Mars in Aquarius: Personality Traits and How It Affects Your Life

If you have Mars in Aquarius you are a lover of all things eccentric and are concerned about your peers.

Mars in Aquarius

Those born with Mars in Aquarius are intelligent people who want freedom more than anything else. Their way of thinking is original and innovative and where many don’t have any solutions to problems, Mars Aquariuses can save the day.

They are surprising and changeable. As a matter of fact, they are amongst those who realize there’s always room for improvement and that nothing is forever. They also give a lot of importance to the people in their life because they are the most successful only when they are in a group.

Mars in Aquarius in a nutshell:

  • Style: Idealistic and brilliant;
  • Top qualities: Forward-thinking, clever, sociable and respectable;
  • Weaknesses: Weak-willed, rebellious, manipulative and perverse;
  • Advice: Don’t confuse inner strength with stubbornness;
  • Celebrities: Alec Baldwin, Kate Bosworth, Adrien Brody, Christopher Walken.

Being with others who think the same as them makes Mars Aquariuses more powerful and even more self-confident. When their ideas are appreciated and put into practice, they are a lot happier and satisfied. It’s hard for these guys to connect with people who don’t approach life the same way they do.

Personality traits

Mars Aquarians like to fight for lost causes and for those who have been done some sort of injustice. They are only about looking forward and they advocate progress more than anything else.

These are the people who want to help everyone, who will protest and picket in front of the government building for those who are less fortunate. Many will consider them weird because they are the most rebellious sign in the zodiac.

And their unpredictability makes them even more intriguing. When they are out in the world, they organize things and lead groups like true captains. As soon as they turn their charm and incredible enthusiasm on, they become everyone’s favorites.

They are capable of getting people to do anything to support their cause, from cleaning the beaches to participating to dangerous protests.

Those born with Mars in Aquarius in their natal charts would be great running fundraisers or working for non-profit organizations because they are giving and can mobilize large groups.

Mars will help them keep their curiosity alive. Proud and interested in having their independence untouched, Mars Aquariuses can fight for themselves and their progressive ideas in a very stubborn way.

If someone would make them feel tied down, they would run away. Their determination and energy are incredible, especially if they are engaged in something intellectual.

A little bit disorganized, they are still able to take their projects to the finish line. Because they have the touch of genius, some people will see them as mad.

Mars Aquariuses are the most eccentric and free-spirited people you could ever meet. They like to experiment and to dress in their very own style.

Their behavior can also be different from that of others’. Usually calm, they are more about solving problems by applying intellectual solutions.

There will be nothing staying for too long in their way when they will want something. Creative and smart, they can dominate in a relationship without anyone realizing it but there are most certainly other signs, in which Mars resides, that are way more romantic.

Pretentious lovers

Mars Aquariuses have an open mind when it comes to love. They’re not the most avid adepts of monogamy and find conventional relationships boring.

Their Mars makes them fall for several people at the same time. This is why they may end up in open relationships or having more than one partner.

They need someone open-minded and not at all jealous of the fact that they have too many Facebook friends. Mars Aquariuses don’t mind when their lovers are themselves because they appreciate individuality and freedom a lot.

Not the most sentimental people, they are cool and detached, no matter how intimate their relationship is. Good leaders, they wouldn’t mind having control over their partner.

Being the reformers and the non-conformists of the zodiac, they like to know people are following them.

They want to experiment in bed because they get bored easily. These natives have to be stimulated and suggested some fantasies if they are to be happy about their sex life.

Boredom in bed will make them leave but their careless can also drive their partners crazy. As one of the most mysterious Mars signs, they are secretive to the extreme. Mind games and role-playing turn them but only if they don’t need to get involved emotionally. Expect them to play along with any intimate fantasy you might have.

The Mars in Aquarius man

The man with Mars in Aquarius likes intelligent and resourceful women. He enjoys a good conversation in which he can become intimate and at the same detached with the interlocutor. If it will happen that him and his partner are involved in a long-distance relationship, he will have a great time with the partner.

He will even help his lover open to new ways to be intimate. He will never be boring in bed, plus his bedroom stories will be very interesting.

He wants a relationship in which he commits because he can be himself in this situation. Intimacy is something very important for the Mars Aquarius man. His lady will have her personal space respected, she will be independent and her sense of humor will be nurtured.

If she won’t be able to do something on her own, he will gladly help. He likes his partner to be an equal. The man who believes in his lover is the sexiest one, especially when Mars is in Aquarius.

The Mars in Aquarius woman

A great activist and an open person, the Mars Aquarius woman lives up to what she says. When she supports others, she feels complete and there’s no one to appreciate equality and to oppose injustice better than her.

Expect this lady to transmit the most powerful messages in a group. She’s eccentric and flexible enough to accept anyone’s point of view. Never tired of asking the right questions, she’s curious about the occult and about subjects that are taboo.

She will most likely easily win a debate at any given time. When it comes to love, the Mars Aquarius woman likes to experiment and finds fulfillment when her ideas are respected.

Loyal, sympathetic and full of energy, she’s also secretive. Not to mention she can break others’ trust because she’s so unpredictable. As a young and rebellious adult, this lady feeds on the power of Mars. She will hold on tight to it until she’ll need it again.

Difficulties to overcome

Mars Aquarians are rebellious and nonconformist people who are too stubborn to play for others’ ideals. They prefer to keep things the way they want them.

If someone takes them for granted, they grow to be restless and impatient, not to mention angry. So it would be better if you would be honest and not ignore them.

When they see someone is fake, they can lose their patience and never want to deal with that person again. It’s often they are playing risky situations and forget all about the consequences.

This is why they can sometimes end up hurt. But all in all, they are resilient, and they can easily adapt to any situation. Every life lesson will make them wiser.

Negative experiences are only normal as long as they don’t happen too often. Too independent, they can sometimes find it hard to commit to only one person and this can obviously cause them problems in their relationships.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.