Mars in 2nd House: How It Impacts One’s Life and Personality

People with Mars in the 2nd House have a tendency to be overprotective with both people and their possessions, so don’t mess with what they love the most.

Mars in 2nd House

Individuals having Mars in the 2nd House invest a lot of their time and energy in making money, gathering as many possessions and beautiful things as possible.

They’re the impulsive type of buyers and will always have problems with how much they’re spending. It’s not at all in their way to save some money, so working on changing this would only make their life better. For them, finances come and go, which means they should focus more on their talents and less on how much is on their cards.

Mars in 2nd House summary:

  • Strengths: Diligent, methodical and elegant;
  • Challenges: Materialistic and superficial;
  • Advice: Being careful about the challenges they choose to pursue;
  • Celebrities: Leonardo DiCaprio, Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr, Ryan Reynolds.

A tendency to be overprotective

The ego of Mars in 2nd House natives is getting stroked by a fat bank account and many possessions. They appreciate their own value according to how much they make and are never satisfied with what they have.

Having strong opinions and believing only in what they want, these natives may get into fiery arguments about their own values and principles. It’s important for them to try to not impose their beliefs on others, because they can do this a lot.

They want to have the biggest house and the most expensive car, because this is what makes them confident. If wrong about something, they can admit their mistake but become broken about it.

The way they make their money will have something to do with being energetic and taking harsh actions, because they’re fast thinkers and prefer to deal with things that make all of their five senses activate.

They like touching and getting engaged physically, so they’d make great engineers, surgeons or butchers. The position of Mars in the second House indicates the material gain is the most important for them, so they’re very inventive when it comes to reliable money-making methods.

When it comes to business, they can be very aggressive and eager to win, so owning a company may be just the way to go for their professional success.

Individuals having Mars in the 2nd House don’t mind taking risks if there’s a chance for them to make good money. Expect them to want to compete in business and to work very hard, even if many see them as slow when doing their job.

The more they focus on doing a thing, the more knowledge they accumulate and the more practical or productive they become.

They have a tendency to be overprotective with both people and their possessions, so don’t mess with what they love the most.

Always ready for a physical challenge, they think their success in sport competitions is also one of the things that makes them more valuable as human beings.

They love their independence and want to be proud of the work they’ve done on their own. The fact that they’re sensual gives them sex appeal, in bed being very passionate and energetic.

Practical aspects

Mars in 2nd House individuals are true hard workers who focus a lot on the methods they need to work with and are a little bit slower than others, because they carefully analyze and plan.

As they know what practicality actually is, they’ll make great things with their own two hands and earn a lot of money with which they’ll buy the most expensive and high-quality things.

Independent, they love it when the work they’ve done alone is appreciated and brings them a lot of money.

They’re stubborn and think what they believe in is always correct and can’t help themselves imposing their values on others. This means all of their energy and initiative come from their aggressive side.

While not minding being challenged, they can sometimes give up projects before these are finished. That’s why many think they’re too impulsive, inattentive and that they have an unfounded confidence.

They don’t mind speaking the truth and their straightforwardness can bother some of the people in their life. These people think it’s important to react fast and can cause trouble whether being aware of it or not, just because they’re bored.

The good news here is that they’re lucky with money and always find opportunities to make more. They’re generous and don’t mind picking up the check at the restaurant.

Determined to succeed at work and real hard workers, they don’t think so much about social status, as for their salary. They won’t be the type who has a fat bank account and also the big house, but more the one who has the house and everything else that is very expensive. These are not at all the people to give their children anything else besides their debt.

The downsides

People having Mars in the 2nd House are very careful to always make lots of money and focus too much on business, because they simply can’t resist buying expensive things. If there was a job that would pay them for spending, they would be the best at it as they’d do what they love the most in life.

They should pay attention not to become too possessive of both people and their things. Always feeling they know what’s best for everyone, they will bother others with this attitude.

It’s important for them to take their time and rest when tired, even if they hate taking breaks. It’s easy for them to consume all of their energy on problems that aren’t even important.

Mars in the 2nd House in a nutshell

Mars is the red planet of action and war, which when in the second House influences people’s wealth and the way they’re dealing with possessions. It’s considered malefic because, especially when in a negative aspect, it can cause havoc.

However, when in the 2nd House and in a positive aspect, it brings luck with money and makes the natives of this placement very materialistic.

People having Mars in the second House can get very frustrated when money problems appear, so going out in Nature more would clear their mind

However, they should learn to relax if they want to enjoy their achievements. The 2nd House is also about external and internal resources, so people having Mars in it use their emotions and intellectual resources a lot to deal with everyday life. What’s external consists of possessions, property and money.

These are the only things that make them feel secure and happy. It’s also what attracts them the most, so the second House will be the place where they keep what they value the most in life.

Mars makes them impulsive and irritable under pressure. When Mars is in the 2nd House, people with this placement become great business owners, as they hate working for others and not benefiting from all the money they’re actually making.

They don’t mind working hard and want to always win because they know winning makes them richer. The way they celebrate victories is obviously, by spending. Because they hate sharing their gains, they shouldn’t work in teams.

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