Mars in 11th House: How It Impacts One’s Life and Personality

People with Mars in the 11th House are enthusiastic and usually engage in diverse activities, being considered very capable by those around.

Mars in 11th House

Mars in 11th House people wish for many things, have the ability to lead and can associate themselves casually with energetic individuals who are very good at what they’re doing.

These natives invest a lot of time and energy in their friendships but should pay attention with whom they’re spending their time because they could either take advantage of others or be taken advantage of themselves. They like to participate in group events and be the leaders.

Mars in 11th House summary:

  • Strengths: Ambitious, meticulous and sociable;
  • Challenges: Superficial and intolerant;
  • Advice: Try not to take more than what can be handled;
  • Celebrities: Taylor Swift, Keanu Reeves, Oprah Winfrey, Christina Aguilera, Orlando Bloom.

They’re the intellectual type

Individuals having Mars in the 11th House spend a lot of time setting all kinds of goals for themselves. They’re at their best when able to fulfill their dreams and can really work well in teams.

It’s important for them to have a balance between their needs and the ones of other people. Working with others towards common goals can help them.

They like taking part in sporting competitions with their friends, because Mars makes them physical and eager to win. Having many friends, they’ll most likely argue with them all the time because it’s in their nature to be like this.

When it comes to their own ideals, they just work hard for them, but without planning too much.

They’re the intellectual type who can lead without problems. Liking everything that’s new, they love talking about the future and getting involved in anything that’s related to innovation. They will probably be inventors who come up with new ideas, especially on social issues and public relations.

The 11th House is ideal for Mars in these natives, because such placement gives them many friends and an argumentative attitude, no matter how small the issues discussed.

They like to make their ideals become a reality without thinking too much or judging if they’re doing the right thing. Many will appreciate them for having intellectual interests and for knowing how to lead.

Because they’re enthusiastic, people will see them as very influential and capable. And they actually are all this, because they engage in everything that has just been launched, especially if the matter is about social problems or involving the public. Being this way can help them become famous and important members of the society.

The presence of Jupiter and Uranus gives Mars in 11th House natives a lot of positivity in the way they achieve the results for their endeavors.

It doesn’t matter what cause they choose to fight for, Mars will give them all the energy they need for a successful pursuit. They can easily be the champion in their group of friends or colleagues and most of the time get involved in projects that have something to do with solving social problems.

They’re the initiators and the hard workers of any establishment. It’s possible for them to be also difficult, because their independence doesn’t know any limits and they can’t take orders, no matter how good the cause they work for may be.

Practical aspects

Individuals having Mars in the 11th House will work with others to achieve their own goals. While always looking to make new friends, only a few people are close to their heart.

They really don’t know what teamwork is, but they’re aware only with the help of friends can they fulfill their dreams. It’s essential for them to learn how cooperation functions and how to coordinate their efforts with others’, because only this way, can they attain success.

Mars is an aggressive planet, that, when placed in the 11th House of friendship, makes people more argumentative when interacting with their colleagues, as natives of this placement are restless and too confident that they can win any discussion.

They really know what their goals are and how to achieve them. Their true friends won’t be many but their acquaintances will sure have big numbers, which doesn’t bother them in any way.

The placement of Mars in the 11th House can have many influences, so when this planet is in good aspects, it makes the natives amazing leaders, but when facing hard aspects, it influences them to develop friendships in which they will always want to compete and to work with destructive forces for other members of their group to fail.

This second mentioned situation would imply they wouldn’t in any way look to develop and in their soul a battle would always exist.

They’re rather the type who becomes very competitive and even brutal when dealing with the Alpha Male types.

They will probably do all kinds of sports and join groups centered around different activities, go to military centers and make friends who have hobbies that involve being physical or are related to weaponry.

In difficult aspects like being in opposition, conjunction or square with the planet Jupiter, Mars influences individuals having it in the eleventh House to lose control of their friends’ number and to be emotionally unstable.

For them, everyone will be a closed person, and no one will be truly in their heart. Those who are their real confidants won’t even be able to understand them, because they spend more time with people who are in their life only for a while, instead of with their real ones.

It’s easy to see them bored, so those who can’t excite them will be quickly left behind. Not standing to obey, they will get together with people who would rather compete with them than give orders.

Passive personalities make them want to run away, because they love to play all kinds of games involving power and getting the attention of others. Only people they admire themselves will be allowed to be the center of a group in which they’re active members.

They get along very well with natives having Aries and Mars present everywhere in their chart, because when fighting with these people, they’re doing it for the fun of it. When admired and regarded as leaders, they’re the happiest, because getting lost in the crowd causes them to be very frustrated.

In case Mars is in good aspects with Uranus, they will be anarchists or revolutionaries who participate to protests and generate chaos.

The downsides

Mars in the 11th House influences people with this placement to have their mind racing through ideas, so these people may need to put their own thoughts in an order.

They simply can’t slow down or focus at the same thing for too long. Usually not putting their family and friends first, people in their life may often feel left out by them. However, they will always return and confess they’ve reflected and now want to make their relationships stronger.

They should pay attention not to overwhelm others with what’s in their mind, because they can have many ideas on how to save the world and how to make big changes, many people not being interested in such grandiose things. Therefore, they should relax and tone their passion down a little bit.

Mars in the 11th House in a nutshell

While worried about what’s happening in the world, Mars in eleventh House natives need their friends to keep them anchored in reality. Looking at the big picture all the time, they can miss on important details and their loved ones can be of great help in this situation.

Mars in the 11th House indicates they love to solve problems, so you can discover they’re very proud of the solutions they came up with before anyone else, in the most unconventional way.

They don’t like to follow the herd and their actions can’t be predicted, which means they’re very interesting. It’s impossible to have a boring moment when spending time with them, because they’re always thinking of an engaging subject of conversation.

They enjoy living in the moment and don’t stress their mind with deeper meanings. Peaceful moments should be enjoyed as they come, not changed and made to become chaotic with any external influence. In case they have a desire to change other people’s life for the better, they should take care of their own in the first place.

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