Mars in 10th House: How It Impacts One’s Life and Personality

People with Mars in the 10th House may sometimes feel like their ego is too expressive, but at least it inspires them to be great achievers.

Mars in 10th House

Mars in 10th House people have high goals, are enthusiastic and very energetic. They’d make great managers, because they can organize themselves and others very efficiently.

It’s their wish to lead and take initiative when it comes to their own career. Success will find them, because they’re hard workers and look for variety behind every corner. Confident and very oriented towards achieving great results, they may have a problem with authority and their parents.

Mars in 10th House summary:

  • Strengths: Talented, original and practical;
  • Challenges: Needy and stubborn;
  • Advice: Avoid doing something in excess and aim for balance;
  • Celebrities: Beyonce, Selena Gomez, Kanye West, Uma Thurman, Kristen Stewart.

Ambitious and righteous

Natives having Mars in the tenth House may sometimes feel like their ego is too expressive, but at least it inspires them to be great achievers. If they are able to identify themselves by their job or projects, they will continue working hard and making their dreams come true.

They’re the type who prefers to run a business and who makes a good impression on people if not putting on their challenging attitude.

They will always want to be the boss, and not only on paper, as they can really make things move and efficiently organize them. If not advanced to a leadership position at work, they will open their own business in no time.

Eager to succeed, it can be said they’re practical and have a lot of energy in their professional life. Being number one is something that motivates them to work harder and more rapidly.

As bosses, they’re strict and expect great results, but their honesty will always have them appreciated. It can be said many professions suit them, but law and the enforcement of it are their favorite, because they love to argue.

The 10th House rules over public image, so natives having Mars in it are very preoccupied with their career because it makes them look good in society. They want to be leaders, because they’re aware of how good they can organize everything and always have work done on time.

Ambitious, they’re always struggling to have a good career and invest a lot of their energy to be on top. As lawyers, they can fight cases very adamantly and find evidence where others wouldn’t even think to look for.

If not able to become lawyers, they will surely do their best as police officers, because it would be their second option for a profession. It’s their pleasure to talk Law and to argue over matters of guilt and righteousness.

Practical aspects

Individuals having Mars in the 10th House are good executives and can dominate their colleagues at work. Great at taking initiative and determined, they’re always looking to win and to get recognized by the public for their efforts.

Many will see them as ruthless, so no matter their success, there will still be people who won’t like them.

Being competitive, they will never stop at an obstacle, so expect them to step on toes or to climb on others’ back in order to get where they want. But regardless of all this, some of their plans may not become a reality, which makes them cranky.

Just like any other native in the zodiac, they wouldn’t know how to lose and become angry, frustrated or feeling sorry for themselves.

Mars is a forceful and masculine planet, which means it helps people move forward, no matter the circumstances. When in the 10th House, it makes people with this placement more interested in their own reputation and image.

Their organizational skills are truly impressive, so they can impress anyone with their ability to put everything in order in a short amount of time.

The placement of Mars in the 10th House means they want to achieve success in their career more than anything else. Their wishes may come true, because they’ll always be ready to invest the necessary efforts.

The same position of the war planet has them struggling to get other people’s respect their entire life. The martial air of Mars and this can have them chasing a career in the military.

They will want to be recognized for their position at work or rank, which makes them seem like Aries is in the cusp of the 10th House in their chart, together with other important planets.

Mars in the 10th House has a raw energy, which makes the natives of this placement very enthusiastic and eager to fulfill their dreams. It helps women be more masculine when it comes to work-related issues and stronger than men when having to express their ideas or make decisions.

Individuals with Mars in the tenth House want to get things done their way, because only their own ideas can make them truly enjoy success. When failing, they get much more hurt than others and can become aggressive because their domineering parent influenced them to be this way. They will take failure personally and even resign from work if such a thing happened on a slightly big scale.

The downsides

Mars in 10th House people don’t care about obstacles or people standing in their way, because they have the ability to ignore such things. Their bosses will like them for always getting their job done on time and for being organized, but their colleagues will see them as cold and too methodical.

Not the best at dealing with others, they’re at least always honest and don’t have any bad intentions. It’s just a little bit bumpy with them until they make friends and get to become the nice and loving people that they actually are.

Mars in the 10th House in a nutshell

These individuals want to have a good social position and care a lot about their career. They will probably try a profession in politics or military if they manage to overcome their opposition against authority.

Wanting to always take the initiative, they will be appreciated for this and for the fact that they’re very ambitious. When blindsided by power, they no longer care about being humane.

Only the influence of another planet can make them humanitarians, because the planet of war only gives them the ability to lead, no matter what other celestial bodies in their chart may have to say.

Not possessing a very good sense of humor, they’re rather the sarcastic type who makes dry jokes, but they still love people who can make them laugh.

In their free time, they want to compete in all kinds of sports, which means they’ll have a healthy life and always be active. Their closed ones will appreciate them for being sincere and wanting to give a hand when necessary.

Because they can organize things very efficiently, their work will always be done on time, so their co-workers will often come to them for advice. Many know they would never compromise their values or beliefs, so they’d never even think of playing any games with their mind.

Because they’re constantly planning for the future, they will always be prepared to face what’s about to come. When someone feels like his or her life is in chaos, he or she can turn to the Mars in 10th House natives and have their problems solved one way or the other.

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