Libra Tiger: The Charming Negotiator Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Libra born in Tiger year

Libra Tiger
  • Libra people are born between September 23 and October 22.
  • The Tiger years are: 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022.
  • These people are great at extending their circle of friends.
  • The optimistic Libra Tiger woman is surprisingly good at controlling her emotions.
  • An artist at heart, the Libra Tiger man has a great eye for detail.

The Chinese animal of the Tiger possesses a sharp imagination and the ability to re-invent their perceptions quickly.

The Western sign of the Libra on the other hand, is famous for its acceptance of life and enthusiastic desire to build a family. The Libra Tiger is a humorous presence, sometimes distant, sometimes melancholic but never to be taken lightly.

The Versatile Libra Tiger Personality

With the Tiger’s indecisiveness and the Libra’s way of changing his or her opinion about anything, it is very difficult for the Libra Tiger to be balanced.

Nervous because of these characteristics, people born in these signs have a special charisma. When they get angry, they have a very spectacular way of showing it.

Smart and talented at many things, these individuals are good at negotiating and they know their way around diplomacy.

The Libra Tigers are nice and thoughtful people who take pleasure in helping others. They like having many friends and they don’t mind working in more than one job. They adapt fast to new people, situations and skills.

While they don’t enjoy monotony, these people function better when they have to do repetitive tasks. They are not that crazy about variety in everything. It is rare that you will see a Libra Tiger being late or rude.

Top Characteristics: Thoughtful, Punctual, Mannered, Enthusiastic.

They are always on time and they have manners like no other sign in both zodiacs. They like to keep professional life on one side, and their personal life on another side.

This is why they will have many social circles of friends that are both from work and from their family. After a long day at work, they will head straight home, so if you want to make a Libra Tiger your husband or wife, you can trust him or her to always be in time for dinner.

As said before, the Libra Tigers are mannered. They are also educated, so people will be very pleased to be around them.

They care about others’ feelings and they want them to feel comfortable. That’s why people born in both these signs will always try to intervene and calm conflicts.

They are never prone to becoming workaholics. On contrary, they strive for a balance between the work life and family life, and they can’t understand people who work too much.

Perfect careers for Libra Tiger: Fashion, Design, Film, Writing.

They are good at their jobs, they perform with pleasure and efficiency, but they simply don’t accept for work to take over their lives.

They also love spending time with the people they love. They are proud of their families and they will always be protective of the ones they care about the most.

You won’t find a Libra Tiger to be the party animal or the individual who always dines out. They like being in the comfort of their own home and as soon as they have put the first step in the house, they forget everything about stress and other distractions.

They are very good at extending their circle of friends, but they need a purpose to take part in a gathering. So, it is more likely you’ll find them at social gatherings, rather than at bars.

Besides being undecided and changing, the Libra Tiger is also often haunted by bad moods. They don’t care too much about rules and they will always do their best to help those in need.

They can seem a little bit immature because they brood. This brooding doesn’t last too long, though. They learn to change with age, after they have better ways of expressing their feelings.

Love – Uncovered

It is a pleasure to spend your life with this charming, attractive, smart person that is the Libra Tiger. They have a sweet exterior and a noble, sensitive interior. People need to be careful with their feelings.

They will search for a partner capable of giving them all the attention and love in the world. Being selfish in their love life, they tend to separate their partner from their friends. They want someone who they can impress and who is ready to give up his or her freedom for them.

If a Libra Tiger has given you too much attention, prepare yourself for a romantic relationship. When they settle down, they will do it on their own, without being influenced in this decision by others.

Most compatible with: Gemini Horse, Sagittarius Dog, Aquarius Dragon and Leo Horse.

They are hesitant when they need to make decisions and you have to be patient with them, but they will ultimately make the step of committing too.

They don’t like judging people and they hate to gossip or talk about other people’s personal lives. They can get aggressive with words, especially when they’re convinced about something and the interlocutor contradicts them.

They need to be more modest in situations like this and they are sure to be happier. Always up to something, the Libra Tigers tend to get a little possessive when they are in love. If the partner betrays them, they completely give up the relationship and start a new life.

Libra Tiger Woman Characteristics

Intuitive, the Libra Tiger woman is good at analysing situations. This will make her successful in life. Usually, by the time she has reached the maturity age, this lady will be well positioned socially.

She works hard to get where she is, and she is always optimistic. Diplomatic and a natural born leader, the Libra Tiger woman is intelligent and ambitious. But she needs to learn how to control her feelings, especially in front of others.

She values romantic relationships and she believes in true love. The Libra Tiger woman will never stop looking for the perfect partner. It is advisable that she doesn’t forget about her spiritual life.

This is the only way how she can be happy. When she plans for career, this lady plans big. She wants to get a lot and fast, in more than one area of her life. At work, she is tireless.

She doesn’t stop till she knows she is number one, and there’s nothing to stop her from her ascension. By maturity, she will already run her own business or be the manager in a company.

Celebrities under the sign of Libra Tiger: Emilia Clarke, Tommy Lee, Kelly Preston, Eddie Clarke, Jeremy Sisto, Christina Hoff Sommers.

Libra Tiger Man Characteristics

The man born in Libra the Tiger year likes it when his other half worships him. He is fun and he likes going to different social gatherings.

The woman of his dreams will grant him access to new environments. He likes to shine and he will struggle to be appreciated at all times.

He is artistic and he can sometimes be vain, especially in love. His feelings can be empty and that’s why women may avoid him. He rarely goes into conflicts and he always looks to solve problems with his communication skills.

The main interest of a Libra Tiger man is art. He measures everything in emotions and he’s kind and attentive with others. Because he knows how to negotiate, he’s good with any job. Strong and ambitious, this man never shows his vulnerabilities to others.

He is a good organizer, spontaneous, and a perfect conversationalist. It’s easy for him to be good at anything he may be doing. Careful with business, he is often financially stable.

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