Mars in 6th House: How It Impacts One’s Life and Personality

People with Mars in the 6th House are able to dedicate their entire lives to their passions and will wish to be of service to others.

Mars in 6th House

People having Mars in 6th House are very productive, eager to work and efficient, because they never seem to get tired. They can also be really impatient and very irritable when seeing their colleagues not doing things the same way they are.

It’s like their mind has its own mechanics meant to continuously spin, their ability to recuperate after bad times being simply incredible.

Mars in 6th House summary:

  • Strengths: Practical, organized and attentive;
  • Challenges: Demonstrative and stubborn;
  • Advice: Avoid unrealistic expectations;
  • Celebrities: Jennifer Lawrence, Drake, Jay-Z, Sean Connery.

Can’t stand unfairness

Mars in sixth House natives are very focused on their work and always proud of what they’ve accomplished in their career.

It’s suggested they try putting others’ needs above their ego and start doing things on their own, or slow down when their colleagues can’t keep up with them, because they’re not the best at teamwork.

The 6th House rules over health, the presence of Mars here making its natives sensitive to infections and prone to accidents. It’s important for these people to exercise and follow a healthy diet every time they’re feeling a little down.

As very active individuals, they prefer working with machines and using tools. It’s also possible for them to work in the health sector as chiropractors, doctors and even yoga teachers.

They may be paramedics as well as this involves working with different resuscitation machines and requires the employees to have a lot of energy, not to mention they really want to be of service others. Their approach to work is doing what needs to be done without caring what colleagues want.

They really love animals, so a career caring for pets may also be their choice of profession. Physiotherapy makes them very curious, as they really like to see how the human body works and what defense mechanisms it employs.

It’s important for them to learn what collaboration with their colleagues means, because they can become really irritated when seeing others don’t work as hard as they do. Masters at technology, determined, calculated and disciplined, they also have a need to be of help.

These natives can dedicate their entire life to what they’re doing for a living but can’t stand unfairness. When doing something, they really focus and can’t be with people who waste their time.

It’s normal for them to work until they get extremely tired. Organizing, arranging, evaluating and managing are things they’re very good at, but Mars in the 6th House can have them a little bit problematic when it comes to their health.

Practical aspects

As said before, Mars in sixth House individuals invest a lot of their energy into work, doing their job to the point of exhaustion. They are better on their own than in teams, because the laziness of others makes them really angry.

Very talented at organizing and managing, they would spend nights classifying files and get really upset if someone criticizes them for what they’ve done. Very impatient to succeed, they seem to take every project they have personally, so you can be sure they will always do their best as far as work goes.

When in teams and not having things going their way, they become very frustrated. Always expecting their colleagues to be as enthusiastic and hardworking as them, they demand a lot from these individuals and respect those who appreciate their efforts or the results of their work.

Everyone sees them as strict bosses but amazing friends. In case their Mars is difficult, and they want to soften it a little bit, they should learn how to no longer take their work so seriously.

Being such fanatics about their job is not at all healthy, some relaxation being absolutely necessary.

If were gentler with people in their life, happiness would definitely find them faster. It’s not Mars’ fault they’re a little bit violent, but theirs because they accentuate this planet’s influence. The only action to take in their life is changing their perception about what they’re doing for a living.

Being too demanding with co-workers and even family members, they want these people to always be perfect. Individuals having Mars in the 6th House should be ready to compromise from time to time, because their ideas aren’t always the best.

Approaching problems in a different way than the one they initially thought of can be something very beneficial for them. Others’ opinions are also important, so they should listen more and set the Virgo in them aside, because it only influences them to look for perfection.

Others will respect them more when wanting to listen, and they’ll receive help and admiration. Natives having Mars in the sixth House should praise their collaborators more if they want to be truly appreciated for their own work.

The downsides

While not having any problem with team work, people with Mars in the 6th House are better as leaders or working alone, because they have too high demands that many can’t live up to. Not to mention they’re the same with their family, always trying to make their loved ones better.

It’s like all they see is defects and negativity that have to be somehow fixed. Not badly intentioned, they just want to improve and make everything more efficient, feeling like there’s potential everywhere they look.

Many will not be aware of the fact that these natives are frustrated, because they really don’t express themselves when upset. When they’re bossy and arrogant, others start to no longer listen to a single word they’re saying.

Mars in the 6th House in a nutshell

These natives are the hard workers of the zodiac, not being afraid to lose nights doing something for a project and not having the patience to wait on others to do their job.

Different aspects in their birth chart determine their style of work, but regardless of this, they are sure to deliver only excellency and to invest a lot of their time and efforts in what they have to do.

It’s possible for them to do something physical or that’s related to enforcement, because they could really use their aggressiveness and Mars rules over uniforms, so a career in the police or military field would really be for them.

As said before, they’re also good at using machinery and different tools, so working in a factory or with technology would also make them feel very good.

There are many professions they could choose, including as weapon sellers. Everything that has something to do with metal falls under the ruling of Mars, this planet in the sixth House being the placement of blacksmiths.

Mars in 6th House people would never procrastinate and really hate laziness. Their life is disciplined, because they really adopt the military style when it comes to their schedule: waking up early, working for long hours and following a strict routine.

Not to mention how they respect the same exercise program and diets, never changing the style of their clothes. They will get more done in a day than a team gets in three. It’s like Mars in this House makes them super-humans and gives them their ability to lead.

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