they’re feeling tied down, all they want to do is run away. While they may seem serious for a period of time, they’ll be back to their adventures soon enough. Not to mention they are persuasive and always getting their way somehow.

Mars Sagittarians can’t commit with all their heart. And a person who won’t be fun and stimulating won’t rest next to them for too long. Until they will find the person of their dreams, they will change partners often.

They don’t like to play mind games because they are too honest. So revealing your feelings for them would be a great idea. When it comes to sex, they are direct but innocent. Expect a playful foreplay.

They are not romantic or too serious about lovemaking. Everything that has something to do with the bed is to be explored for them. They can make their partner feel like an adolescent again.

In love, Mars Sagittarians want a libertine companion more than a lover. It’s probable they will cheat, so a partner who’s forgiving and easygoing would be better for them.

They are the most honest and candid people in the zodiac, so their other half will probably be told everything about how they are feeling and what they want. Even if they won’t cheat, they will still need a lot of freedom for their adventures and hobbies.

They fall for someone quickly and easily. These people like to be best friends with their prospective partners, so a person shouldn’t expect a date immediately after he or she has met them.

The Mars in Sagittarius man

A generous and sexy lover, the Mars Sagittarius man is very interested in self-development and is a mature and a great thinker.

It’s impossible to ever tie him down if he doesn’t wish so, however, when he commits, you can rest assured he will be faithful and always there to help.

Mars is the one who rules over his emotions, so he will be feisty about keeping his love close. But he will never be in love with a woman who’s too romantic or dramatic. Some drama is fun for others, especially in the bedroom, but not for the Mars Sagittarius man.

He’s very straightforward so his lover will never get bored next to him. He will come up with new ideas and want to explore with you but make sure you can keep up with him.

The Mars in Sagittarius woman

The Mars Sagittarius woman wants a partner with whom she can do whatever she wants. And she wants to do many things. Someone daring and able to laugh when things are not so good is her perfect man.

It can be scary to be next to this lady because she likes taking risks and exploring, so a guy who doesn’t like to be challenged continuously is definitely not for her.

She can inspire people to be more creative and sociable. Many feel out of their comfort zone when with her. Not to mention the Mars Sagittarius woman also needs someone who wouldn’t mind her being away all the time because she’s off to see the world with her friends, whilst her partner still needs to keep his nine to five job.

She shouldn’t feel guilty because she’s looking for fulfillment and to have a happy life. Even if she will break a few hearts in her adventures. Mars will help her find the person who’s right for her, all she needs is to be patient.

Difficulties to overcome

Mars Sagittarians may have problems in their relationship when their partner will see them as unreliable and superficial. It’s because these guys do only what they want, when they want it.

Because they are brutally honest, they can hurt people with their harsh comments. A sensitive person wouldn’t last too long with them. If Mars Sagittarians want to have people with them for longer periods of time, they need to learn a little bit of diplomacy.

Not to mention they are very unpractical and can’t deal with the everyday responsibilities. If they would be coupled with a Gemini or another Sagittarius, they would both forget to pay bills or wash the dishes.

Colleagues will love them for being fun and open, but will notice they have problems staying in one place for too long. They are more suited for jobs that would require them to travel different places and interact with as many new people as possible.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.