Mars in 3rd House: How It Impacts One’s Life and Personality

People with Mars in the 3rd House are pretty straightforward about expressing themselves and don’t hesitate to talk about sensible issues and open others’ minds.

Mars in 3rd House

Natives having Mars in the 3rd House can’t rest, because they’re highly energetic and always nervous. They strongly believe in their own ideas and are always on the run, ambitious or eager to experience new things.

Their mental energy is contagious, but they need to learn how to be more analytical, because impulsiveness can’t bring anything good their way. It’s possible for them to have problems with the people they live with or their neighbors.

Mars in 3rd House summary:

  • Strengths: Outspoken, emotional and provocative;
  • Challenges: Forceful and hidden;
  • Advice: Being careful not to offend others with their opinions.
  • Celebrities: Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Harry Styles, Lana Del Rey, Miley Cyrus.

Pretty straightforward about expressing themselves

Mars in the 3rd House individuals are very energetic but usually end up having conflicts with people they spend most of their time with. If they’d learn to accept people have differences, they’d manage to accomplish more great things by collaborating with others.

Having strong opinions and getting involved in trivial arguments, they think what they believe in is correct and are struggling to convince people of the same thing, which can cause them trouble. They would make a much better impression if they’d accept others’ ideas and opinions.

Fast thinkers and very good at communicating, they’re bold enough to express themselves. It’s possible for them to work for a newspaper, because they love reporting different events.

Writing about crimes and violence would make them successful journalists, while making fiction could have them publishing a lot because many would read their stories.

Very honest and talented at doing things with their hands, they function better when working alone or playing the role of a leader.

They will probably move from one town to the next one or get hired at the railway because they simply love traveling short distances. As teachers, they’d inspire their students to be courageous and to always take action.

When it comes to their opinions and way of thinking, they’re pretty straightforward about expressing themselves and love to talk about an issue that bothers them, sharing their ideas a little bit too much sometimes.

There’s something very direct and clear in the way they socialize. Matters that seem unimportant for others can truly stress their mind and they love to debate about everything. People see them as confrontational and they may be aware of it, still not doing anything to stop it.

Very good with their hands, they prefer working on their own and not having any responsibilities. When happy, they’re these passionate and motivated people who talk constantly and inspire determination.

Mars in 3rd House people will always stand behind their opinions and family and will struggle to keep themselves young. It seems they always have something to say about any subject, which can be bothering for those who think they’re the only ones enlightened.

When others contradict them, they take it personally and keep believing only in what they know about. It’s suggested they pay attention to what others have to say, because the information may be very important.

Expressing their thoughts makes them happy, but they should be careful not to become arrogant, as they have this tendency of becoming careless and too proud when someone is prepared to listen to them.

They may offend and hurt with the way they talk, because their sarcastic and provoking ways are not always the smoothest. Not to mention they often speak first and think later. It’s easy to annoy them, because Mars in the 3rd House of communication makes individuals with this placement nervous.

Practical aspects

Mars in third House people are always ready to speak their mind and can really hurt others with their opinions and ideas. They’re very knowledgeable and love to share what they know, but the way they express themselves can be a little bit too direct.

It’s easy to make them very passionate about things that don’t even matter that much, because they’re constantly looking for debates.

During their best days, they’re fun and energetic, talking a lot and inspiring others to stay motivated. It’s normal for them to always defend what they believe in and their loved ones because they’re devoted creatures.

Their aggression gets transmitted through harsh words, so you wouldn’t want to be their target when they’re talking. People in their proximity will be the ones to feel their sharp tongue in the worst of ways. It can be difficult, but not impossible, to have them apologizing for what they’ve said.

Some of the violent hobbies like hunting or boxing will definitely be on their list of interesting things to do. Very active and unable to rest, they sometimes can’t find a way to release all of their intellectual energy.

It’s like their train of thoughts can’t stop and they’re always making harsh decisions, so a more analytical approach is definitely suggested for their peace of mind.

Only by being calm, can they learn how to deal with stress and avoid any mental trauma as these things seem to dominate their mind.

The downsides

Natives having Mars in the 3rd House are courageous and don’t mind expressing all of their ideas, which makes them very intriguing. They would never back down when having an argument and usually start contradicting others as soon as feeling like no one understands them.

They should pay attention not to lose their friends and admirers because of this, so their thoughts are sometimes better when kept inside.

They should just use their adaptability and change the direction in which a bad discussion goes, making the exchange of ideas smoother, because they can get excited too easily when debating.

It’s normal for them to talk about what doesn’t even matter, as they think everything is important. Many will be bored of them and of how excited they always are about every little thing.

Mars in the 3rd House in a nutshell

These natives are a little bit too active and sometimes hostile. They like to think fast and in a practical way, but the way they jump to any conclusion can be very aggressive. Always talking clearly, honestly and directly, they may hurt others and argue with their family members.

It’s difficult for them to admit they may be wrong, so don’t expect to hear them saying they’re sorry too often. When behind the wheel, people with Mars in the third House signal and swear a lot.

Matters of intellect turn them aggressive about their opinions and ideas, starting to talk faster and jumping from one idea to another, wanting to learn, to get inspired and to socialize more when around people. As a matter of fact, any social gathering makes them want more and to have as many friends as possible.

Always nervous, they wouldn’t even know what a balanced life means. They should never speed, especially when on a motorcycle. The 3rd House also rules over transportation, so when Mars in it is in bad aspects, there’s a high danger of accidents by car or any other vehicle.

They should pay twice the attention if Uranus is in their third House too, or if their Mars is afflicted by this planet. Safety always comes first, so showing off their new car by speeding is not the best idea, because it could shorten their life by a considerable number of years.

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