Mars in 1st House: How It Impacts One’s Life and Personality

People with Mars in the 1st House are usually reckless, very confident in their powers and often not at all considerate of other people’s feelings.

Mars in 1st House

Individuals who have Mars in 1st House are very energetic and physical. They’re impulsive and like to take risk everywhere they go.

Very free-spirited, confident and impatient, these natives want to get things done their way. It’s important they protect themselves from injuries, as their impulsiveness can have them running into things or tripping.

Mars in 1st House summary:

  • Strengths: Dynamic, enterprising and assertive;
  • Challenges: Harsh and inconsiderate;
  • Advice: Being careful about the new things they initiate;
  • Celebrities: Johnny Depp, Megan Fox, Nicki Minaj, Ellen DeGeneres.

Well known initiators

Mars in 1st House natives will always want to run the extra mile to make their dreams come true and to show the world what they’re capable of. Because they’re very confident, people will always be impressed by their actions and behavior.

However, they can be a little bit insensitive, which can greatly damage their relationships. Being aware of what others want and need is important in life and would really be of help to them. But if they simply can’t do this, it’s suggested they go ahead and work alone.

Life on their own can make them really happy, considering they have the physical strength to endure many abuses and don’t mind challenges. In case some planets in their chart are in bad aspects, they are more prone to diseases and all sort of accidents.

Displaying a lot of confidence, Mars in 1st House individuals always have the necessary energy and love to get busy.

When things aren’t happening the way they want them to, these people can get really angry and become more impatient than they already are to begin with. It wouldn’t matter what others tell them, they will always want to have things done their own way, because they’re very independent.

Often the initiators of things, people with Mars in the 1st House are also great leaders. Very sincere and preferring to tell the truth, they may hurt others with their straightforwardness. Because they’re a little bit hostile, many of the conflicts in which they’re involved are usually caused by themselves. Not to mention it’s impossible to see them backing down from something or accepting what others have to say.

These individuals are real forces of nature, who usually hurt their opponents before they even get a chance to make a move. Because they’re determined and have immense energy, they can get into trouble by accident and still make things work out in an exciting way.

Not at all the type to easily give up, individuals having Mars in the first House will not take part in a battle until knowing they can come out on top. They’re true fighters who persist in making their dreams come true and would overcome any obstacle to attain their goals.

If Mars is not in any negative aspect in their chart, they will be motivated and pushed forward by every new interest of theirs, like hiking or taking photography classes. Those who inspire them are courageous and famous people from history, movies and even computer games.

The Fire element strongly influences them, as Aries is the sign of this House, so they may feel amazing near bonfires or having many candles at home.

Their energy will always have them fighting for a cause and seem the strongest individuals in the crowd.

Many will notice their inner child just by looking into their eyes and noticing how they don’t even think twice when having to do something dangerous.

Very spontaneous and impossible to be slowed down, Mars in 1st House natives get very angry when someone is trying to bring down their self-confidence. They’re stubborn, ambitious and not at all diplomatic.

It doesn’t matter how many times life hits them right in the face, they’ll still be able to get up and start things all over again. Individualistic and capable of standing up for themselves, they hate being restrained or told what to do.

Practical aspects

People with Mars in the 1st House react almost immediately to any type of situation and can be pressing with their endless energy or imaginative ways.

It’s normal for these natives to start more than one projects at a time and to not be able to follow their plans through. They’re usually reckless, confident and not at all considerate of other people’s feelings.

There’s no one more independent than them, and when talking, they’re usually telling the truth in the bluntest way. It’s important for them to be spontaneous, but the fact that they don’t think before taking action can get them in trouble.

Whether being conscious or not about it, they can initiate conflicts when bored. Mars is the ruler of Aries and the planet of aggressiveness, self-confidence and war. The first House is also the home of the same sign, so individuals having Mars in the 1st House have many of the Ram’s traits. This means they’re warriors and truly energetic people who often come too strongly, even becoming overwhelming when trying to control others.

Enthusiastic when having to do something new, they soon lose their interest and hurry to see what the next adventure can bring them.

While not at all malicious or having any bad intention, they can speak without thinking and thus, hurt their loved ones’ feelings. It sometimes seems their mouth says things without their brain being in sync with it.

More than anything, they need excitement and drama, even if they’re always pretending to hate theatrical outbursts. Not even conscious about it, they create dramatic situations when feeling life doesn’t offer them enough excitement.

Natives having Mars in the first House are very sexual creatures who don’t mind just jumping into relationships without thinking too much. They need someone as strong as them, a person who has lots of love for life and the passion to do anything or to show his or her personality to the public.

When in the 1st House, this planet makes people more determined to succeed and gives them their competitive spirit to build a good career for themselves. It’s believed this placement offers the world great soldiers and athletes who want to be first and win in any conflict.

But the same Mars in the first House makes them prone to accidents, especially around their thirties, when they may injure themselves in an accident that can be more or less tragic.

All the individuals having this position of the war planet get themselves into trouble, because they like to take risks and are very impatient, fast and not at all considerate. But all in all, they always live in the present and need to concentrate their energy on something constructive.

These people can stand tall next to their own beliefs and will make others feel confident. Many see them as very brave, spiritual and enthusiastic.

The downsides

The placement of Mars in the 1st House indicates that its natives are always exciting, bold and never keen on making plans for the future. If they’d slow down their ascension a little bit, it would be possible for them to notice what obstacles may lay ahead and how beautiful the world is.

It can’t be healthy to always hurry and get involved in every single new adventure, because such an attitude can bring trouble. But they are this way because Aries is governed by Mars and is the occupier of the 1st House.

Many will find them tiring and too controlling, but if they work alone, others won’t get to be bothered by them anymore. However, if in a team, they need to learn how to stay in the back and allow their colleagues to have opinions too.

Being too rushed and not listening will put them in the dark because they won’t know how to approach people or what their loved ones feel about certain things.

They should avoid being seen as bullies as this can’t bring any good into their life.

Mars in the 1st House in a nutshell

These natives are powerful creatures who wish to make an impact. They often act without thinking and are the charming, active and self-confident type.

Many will love to be provoked by them because they can really make things more exciting. Spontaneous and eager to start new projects, they’re passionate and don’t usually follow through what they have started.

All of them are stubborn, impulsive and not at all attentive to what others feel. However, their independence, dynamism and masculine aura will make them likable.

Because they’re always speaking their mind and are honest, it’s possible for many of their loved ones to feel hurt by their words.

Without even realizing, they get themselves into trouble when feeling bored. Their energy needs to be invested in something constructive, or they’ll get to do nasty things and hurt people.

Domineering, free-spirited and stubborn, these natives are able to immediately recuperate after disease or hard times.

From an astronomical point of view, the 1st House is the 12th region of the sky in the East, the host of planets before the Sun comes up. When it comes to astrology, this is all about the childhood, the self and what a person needs to evolve.

It deals with the mask people are wearing for the public and the way they project themselves in the society. It has influences over the self-image, physicality and the appearance of a person.

The way individuals see the world is clearly represented through the elements in this House, together with the first impressions others make of them.

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