Mars in 7th House: How It Impacts One’s Life and Personality

People with Mars in the 7th House need to be stimulated and are quite argumentative at times, although their intentions are in no way bad on those occasions.

Mars in 7th House

Individuals having Mars in 7th House are very independent and do things only their way. They should learn diplomacy and how to not offend everyone, because they really don’t know how to cooperate with others.

They love being in a relationship, because this really prompts them to be more active. They want an energetic lover who can help them deal with the difficulties in their life, challenge them to keep going, support them when in need and compete with them in order to make things exciting.

Mars in 7th House summary:

  • Strengths: Genuine, dynamic and elegant;
  • Challenges: Argumentative and impulsive;
  • Advice: Try to put personal priorities first as well;
  • Celebrities: Barack Obama, Lady Gaga, Natalie Portman, Aishwarya Rai.

Because they have a lot of romantic energy, it’s important for these natives to learn how to channel their forces in a constructive direction. The fact that they want to compete with their lover could, for example, be used when dealing with other people.

Optimistic and charming

Mars in 7th House people may be a little bit tense sometimes, but you can be sure they will always come up with creative ideas and have a lot of energy.

They really like being challenged, so keeping their life active is the only way for them to be happy. It’s normal for these people to provoke others just to see their reaction.

It’s difficult for them to cooperate with others because they simply can’t compromise, no matter if they’re contradicting with their other half or their parents, or if peace could be brought to a fiery discussion.

If they don’t struggle to change all this and understand how the misaligned energy of Mars works, they’ll continue to be aggressive and domineering.

They only analyze themselves when involved in a relationship or when interacting one-on-one. These natives may start many conflicts when married, because they like their partner to be opinionated and their energy is very conflicting.

This is also one of the reasons why they find it difficult to work in teams, coupled with the fact that they always want to be the leaders.

Being less straightforward and a little bit more charming would really help them, while some compromises would make their life sweeter than sugar. When being so confrontational, they can attract many enemies and offend people they truly care about.

It wouldn’t matter how devoted and hardworking they’d be when it comes to relationships, these could still get easily destroyed with a wrong word. When marrying, they do it for a lifetime and are the most supportive spouses or even friends.

Mars in seventh House individuals have the planet of war in the House of partnerships. That’s why they may focus only on themselves and not care about what others think or want.

However, they will still invest a lot of their time and energy into their relationships, no matter how much they’re arguing with their friends or partners.

Because they’re very independent and eager to lead, many may not understand who they really are. As said before, they should try and be more charming and less tactful. Always wanting to fight is not at all in their advantage, so a little bit of diplomacy would only do them good.

When in love, they’re more into the chase than into what this game brings them in the end. Supporting fair play and eager to always take action, they’re not in any way depressed when losing a fight.

It’s very likely they’ll marry someone optimistic, energetic, independent, bold and capable of standing on his or her own two feet. It’s like they’re looking for someone who can play hero for them. Mars makes natives with this planet in the 7th House very passionate and devoted when it comes to love.

Their partner can trust them to be loyal and faithful for a lifetime, because they love playing the hero and remaining true to those they love the most.

However, the position of Mars in the 7th House may create some problems for their marriage and business relationships, because it makes them impulsive and a little bit violent.

They will probably marry very young and in a rush, so the chances for tension to appear between them and their spouse are very high. The same placement makes them very good salespeople and marketers, because they really love to compete.

If they choose a profession in one of these fields, they will most likely deal with the most difficult situations early in their career. As they always want to be first, their success is almost guaranteed.

Practical aspects

Very sexual and energetic, Mars in 7th House natives seem to never stop after they get started. That’s why they need a challenging partner who can stand his or her ground.

Loving conflict, these people will always try to argue with their friends and lover, showing their aggressive side. If they want a more peaceful and harmonious life, they have to compromise more, because it’s normal for them to just start fighting instead of carefully listening to what others may have to say.

The energy of Mars is very intense in them, so they need stimulation and to have small quarrels all the time. The type of people who just agree bore them to death, because they want to be contradicted and presented strong arguments they can attack. Those who can’t stand up for themselves will never have these natives’ respect.

Their personal relationships will all be with people they have had big arguments as this is the way they make friends. Not at all empathetic or able to see situations from another point of view than their own, Mars in 7th House people simply refuse to think there are alternatives to what they want.

They’re very attracted by natives who have a strong Aries or Mars influence in their birth chart. Their attitude makes them great military employees, so it’s not impossible for many of them to wear a uniform, be it of army, law enforcement or the fire department.

They immediately become angry when provoked, having a solid figure that seems to never put on too much weight. Many people will be attracted to the way they look and the sex appeal they exude.

When meeting a person as sexual as them, they become blindly in love and start dreaming only of making love with that person.

If were in a too harmonious marriage, they would think that something is wrong. Some of them will look for a partner who’s their opposite and just go with the flow of the relationship.

If Mars is in good aspects, they’ll most likely be sports people or have hobbies that require them to get physically engaged. The thing is, they need to somehow use their Mars’ energy and do something constructive.

They will travel everywhere with their partner, do skydiving or ocean diving to study strange species of fish. While competing with their other half, they will still love sincerely and work hard for their marriage or relationship to work.

The downsides

Individuals with Mars in the 7th House are made very aggressive by this planet. They can insist on the same matter forever and can’t seem to keep it together when annoyed.

Learning how to relax and no longer looking to argue with their partner would make their life more peaceful and harmonious. Slowing down and not rushing to fight can make them happier and more appreciated by others.

If they’re always excited with contradictions, their lover may want to run away from them.

Relaxing and enjoying the little moments of rest would make their partner love them more and they’d no longer be so stressed about a very possible break up.

Mars is considered the planet of mischievous actions and aggressiveness. When in a negative aspect, it makes the natives having it in the seventh House very tense regardless the situation they may be involved in.

When in the House of marriage, expect natives with this placement to have real problems with their spouses. But no matter the aspects of Mars, people having this planet in their 7th House will always want a partner to compete with.

Passive individuals bore them, as they’re looking for someone who always has a story and is ready for a fight at 2 am in the morning. Of course, people can be different, and things are not necessarily the same with every personality, but Mars’ influence is always strong, so discovering it may require a lot of passion and patience.

Mars in the 7th House in a nutshell

One thing is sure: individuals having Mars in the 7th House need to learn what compromise is, because they’re desperate to get involved in conflicts and are continuously looking to pick up a fight.

Their friends and family may not agree with all of this, so they risk losing people who love them if they keep looking for arguments everywhere.

It’s very possible they’ll end up without any help from others because of their attitude. The world doesn’t revolve around them, so challenges are a means of self-improvement, not of finding reasons for arguing.

Getting busy may help them forget all about wanting conflict in their life. It’s suggested they listen to what others have to say before starting to argue. It can be very surprising for them to discover different solutions than their own are also very effective.

Being more open-minded can change their entire perspective on the world. They don’t have to give up on their beliefs, but they can identify great opportunities by listening to others a little more.

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