Mars in 8th House: How It Impacts One’s Life and Personality

People with Mars in the 8th House may not always resist their impulsive tendencies but are otherwise very calculated and cold when it comes to their desires.

Mars in 8th House

Mars in 8th House people are energetic, lustful and enthusiastic to know as many things as possible, to understand how people work and to know their secrets.

They may have some problems with money, so a partner who can help them be more financially stable would be their true hero because they’d no longer stress that much about surviving. That’s why it’s possible for these natives to marry out of interest.

Mars in 8th House summary:

  • Strengths: Sensual, attentive and outspoken;
  • Challenges: Materialistic and greedy;
  • Advice: Avoid being too involved in others’ drama;
  • Celebrities: Ariana Grande, Lindsay Lohan. Bruce Willis, Kendal Jenner.

These individuals need someone who wants to share everything with them, as cooperation is essential for their happiness. However, if they want to get close to perfection, they need to tone down their passion.

Happiness seekers

Natives having Mars in the 8th House possess an ego that either consciously or unconsciously forces them to always transform themselves. They can be greatly influenced by others to become completely different people.

It’s possible for them to argue over possessions or property, so they should carefully analyze what they really want and need in life, because they can fight over money even with their partner. A little bit of compromise and more communication regarding what they possess can help them have better relationships.

If they want to change, they should just let go of things that cease to be important to them.

Expressing their ego through sex, they’re very intense when it comes to lovemaking, so many people see them just as very skilled lovers.

They may have great passion for research and discovering solutions to puzzles or mysteries, which means they’d make great private detectives or scientists. Coming across what’s hidden is their favorite thing to do in life.

Their main problem is always money, so having a partner or spouse who can help them from a financial point of view would be their dream come true.

Their greatest asset is the way they decide on things in the spur of a moment and how they rely on their instincts, because these always seem to guide them in the right direction.

If they don’t resist their impulsive tendencies to just buy when at shopping, they will definitely have big problems with paying back for their credit cards.

Very attracted to the occult and the spiritual world, they will explore all kind of mysteries and paranormal activities. It’s easy for them to help others change or heal, because they can inspire people to find their strength within and overcome painful situations.

As a matter of fact, one of their main purpose in life is to find the power within themselves and to live at their full potential.

People with Mars in the 8th House have this planet position where the ruler of sharing resources is. This means they would be interested in seeing how things work and easily deal with new ideas.

The more hidden facts they’d have to discover in what they do for a living, the happier they would be at work. Only money can bring them down and interfere with their relationships because they tend to keep their earnings private and separate from their spouse.

Practical aspects

Being very intense about what they want and like, Mars in eighth House natives are also very possessive. Life may cause them to not have love or enough money just to teach them a lesson on not holding on so tightly.

They can immediately spot a liar and have a way of making up for the karma of their past lives by sharing a lot of what they have with those who really need it. It’s possible for them to remember many sexual encounters from their teenage years, which will influence their love life as adults.

Mars positioned in their 8th House means they have a lot of traits from the Scorpio. They will probably experiment with true passion only after their thirties, but you can be sure everything will be magical as soon as they will.

Terrified of getting cheated on or being betrayed, they would never trust someone from the first encounter.

This placement of Mars is about the House of sex hosting a planet of action. This means the natives of it will not hesitate to make a move when sexually attracted.

When it comes to the bedroom, they have incredible energy, the only exception being Mars in Gemini in the 8th House, according to the famous expert in astrology Bob Marks. In this situation, the natives would be more passive as far as lovemaking goes. They would rather talk than feel the pleasure of sex and satisfy their lover.

Since the eighth House also rules over money, people having Mars in it are impulsive when spending and can end up broke after visiting the mall.

They will be in debt to their credit cards and banks or even spend their partner’s salary on what they think would look interesting in their home. This means they’ll have many quarrels over finances and even get very upset with their siblings over inheritance.

Very passionate and intense, these people have a strong emotional side and think of death more often than others. They are the type who will be bold and strong at an old age, when death will stare in their eyes.

However, they can also feel sometimes that fate is cruel with them. The 8th House being all about drama, tantrums and crises, they are very tormented by the thought that their loved ones want to betray them.

The same House rules over intimacy and what people carry with them in their consciousness regarding love. With Mars being in one of the Water Houses, this placement’s natives’ feelings are very intense and deeply rooted in their unconsciousness.

The courtship with Mars in 8th House people has a dark side and their marriages may have many problems like domestic violence, sexual abuse and obsessions.

It’s like love with them is more about suffering and pain. It can be difficult for their partners to admit they’re with someone who’s rather destructive and at the same time terrified of getting abandoned or being lonely.

When Mars is in the 8th House, individuals with this placement may live a dangerous life and even risk their life very often.

Their main challenge in life is limiting themselves and becoming less vengeful, manipulative or eager to obtain power. The more they ignore their Mars, the more they’ll manage to be less angry.

Sex is very important to them, but Mars in the eighth House gives it a dark side. Powerful, passionate and competitive people turn them on, and they usually rely only on their instincts when having to make a decision.

The downsides

Mars in 8th House individuals get rapidly attached to others, so they need to learn how to let go and to allow their lover to be more independent. Their possessiveness can be very bothering and their intensity a real problem, because many will be overwhelmed by them.

The passion in their heart can sometimes make them less practical and incapable of seeing the big picture.

They usually only focus on details and pay too much attention to what’s happening to others, not wanting for their loved ones to even smile when not in their presence.

If Mars is in an adverse aspect, they can be so jealous they’re always imagining their partner is cheating on them.

Mars in the 8th House in a nutshell

Looking at all the predictions about people having Mars in the 8th House, you can see how these natives have to trust their partner more and to allow him or her to have more space as an independent lover is still a devoted one.

It’s a good thing for a person to have many interests, because he or she can learn more about the world. If Mars in 8th House natives directed their passion towards something constructive, they would be much happier.

They usually want revenge when a person crosses them, being capable to hold grudges for a lifetime. If someone just says something wrong, they see it as a huge betrayal and no one can ever change their mind. It’s difficult for them to trust others, but they surely do it more intensely than others.

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