Mars in Leo: Personality Traits and How It Affects Your Life

If you have Mars in Leo you are craving admiration and will not hesitate to burn bridges with those who don’t stroke your ego.

Mars in Leo

You can be sure everyone will notice the Mars in Leo people, after all, they are too expressive, dynamic and playful not to be observed. Always shinning, these guys can make people smile in the most difficult moments.

Mars Leos are also very generous and like to express their affection through actions. While they are fun and positive on the outside, they are insecure and vulnerable inside. Leo is the sign of big egos.

Mars in Leo in a nutshell:

  • Style: Confident and playful;
  • Top qualities: Energetic, bold and charismatic;
  • Weaknesses: Egotistical, victimizing and anti-authoritarian;
  • Advice: Take a step back and wait before you act;
  • Celebrities: Hugh Laurie, Jose Mourinho, Clive Owen, Brittany Murphy.

If you want to get along with a person with Mars in Leo, you need to stroke his or her ego with praise. They live to be admired and appreciated.

Personality traits

Expressive and loud, the world is a stage for the people born with Mars in Leo. These guys will do anything possible to make themselves remarked by everyone. For them, life is a continuous search for fun and new adventures.

They want to feel good and play all the time. Experts in drama, Mars Leos will laugh and cry in front of everyone. Even their fights with other people will take place in public. When it comes to being passionate about things, you can always count on them.

Natural born leaders, they will try to rule both at home and at work. People won’t mind putting them in charge because they are very authoritative and get along with everyone.

Not to mention they have that royal attitude that makes them seem like they could handle anything. But for their own good, it would be better if they would share power.

Being exaggeratedly dominating won’t bring anything good. And it’s possible they will become thirsty for all the power because it’s one of the things they are living for.

They are at their best when they are collaborating with others to fulfill a higher ethical purpose, not when they are trying to shine on their own.

When in love, they have their own rituals of courtship. But their partner needs to admire and praise them. Mars Leos can’t live without knowing they are considered the best at everything.

They will never be attracted to someone cheap or who isn’t romantic. So their dates should expect flowers and chocolates every week.

They are the most sensitive in the chest and the back area, so a day at a massage salon will make them the happiest.

When Mars is in Leo in a natal chart, that person is sure to be charismatic and always dynamic, perhaps also demanding and arrogant. After they’ll get to know someone better, they will become the warmest and most caring people.

Dramatic and exciting, they will make anyone curious about their personality. Those who won’t adore and admire them will be out of their life rather quickly. With a hot temper, they calm and forgive easily when they are angered.

Possessive lovers

When they’re in love, Mars Leos want to show their affection. When a new love is on the horizon, they are the happiest.

In the bedroom, they want to be the ones who have all the attention. Not that in other areas of life they aren’t the same.

Dramatic and opulent, they will make noise wherever they will go. The fact that they are egoistical, and they focus more on themselves than on the loved one can be bothering for some people. Because they are faithful, they expect their partner to be the same.

While possessive and jealous, they won’t show it. When Mars Leos want to express something, they are direct. In a relationship, they will be the romantic and fun partners.

It’s often that their lover thinks of them as overwhelming because they are too enthusiastic. Their ego can disturb anyone. But they will be forgiven because they are loyal and looking for something serious.

You can be sure they will give their best in the sack. They want to be called the most passionate everyone has ever had, so they’ll perform impressively.

They like a partner who moans and screams of pleasure. And after, they will boast with how incredibly they performed.

The Mars in Leo man

The man with Mars in Leo will be very loyal as soon as he has committed to someone. He’s domineering and wants to be the center of attention, especially in bed.

You will never see him passive and not caring. He will address all of his relationship’s problems with care. He doesn’t mind solving any kind of issue him and his partner may have.

And he isn’t at all aggressive when trying to deal with something. He’s gentle and understanding, not likely to get angry.

As soon as his partner has deceived him, he will leave with no turning back. Both Mars and the Leo are known to influence the determination of a person. Attentive to his lover’s sexual needs, this guy needs to feel loved if he’s to perform in bed. He will never accept being neglected.

The Mars in Leo woman

Glamorous and royal, the Mars Leo woman will seem unattainable. She can make anyone feel comfortable and appreciated as long as she receives the same treatment.

This lady likes to communicate openly and to shower her partner with affection and gifts. Only this way she can make sure the most important person in her life feels appreciated.

While very busy to rule the world, the Mars Leo woman will sometimes be forgetful about her lover’s needs. But she will make it up in the bedroom. The man in her life needs to be attentive not to hurt her ego.

She can really hold a grudge and get back to him in the most ruthless ways. This lady can see the big picture and will always work for the community where she lives to be better and better.

She will work tirelessly to build her career, so she has something to be proud of. Love will be very important for her too as she wants a partner with whom she can happily spend her life.

Difficulties to overcome

When Mars combines with the Sun, the ruler of Leo, you must remember that those born under a transit that has to do with Mars and Leo are combative and defensive.

Mars Leos will always be enthusiastic and forgetful about their own mistakes. They can’t accept they aren’t perfect or the best at what they are doing.

If people will perceive them in a negative way, they will become depressed. This will also happen when they’ll not be praised and admired.

Those who want to talk to them need to be careful not to sound offensive or angry. They will take everything personally and fight back like a real lion.

You wouldn’t want to be attacked by a Mars Leo, especially since Mars is the planet of war. The nicest results with Mars Leos are obtained when communication is clear.

Because they are fixed, they are the most loyal people you could come across. Only impulsiveness and a bad temper could spoil the relationships they are having. Because they have Mars on their side, they can be stubborn and refuse other people’s points of view. It’s not easy to make them change their mind once they’ve decided on something.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.