Love Compatibility Between the Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Two Water signs together sometimes inundate one another with their feelings and passion.

2 water signs

For better or worse, the relationship between two Water signs can be very deep. The partners can understand each other’s needs and desires.

Problems may appear when neither of them would understand where their boundaries as a couple are. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, but it can leave them wanting emotions and nothing else, which can be detrimental for them.

Two Water signs love compatibility in a nutshell:

  • Their desire to be in each other’s company comes to them naturally, not to mention they’re both very empathetic and caring.
  • They’re refreshing and at the same time deep, so their dreams are intense and their goals as a couple very ambitious.
  • Relationships between two Water people aren’t necessarily meant to succeed, but they surely have a good chance to.

Looking for a quiet and peaceful love

People born under the zodiac signs of the Water element: Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces can seem aloof and quite shy in the beginning, but as soon as comfortable with a person, they’re very warm and prefer to trust instead of not believing in their partner.

Being very sensitive, they protect their own feelings more than others. When it comes for them to move forwards in the relationship, they need to be sure of their emotions and to make decisions on their own.

Very good psychics, they can also have their judgment clouded by how intense their feelings can be and their own imagination. The fact that they’re so emotional helps them to be great artists.

More than this, by adopting such a career, they would let go of the drama and express themselves in a universal language. Being musicians or writers could be very helpful for them when they’d try to express themselves.

If having a more mundane existence, they’d talk about their emotions too often and without any barrier. As an element without form when on its own, Water makes people born under it need others in order to feel complete.

Water natives have to remember where their own personality begins and where their partner’s begins. What they need the most is to have a peaceful and quiet life next to the people they care about the most.

This is because they don’t like being lonely and relying only on themselves. Two Water signs can inundate one another sometimes because both of them have too many emotions and are overwhelmed by what they may be feeling.

While they may resemble a calm lake most of the time, they should be ready for stormy weather and moments in which neither of them would be in control anymore.

Their feelings run so deep that even themselves can’t conceive what they can do. For this reason, they need to understand one another completely. More than this, they need to avoid manipulating each other from an emotional point of view, because they have the tendency to do this more than often.

The Cancer express the Water element through his or her need for security, deep emotions and to nurture. The Scorpio does it by being intense and extreme, while the Pisces is very empathic and has healing abilities.

Openly expressing themselves

All three Water element signs are very romantic and love to show their partners their love. At the same time, they’re not ashamed of their sexuality or feelings.

Most Water signs have a low self-esteem and don’t trust themselves, which can impede them from finding their soulmate. It’s important for these people to also realize that they need to be more logical because they’re usually using emotional arguments during fights.

Besides, logic is essential when having to make a decision. It’s not that two Water people as a couple can’t be at all logical, they just need to see things from a less emotional point of view, as they have the tendency to only follow their intuition and to think with their heart.

Their decisions can be the right ones, but not all the time and definitely not all of them. The more they learn how to implement logic into their way of thinking, the more they can’t lose themselves in their own emotions and avoid self-destruction.

The Water element represents emotions more than anything else. If two Water people are together, they can understand one another without too many words. This is very beneficial for them, considering they’re not very talented at openly expressing what they may be going through.

When someone else gets them, they start to develop love and respect for that person. The relationship between 2 Water signs can develop without friction for as long as the partners have clear goals and know what they want the most from their connection together.

They could be the couple that’s always swimming, or they can be the two partners who never get anything done. What they want more than anything else is to be with someone just like them, just like inland streams are making their way across the country to end up at the ocean.

Their desire to be in each other’s company comes to them naturally, not to mention they’re both very empathetic and caring. Even those who belong to the Water element and marry people belonging to Fire, Air or Earth still have many friends in Water.

Relationships between two Water people aren’t necessarily meant to succeed, but they surely have a good chance to. For example, fresh and saltwater don’t mix, so it’s normal for them to not interact well with others born under the same element.

But when they marry, they’re usually doing it for life and don’t want to be separated from their partner no matter what. Water natives have a strong intuition and are very sensitive, almost to the point of being mysterious.

They’re refreshing and at the same time deep, so their dreams are intense, not to mention they’re very good psychics. These people give a lot of importance to security because just like Water, they need to be contained.

Using their intuition

The combination between two Water signs can be either good or bad, not at all in the middle.

Because Water is the element of emotions, these partners can make their relationship thrive because they would know what the other wants and how to provide it, without ever being negative.

They just need to envision their ideal connection together and to work the amazing chemistry they have. Without any doubt, they’re the most sensitive and also intuitive people in the zodiac.

At the same time, they want to nourish their soul and operate with their psychic gifts. They’re very good creators and artists because their senses are elevated and intense.

Water element people can as well be the most empathetic. They have the tendency to drown in other people’s emotions because for them, there are no boundaries to what they can experience through feelings.

At the same time, Water usually conform to the elements in its surroundings. When it mixes with Earth, it creates mud, while when with Air, rain. The combination between Water and Fire generates steam.

It’s impossible for Water to take shape if not poured into something. Its ideal state is the fluid one. It would be a good idea for people to not underestimate this element because it’s very powerful.

More than this, it can put off Fire and oversaturate Air. Looking at things from an astrological point of view, Water is the source of unlimited emotions, the most self-protective element.

In the situation in which it’s provoked, it doesn’t give up fighting and prefers to keep things working to its own advantage. Water people are also reflective and insightful.

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