Libra Sun Scorpio Moon: A Serene Personality

Assertive and open minded, the Libra Sun Scorpio Moon personality will prefer to lead others rather than be led, even in small, personal life aspects.

Libra Sun Scorpio Moon

Libra Sun Scorpio Moon people are more decisive and determined than other Libras in the zodiac. People will perceive them as positive and gentle, but inside they will be forceful and very passionate.

The Scorpio influences them to be thirsty for control and all the power in the world. Intense creatures, they prefer to manipulate and convince rather than to use force.

Libra Sun Scorpio Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Inspiring, emotional and enigmatic;
  • Negatives: Jealous, cunning and forceful;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is truly emotionally connected to them;
  • Advice: They must remember about their own needs.

When involved in an argument, they will never give in. Conflicts will make them curious about people’s motives for fighting. They don’t only look to bring the peace, they want to know more.

Personality traits

A chart with the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Scorpio reveals that people born under this combination are balanced and serene. They think of themselves as seen through the eyes of the public.

And people usually perceive them as gentle, polite and inspiring new energy. The harmony they seem to always have in their soul is reached after a long time of emotional search.

While they have some inner fears just like anyone else, they are honest because they have developed a strong connection between their mind and heart. It doesn’t matter if men or women, these Libras tend to be secretive lovers who keep their true feelings hidden.

Well-intended, they will inspire people to be at their best and reach their full potential. It’s because they are very determined to be this way themselves. Not to mention how ambitious they can be.

Usually productive and a little bit competitive, the Libra Sun Scorpio Moon natives will keep a smile on their face when losing. And they are always optimistic. Not to mention how strong and ready to start again they are.

They think rationality and diplomacy are everything. That’s why they will always be objective, no matter how abstract the situation.

The Scorpio’s temper, forcefulness and intensity will hide under a calm and composed exterior. Inside, these natives are always ready for a challenge, even if their life seems very calm.

They have an inner warrior that’s always on hold. And all this combines with the balanced and diplomatic Libra.

The enigmatic side of the Scorpio will never be left behind. These natives are multi-faced and sometimes manipulative. They will most likely display the Libra’s peaceful side and be as calm and serene as possible, especially with their colleagues and friends.

And when they’ll get home, they’ll be able to relax and enjoy the life they have made for themselves. It wouldn’t matter how nice and innocent they seem on the outside, if they need to be in control of a situation and gain some benefits, they become criticizing, direct and assertive.

People who aren’t so observant will be shocked to see them changing so radically. When they have an idea or a goal, Libra Sun Scorpio Moon individuals don’t rest until they have managed to achieve what they want.

They are never absent-minded or uninterested. But because they’re Libras, they will want to relax from time to time. They need to be socially involved. However, they don’t accept advice from other people.

Keeping an open mind would help them have better views, especially if the times would be hard. The combination of the Libra and the Scorpio makes them good intellectuals who are focused on spirituality and philosophy.

They are good leaders who can help other evolve in a balanced environment. The most effective and self-aware Libra Sun Scorpio Moon natives will have the courage to study their own defect, which is indecisiveness.

They need to understand that only by accepting themselves, society will accept them too. Wearing a mask for others is not the best idea.

Some difficulties that are worth it

There is no chance Libra Sun Scorpio Moon people will lose themselves in their relationships. As a matter of fact, there’s the danger they will want to take control and to dictate how things work.

When allowed to do what they want, these natives start to be domineering. Their Scorpio makes them more aggressive and less indecisive. These natives know fair-play, but they will lose their temper if crossed.

They are pretty combative creatures. And it can be very unhealthy for them to be all the time like this. It would be better if they would asses themselves more sincerely.

After all, they are the detectives who are all the time looking to discover people’s real motives and hidden wishes. When they meet with individuals who do the opposite of what they said, they become angry.

And they don’t like those who always agree with them. Libra Suns are charming characters who know how to listen. They are sociable, realistic and in tune with their emotions.

Because they are ruled by Venus, these natives are romantic and in love with the finest things in life. They can make many people think they have found the perfect partner in them.

They want so much to please that they forget all about themselves. It’s possible their partner will discover they are saying they love a thing while in their heart, they are truly hating it.

Scorpio Moon people need to be intimate and deep. They are passionate and intense creatures who suspect their lover of cheating all the time. They want to know everything about their other half.

Sometimes, these Moon people need to take a break from everyone in order to relax. While they are very faithful and devoted as partners, they have a jealous, domineering and cunning behavior.

The Libra Sun Scorpio Moon man

The planets of the Libra Sun Scorpio Moon combination are asymmetrical when it comes to romance and sex, therefore people in these signs can be single minded about these issues.

The man who was born in this conjunction is passionate and very sexual. He wants more spice and excitement than other Libras, and he’s more free and determined.

But the Libra Sun Scorpio Moon man will never deceive in order to get what he wants. When it comes to his professional life, he would be a great detective, medic or salesman.

He’s the combination between the competitive Scorpio and the balanced Libra, which means he’s a lover and a warrior. Causes that for others seem lost will be addressed by this guy with passion and interest.

As a father, he will love his children very much, so they will be spoiled. As a partner and a husband, he’s jealous and possessive. He’s the type of man who ignores and spies on his partner. This can confuse any woman.

His look is rather macho, but he needs affection and to be loved more than any woman. He thinks of this as a weakness, so he’ll be sarcastic and seem like he doesn’t believe in romance.

Moody and dark, he will reflect on death and other profound subjects. If crossed by his lover, he will leave and then come back with flowers. He’s passionate and often does things out of impulse.

He likes independent women. When he sees that he can dominate, he starts to despise the person who’s so weak. He wants someone strong and who can stand her ground.

The Libra Sun Scorpio Moon woman

This lady is like a character from a novel. She’s usually calm and sweet, but her Moon can make her very grumpy from time to time. Mostly nice and gentle, people will remember when she gets angry.

Because she’s very interested in sex and love, men will simply adore her. This lady’s sexuality and magnetism can make even the most down-to-earth men go crazy about her. She’s like this because she’s energetic and at the same time spiritual.

Romanticism and fantasy are at home with the Libra Sun Scorpio Moon woman, not to mention the passion that characterizes this lady all the time. She won’t even call you her boyfriend, and you’ll want to be next to her all the time.

There’s something physical and at the same time cosmic about her. And she will let you know how you make her feel, be sure. However, because she is secretive, she won’t reveal too much of herself. But she will want to know everything about her man.

Talented, she’s not quite the businessperson that others would think she is. As a detective, doctor and even a soldier though, she would do a very good job.

Since she’s so special, don’t expect her to have a traditional relationship. She will shock and impress. One day she’ll be loving, the other she won’t care about her other half. And her children will be treated the same way.

At least she’s never boring and she has a mysterious air that is very interesting. If she wants a man, she will catch him like a spider catches with its prey. It can be very difficult to escape this lady.

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