Libra Sun Taurus Moon: A Reserved Personality

These people use their amazing vision to emerge victorious from the most difficult life challenges.

Libra Sun Taurus Moon

Libra Sun Taurus Moon people get their knack for seeing every side of a debate and to be fair from the former, whilst the latter makes them more practical and eager to enjoy life to the maximum.

These natives will only love the finest things, from exotic food to the most expensive clothes. And at the same time, they want financial security and to live a comfortable life.

Libra Sun Taurus Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Distinctive, attractive and generous;
  • Negatives: Clingy, procrastinating, indecisive;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who loves routine as much as them;
  • Advice: They should never abandon their personal beliefs.

No matter if men or women, these natives will want routine and to have things around them as organized as possible. They care a lot about how they look, and they will always seem relaxed and elegant.

Personality traits

Libra Sun Taurus Moon people can be very influential in other’s lives. They are ruled by Venus, which means they are very attractive. People simply feel good in their presence.

They even think they are more refined and attractive than others and it’s like these Libras can make everything around them seem classier. Even just the influence of one of their two signs would be enough for them to be talented designers, salespeople and even politicians.

They believe in people, so human resources would be a very smart career choice for them. They think what’s best in life can only be brought on by humans. And that’s why they’re so popular.

Their combination of the Sun and Moon suggests they can balance their emotions and that they are down-to-earth. What they love the most is high-quality things and feeling as comfortable as possible.

And they’ll work hard to obtain all this. But they will never be proud of what they possess, and they’ll keep their modesty intact. Some will think they’re snobbish, but they really aren’t.

It’s just that they have a good taste and artistic tendencies. It’s possible they’ll be more perfectionists than Virgos. While they will sometimes be insecure, they will always have enough courage to rise and go after what they want.

True romantics in love with eccentric things, Libra Sun Taurus Moon individuals also like being around people. They may seem reserved and introverted, but those who are the closest to them will see their fun and wild side.

Deep and insightful, these natives hold on tight to their beliefs. They know who they are and they aren’t ashamed with themselves. Flirting and courting will always be among their favorite things to do. Mannered and nice, they rarely lose their temper.

Wanting peace and serenity, they are the peacemakers of the zodiac. In them, the balanced, friendly and courteous Libra combines with the stable, firm and determined Taurus.

Usually relaxed, they may seem slow when they are about to start something, especially if the activity is important. But they can judge correctly and are practical, so the results of their efforts won’t cease to appear.

It’s important they don’t let romantic relationships rule their life. Both their signs are governed by Venus. This means they are twice the charmers and lovers of beauty.

They will immediately attract people because they are kind, pragmatic and stable. What they need to pay attention to is procrastination because they tend to become very lazy from time to time.

At least they can find easy ways of dealing with hard work. They are the smart workers, not the hard ones. But, as said before, it takes them forever to start a project. They would be great businesspeople because they are tactful and get along very well with people. However, they need to invest a lot of emotions and passion in whatever they are doing.

A cold mind will never help them get what they want in life. As salespeople, they will be the type that puts pressure on customers. But they won’t sell something if they don’t believe in it. And many will trust them for this.

Even if hurt, Libra Sun Taurus Moon people will still find strength to trust again. Because of this, they are very imposing and resourceful. It’s easy to fool them as they’re too generous and emotional.

But the same traits make them great artists. Many will find their works of art sensitive and appealing. Not to mention their creations will have a sweetness that can’t be seen in a different place.

All this, coupled with their idealistic vision, acuity and seriousness will make them popular in the art world. Some will criticize them, others will worship their work.

A need to impress others

Libra Sun Taurus Moon natives care a lot about what people think of them. They are intellectuals, but they have an ego that is only fed with affection and appreciation.

When preparing themselves for their partner, they’ll give their best to impress and look good. Their Shadow is that they allow others to rule their life with different opinions. And they can lose themselves trying to please others.

Taurus Moon people need security and to always feel comfortable. They are sensual creatures who have to have someone to support them. They hate being rushed.

When it comes to what they love, that is routine and a domestic life. Their home will be the most sacred place they know. If they’ll have a partner who wishes to take them out of their comfort zone, they will resist and refuse to change something in their ways.

Their downside is that they’re clingy and true procrastinators. They can get used to things and decide a change is never needed.

The Libra Sun Taurus Moon man

Because this gentleman wants to always be in love, he will never put something else above his romances. Loving, sensitive, romantic and diplomatic, the Libra Sun Taurus Moon man will fall for someone in a minute. But he won’t be around a love of his for too long, as he wants an ideal partner.

If he’ll get married, his wife will have to accept the fact that he thinks there’s someone better. He’ll be all over the place: at friends, at concerts, in shops and at the jewelry store, buying something for the woman he loves.

When it comes to his professional life, he’s better in the artistic field. He will probably buy a home at a very young age. But his girlfriend will move in only after she has proven she can offer something of substance.

He probably won’t marry until he’ll have the perfect house. He dreams big and wants a lady to dream with him. He hates vulgarity and licentious language. Therefore, he needs a feminine and delicate lady, and also one who is good looking because he cares a lot about looks. Not to mention how physical he is.

He cares about the personality only after he has agreed with the appearance. This is also because Venus rules over both of his signs. This planet is all about beauty.

And it can be the Libra Sun Taurus Moon’ man flaw to fall out of love when the beauty of his wife will have faded away.

The Libra Sun Taurus Moon woman

This woman is naturally sweet and elegant and these traits make her irresistible to men. As a matter of fact, she’s one of the most attractive ladies in the zodiac.

Men will want to cross rivers and hike mountains just to have a glimpse of her. She will be followed down the hall at work. And when she’ll say “Hello”, all the natives will act like the lighting has struck them.

She’s feminine but very strong. Expect the Libra Sun Taurus Moon woman to dedicate herself to a single man even if she knows she has many admirers. She will know everything about her guy.

But it’s possible she’ll cheat because she’s easily impressionable. It’s not even her fault or her intention. She simply is too attractive and falls easily in love. Not to mention romance is what she thinks to be the best thing in life.

When it comes to relationships, this lady is not at all realistic. She wants someone perfect. If you have been in her life, consider yourself lucky for she’s pretentious. And she’s worth spending time with.

Generous and naturally kind, she will make everyone want to be around her. As a mother, she’s amazing. It wouldn’t matter what problem her children or her friends will have, she will be able to give sound advice and not judge.

She will get emotionally involved only with a man who’s dead gorgeous. It’s because good looks impair her judgment. Because she wants only for a perfect face and a lean body, she might end up in relationships that are not right for her.

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