Mars in 4th House: How It Impacts One’s Life and Personality

People with Mars in the 4th House benefit from an immense emotional strength that helps them fight for what they want and overcome any obstacles.

Mars in 4th House

Natives having Mars in 4th House want to be independent and at the same time feel the need for the security of having a home of their own. The relationships in their family may be tense because they’re very demanding with those they love the most.

It’s important for them to overcome their need to argue and to antagonize. Not to mention they have to find a way to deal with their strong emotions by doing some garden work or by exercising.

Mars in 4th House summary:

  • Strengths: Protective, empathic and domestic;
  • Challenges: Instinctual and passive-aggressive;
  • Advice: Being even more attentive to the needs of those close;
  • Celebrities: Will Smith, Gerard Butler, Lenny Kravitz, Norah Jones.

Doing what makes them happiest

People with Mars in the 4th House can think too much of the past and act in a compulsive or inappropriate way because of this. They sometimes fight just for the sake of it, not understanding what’s being discussed.

It’s important for them to control their emotions, because others may avoid them for being too passionate. A good way for them to forget about their feelings is to do things around their home.

Having too strong opinions and pushing people around is never a solution for them, so they should compromise more in difficult situations.

Not confronting people and keeping themselves out of quarrels at either their home or workplace can make them more insightful and can change their negative behavior.

They may not want to settle with someone and continue their road towards adventure, whether men or women.

It’s possible they’ve been brought up in a very strict family, and for this reason they fought a lot with their parents, which made their leaving home a reason for celebrating. This is why they may have problems building their own family later in life.

But no worries, they can usually overcome this and eventually do what makes them the happiest. They may at some point want to separate themselves from their parents and family traditions, because going alone helps them to be more excited about the future.

Mars in 4th House individuals have great energy underneath their passive exterior, so you can trust them to always want action, productivity and a lot of spirit.

However, they may need to control all of their enthusiasm, because it can work in both their advantage and detriment to act solely on feeling and to be constantly engaged in something soliciting.

The emotional interior they have gives them great strength to fight for what they want and the energy to stand up to any obstacle. The more independent, ambitious and willful they act, the better for them.

They can impress with their beliefs and wishes, which are sometimes strange. Their direction in life will need to be adjusted sometimes, because they may still be restricted by what their parents imposed on them.

Being their own bosses and calling the shots at home is something they truly wish for, in a healthy way. Their own place will always make them feel more emotional and vulnerable, while their romantic relationships will give them a little bit of tension.

When outraged, their partner will get to feel their fury in its rawest form, which can be scary. It can be surprising to see them angry and always fighting, but it’s very possible for their emotions to take this direction as well.

Astrological studies say Mars is all about aggressiveness and assertiveness, so when having something to do with the domestic life, it makes people more prone to experience negative emotions towards those who are close to them.

They will break up and make up with their lover, because they have no idea what they’re feeling.

The fourth House will hold their childhood’s feelings and the image they’ve made created for themselves. They will control their ability to give and receive through here, isolate themselves when things may go wrong and be cold when not getting what they want.

Practical aspects

Individuals having Mars in the 4th House are very protective of their loved ones. They can feel anger very deeply and sometimes hide their feelings, making it difficult for others to know their real motives.

They’re the passive-aggressive type, which can make them feel resentment, because they’re not expressing themselves directly when wanting something.

They want an active family and can have many arguments with their spouse or children, because they’re very pretentious with them out of too much love.

Their energy should be invested in domestic activities as this would relax them more. Relying on instincts, they can recognize manipulators, so no one can lie to them. They will want to be the leaders at home, so their family should allow for this to happen.

What people with Mars in the 4th House should learn is to no longer wait for their negative feelings to pile up. It’s very likely they didn’t get along with their father if he has been too strict, aggressive and especially abusive. Mars will inspire action in them when they’ll be at a mature age, having them doing things slowly but steadily.

When it comes to their psychological upbringing, they should work on how they feel at home and how their emotions develop when they’re with their family.

A Fire planet in a Water House like in this situation can be complicated, because all Water Houses are about emotions and the soul, ruling over things people aren’t usually aware of, and Mars can be violent.

When young, Mars in 4th House natives probably used to fight and be violent without even realizing they were doing something wrong and they used to have an unexplained anger. If they had a parent who was the same, they probably used to think life at home is more about war than love.

As parents, they’re strict, focused on themselves and even competitive with their children. Since the fourth House is also about ancestry and family heritage, they may have witnessed many fights over land and property.

Their neighborhood was probably dangerous, and they were raised in terror. Individuals having Mars in the 4th House are prone to suffer from home accidents or to catch on fire, because the energy in this House is fiery.

It’s also possible they had an active family who was always up to something to make their heart pound faster and their body to move more while outside in the Sun.

It’s a challenge for them to learn how to deal with their anger and the past that guides them towards the future, because they can be very angry with their partner for no reason.

It may be necessary for them to travel in the past and identify what made them this way in the first place, because the rage of Mars is silent and can’t be set aside.

When out in the world, they may hide all this about them until they’re back home, where their passion and strong emotions get released. It can be a problem to always have them saying nasty things and confusing their partner with one of their parents.

All in all, the placement of Mars in the 4th House brings a lot of energy and competitiveness but can also have many hidden influences that are very ugly.

The downsides

They think no one can trash their loved ones but themselves. These natives are very controlling when it comes to their home and family. Some will appreciate this in them, others will find it annoying.

It’s important for these people to ask their spouse and children what they want before taking any type of action. They will get to be less stressed and resentful if they’ll just sit in the back and allow others to rule.

It can be difficult for them to let their leading position go when at home, but it’s something necessary if they don’t want their problems to get bigger and bigger.

Mars in the 4th House in a nutshell

These natives will spend a lot of their energy on their family and home. They need to feel secure and that they belong to a nation and a community.

The position of the red planet indicates they love to argue and that they may never want to get married. They’re also very good at repairing things and bringing order to the busiest and most chaotic environments.

Because this position is also related to the Earth element, they may want to spend as much time as possible in nature, performing aggressive and very soliciting physical activities. They’re strong people, no matter their age and the hours spent at the gym.

Their love of home and domestic work finds them staying inside when others are in bars. They like to study traditions and history, and they probably have a mother that has influenced their life a lot, because they’ve always seen this lady as being the biggest lecturer in their life.

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