Mars in Libra: Personality Traits and How It Affects Your Life

If you have Mars in Libra you are gentle and attentive but also take ages to make up your mind.

Mars in Libra

Those born with Mars in Libra in their natal chart are of course balanced and caring, however, there is an edge to their behavior, one that turns them into very ambitious characters when they really want something.

These people are all about relationships they have developed in the past and tend to stick to people. Where many prefer to take action and after apologize, Mars Libras would never do anything without asking for permission.

Mars in Libra in a nutshell:

  • Style: Supportive and peacemaking;
  • Top qualities: Talented, conciliatory, beauty-lovers;
  • Weaknesses: Coward, lazy, manipulating and disingenuous;
  • Advice: Challenge someone who doesn’t make you feel comfortable;
  • Celebrities: Elvis Presley, Kim Basinger, Richard Branson, Chrissy Teigen.

It’s more about sweetness and less about bitterness with these natives. They only feel stable when people around them are happy, so they’ll go the extra mile to make everyone feel good. They have great strategies to keep the peace and they’ll be successful at it. Whenever someone will be upset, they will be there to lift their spirits. Because they treat others like equals, they will have many friends and acquaintances.

Personality traits

The Mars in Libra can be a paradox because the Libra wants nothing else but peace, while Mars is the planet or war. So, you might be inclined to think that Mars Libras are nothing else than peaceful warriors.

It can be challenging for a person to handle these two opposing forces, especially since the Libra is positioned opposite from the Mars-ruled Aries on the zodiac wheel.

Diplomats and very resilient, Mars Libras will manage to keep balance in any kind of relationship they may be having. They know how to channel their respect and their love without making differences or being unfair.

Everyone will get the same amount of affection from them. They will lead by example in any group. Not to mention they will fight for justice wherever they will get a chance.

If something can annoy or upset them, that’s the disrespect of people towards any other living creature. In case they won’t express their anger, they’ll end up with stress-related diseases.

That’s why Mars Libras need to unleash themselves from time to time. Things are not as beautiful and balanced as they want them to, so escape is absolutely necessary if they are to keep happy.

Having fun with friends could be also very helpful. If they’ll go out as often as possible, they will forget all about stress and the fact that the world is not the perfect place they are dreaming of.

Because they have an expensive taste, it’s possible they will spend all their salary at once in one shopping session. It’s advisable someone else handles their money.

Because of Mars, these natives will enjoy a debate from time to time. Libras usually run away from confrontation, but Mars can change that in them. People with this planet in Libra are classy and hate vulgarity in any form.

When they’ll have to make a decision, they will weigh all the pros and cons. People will think of them as slow because they take so much time thinking.

Hard to convince

Charming, Mars Libras will always attract people and members of the opposite sex. They are the passive-aggressive type, so don’t expect them to be open about their anger or happiness.

You’ll need to understand subtleties to realize what they are feeling. They are fun and gracious, but they need to be motivated if they are to succeed in life.

With a partner, these guys will be romantic and very affectionate, but not too interested in sex. They are pretty much conservative, but in the same time intrigued by role-playing. Giving a lot of importance to romance, they are sensual and highly erotic.

You can turn them on by setting a romantic atmosphere but be careful because they can be unfaithful when they feel like their partner is not capable of reading their mind or guess what they want.

If their needs won’t be fulfilled, they will become angrier with every day that passes. Complimenting and admiring them works like a charm each time they’re feeling down.

Picky, Mars Libras won’t get together with absolutely anyone. These guys may seem gentle and warm while they are courting, but as soon as they will get to bed, they’ll turn into these wild and passionate sex partners.

It’s essential for them to have balance in their life, so outside of the bedroom they’ll be refined and reserved.

Mars in Libra man

If a Mars Libra man will have his seductive ways ignored by his partner, he will be very offended.

Libras are very cold when they are treated the same. What’s fair is fair, after all. And they know to be fair more than anything else. They are symbolized by the sign of justice if you think more about it and this means they want balance and equity.

The Mars Libras will deal with anyone who doesn’t treat others in a humane way. They are seeking to bring balance everywhere they are going. The man born with this planetary transit in his natal chart will charm everyone.

He will be wanted by many women because he’s attractive and prefers harmony over chaos. His relationships will be long and peaceful. And ladies love a man who’s gentle and doesn’t like to argue.

Mars in Libra woman

Classy and elegant, any man will be proud to go out with the Mars Libra woman. She’s a perfectionist who pays a lot of attention to details.

This means she’s a considerate lover and friend. Her intelligence will help her become the best at what she does.

Sensual and intuitive, she will guess her partner’s wishes and desires. This lady is attracted to intellectuals and those who prefer to think with their brain and not their heart.

Stimulating conversations turn her on. It would be best if her partner would be honest with her. Sophisticated, she will choose the best restaurant and the most expensive wine for a first date.

She functions better when she’s in groups rather than one-on-one. Whenever this lady feels like something is not going as it’s supposed to, she takes charge and makes things happen. Never judging, the Mars Libra woman will deal with all those who are bothered by her one at a time.

Difficulties to overcome

Skillful lovers, Mars Libras can also be big procrastinators and indecisive. It’s very difficult for them to reach to a conclusion fast because they always analyze all the facets of a problem.

And whilst this is frustrating in the workplace, imagine how nerve wrecking it is when it comes to personal decisions, especially love related ones.

Passive-aggressive, they’d rather retreat and lose a debate than have to confront someone. They are the most open to compromise people in the zodiac. Usually, when others don’t accept their opinions and ideas, they prefer to completely forget about what they have thought of.

The Virgo is known to be the most pretentious, but the Mars Libras can be worse. Defensive, it’s possible they will generate conflicts without even realizing. When they will act like they are being nagged, people will think they have done them something wrong and will continuously try to fix things.

And this is how Mars Libras can end up in a loop, taking advantage of others’ efforts to keep them satisfied. Their partners will feel proud to go out in the world with someone as elegant and classy as them.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.