Mars in 12th House: How It Impacts One’s Life and Personality

People with Mars in the 12th House tend to suppress their emotions and have quite a secretive nature although socially, they may appear very open and friendly.

Mars in 12th House

Mars in 12th House natives may react emotionally to all sorts of things and are prone to repressing their instincts. Because others will feel all this about them, they will often have problems interacting.

It’s very possible they’ll secretly think some people have something against them as they have these resentments that are always hidden and well-kept in the back of their minds. They should redirect all of their energy towards understanding what their real purpose in life is and not on nonexistent issues.

Mars in 12th House summary:

  • Strengths: Emotional, direct and creative;
  • Challenges: Secretive and insecure;
  • Advice: Avoid living in the past once you’ve learned its lessons;
  • Celebrities: Nicole Kidman, Kim Kardashian, Mick Jagger, Victoria Beckham, Dave Gahan.

Merging with the entire humanity and developing harmonious relationships can definitely make them happier. Because they love working behind closed doors, they may succeed more rapidly at what they do for a living.

Making their dreams come true

People having Mars in the twelfth House may have a more difficult time when some of the planets in this House are in a negative aspect or afflicted. They may be frustrated and feel like their efforts are not being appreciated enough.

Their repressed anger would have them in bad moods and feeling irritable without them even realizing it. Some of the dormant behavioral issues they have may become active when they become moody, making their self-assertion efforts useless.

It’s important for them to become conscious of themselves, no matter how defeated they may feel. They function better when working alone and for charitable organizations.

As long as they don’t try to run away from reality, they can do just fine even when isolated.

As children, their parents and siblings have probably encouraged them to be less direct, confident and selfish, which means they simply can’t go after what they want as adults. Individuals having Mars in the 12th House hate conflicts and are passive when someone picks on them.

They can exaggerate small incidents and usually aim their aggressiveness in the wrong direction. Expressing their anger in a nonverbal way, by slamming doors and making short, mean remarks, they may not feel anger in the moment of an incident, realizing they should be furious days after things have happened.

Their problems with unresolved feelings of rage have something to do with the complexes they used to feel in their family, as children. They can’t acknowledge, own and experience their own anger and repress it, projecting what’s coming from outside towards them, not the other way around.

The meeting of the two translates into individuals who assert things secretly and who want to hide their ugly feelings, because they think any type of conflict is completely useless.

When everything that’s suppressed in them explodes like a nuclear bomb, it will become impossible for them to control themselves anymore. This shows how passive-aggressive they can be and how working alone would be more beneficial for them.

While their goals may seem impossible to attain, they will manage to make many of their dreams come true when doing things on their own.

Some of their ambitions cause them to be anxious, because they don’t want to disappoint or to seem inferior in others’ eyes. These natives usually choose noble jobs like the ones in health and law because they feel the need to find what’s causing problems for some people.

They may feel as some plans they have in mind are ruined from the beginning of implementing them because they think they turned too philosophical or that frustration got over their life.

When Mars is in positive aspects, it makes them very good at working in institutions that somehow restrict, like jails or mental wards.

If the aspects are negative, they’re advised to stay away from any activity having something to do with crime, because they’ll definitely get caught. Not to mention how big of chances they have for one of their accomplices to be a snitch.

Practical aspects

No matter if personal or non-personal issues, natives with Mars in the twelfth House can be very assertive in their secret life. They will always avoid conflict and suppress their anger, which means they may have outbursts of rage from time to time. When working all alone, they can make their almost impossible dreams come true.

Their anxiety over their goals and the fact they’re not thinking of themselves too much has these natives looking to belong to a group.

They’d make great psychiatrists because they want to identify the causes of problems, only their philosophical nature, frustration and helplessness staying in their way when they’re struggling to succeed.

Mars in 12th House individuals are very influenced by their subconsciousness and can convince others to help them succeed, even if they’re pretty secretive about what they want.

They should be open about their anger because suppressing it can be something really dangerous for them.

It’s a disturbing placement to have, Mars in the 12th House, because its natives can’t express their aggressiveness the way others do, which means exaggerated violence that sometimes takes a critical direction, making anger-management classes necessary.

They will probably get bullied as children, because they can’t stand up for themselves and are simply terrified of any type of physical abuse.

Their worst nightmares during childhood will be about other kids and even their parents beating them. Their traumas will have them hide from those who seem strong and eager to start a fight.

When attacked, they’ll run as fast as the wind as they’ll be sure they can’t in any way defeat their opponent and don’t want to be caused any pain.

Terrified of losing a fight, they won’t even get involved in conflicts with people who are noticeably weaker than them. It’s suggested they become stronger and live their life as actively as possible, engaging in all sorts of activities that make their body move and help them become more agile, while also building up their confidence.

Martial arts or boxing should be their hobbies, because these would make the energy of Mars in them flow in the right direction.

Not to mention how much such sports could help them with their anger problems. When no longer thinking about these feelings as their demons, they’ll have a better life and no longer bury their emotions deep within themselves.

When in negative aspects, Mars can influence these natives to suffer from paranoia about war and great calamities.

The 12th House is not a good placement, especially when close to the Ascendant of a person. Natives having this position in their chart should stay away from violence, knives and fire guns because they can cause accidents.

The downsides

Natives with Mars in the twelfth House may have some serious problems keeping their life in order and dealing with everyday issues. The help of others would be tremendously beneficial for them when it comes to responsibilities. If not given a hand, they may lose control and no longer have any contact with reality.

While wanting harmony and peace of mind, they don’t even realize how much chaos they can create because Pisces is the ruler of the 12th House.

They should pay attention no to get lost in their own fantasies, as this can make them miss on real life. Many will be annoyed by the fact that they’re immature and can’t commit.

Mars in the 12th House in a nutshell

These individuals need to use their many social connections and manage their life by making things happen for them because they’re able and energetic enough for action.

Believing they can do great things is very difficult for them, so they should allow others to encourage them, just like they encourage others all the time. A little bit of confidence could have them accomplish great things in life.

Fantasizing is not something they should rely on, as only taking action can put them on the right track, which can in return make them very happy.

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