Libra Sun Libra Moon: An Opinionated Personality

Practical and quick, the Libra Sun Libra Moon personality is the kind that wants to see things happening quickly, even if controversy is sparked.

Libra Sun Libra Moon

Libra Sun Libra Moon people are so pleasant and exquisite that they can annoy others. They’re also cuddly and want to please people more than anything else.

Their friendliness makes them enjoyable. It’s hard to ever have them upset or annoyed. They’re too relaxed and optimistic for such thing to happen. Not to mention how much these natives despise conflicts and violence.

Libra Sun Libra Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Romantic, perceptive and mannered;
  • Negatives: Moody, needy and undisciplined;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who can give them the attention they crave;
  • Advice: They should work their talents more.

After all, they are the most mannered and gentle people in the zodiac. You’ll always find them mediating and using their diplomacy to stop others from arguing.

Personality traits

Because they’re perceptive, Libra Sun Libra Moon natives will tear down any person’s defensive walls. They are serene and in the same time all over the place to obtain pleasure, not feeling guilty for it in any way.

Interested in people’s behavior and even what they are wearing, they have a fascination for what determines others to do what they are doing. And this can make them forgetful about themselves.

These individuals love to make things happen. They will take action to stir up a conversation and come up with the most controversial subjects. It’s how they are dealing with boredom.

Being too interested in how their friends and loved ones live will have them leave their own life behind. It’s impossible to have them give up looking for secrets. And they won’t renounce the observations they’ve made until they have gained attention.

It’s normal for them to get accused of gossiping and interfering with other people’s life. And when this will happen, they’ll turn on their charm.

Venus will help them a lot in this situation because they can sometimes trigger aggressive behaviors. Luckily, they have an angelic presence that solves it all.

This way, they will always be the sweethearts, no matter how many people they have bothered. The fact that they have the Libra on the double makes them the most romantic people there could ever be. Not to mention how idealistic they are.

But they need to keep believing and trusting others in order to have their values intact and not seem too inconclusive, easy to hurt and foolish.

It doesn’t matter what type of relationship they’re having with someone, they have to keep the equality going. The fact that they want harmony can be inspiring, but it can make them seem dreamy.

That’s why they need to stand by their own opinions and views. Their objectives when it comes to relationships should be well established. Compromising is not the best solution for these guys, but they tend to often do it.

Libra Sun Libra Moon people need to remember their manners and the fact that they know what to say and when to say it works in their advantage. It makes people more tolerant with them.

Because they’re moody, they need to have many interests. It’s possible they’ll be energetic and enthusiastic one moment, and the other they’ll become depressed and indecisive.

And it can take them months to escape this state. Moderation is essential for them to keep things going. It’s important they get the proper training in a profession from a young age because they’re great procrastinators and it’s possible they will no longer be in the mood, as adults, to ever do something with their life.

They would be great at jobs that require them to work with the public. They’re amazing writers, lawyers and social workers. It’s because they know the human nature better than anyone else.

As they have great taste, they would make good artists too. They are usually optimistic. But for this to be true, they need to keep their emotional life balanced.

It’s possible to have it happening and be fun at the same time. Moments of meditation and complete silence would help a lot. They are, after all, great thinkers with amazing diplomatic skills.

Not to mention how rich their imagination is. Their success is only a matter of how they work with their talents. Just like all Libras, they are looking for less effort and more comfort.

No need for confrontation

Libra Sun Libra Moon lovers are only interested in a harmonious social life. It doesn’t matter if they’re about a party or a date, these natives will always want a serene atmosphere and for the energy to be positive.

If the world would be the way they want it to be, no one would ever argue. Their partner will notice how much they hate confrontation. That’s why an Aries would be disappointed in a relationship with a double Libra.

These natives are very aware of their capabilities. They will set some boundaries when it comes to their connection between them and their partner. No matter how unhappy, they will still be polite. Their downside is their passive-aggressiveness.

Libra Moon people need harmony in everything, more than other Moons, their happiness and safety feeling depend on how calm and happy their home is.

Their partner should expect candlelight dinners and many flowers or gifts. And it will all be perfect until they’ll completely forget about their own needs. If not appreciated or not given enough attention, these Moon people can become real tyrants.

The Libra Sun Libra Moon man

The Sun of the double Libra man will always be emphasized. The Libra Sun Libra Moon man dreams big and may scam others in order to get what he wants. He has a lot of femininity as he enjoys shopping and looking good.

Not to mention how happy he feels talking about diets or redecorating the apartment. He can laugh over small things and giggle when a woman smiles at him. And when you’ll take him to romantic movies, he will cry like a little girl. But he’s simply lovable.

Don’t think he won’t still spend many nights out with the boys, because he definitely will. When late for dinner, he will probably be at the bar, watching the game. He gets along very well with his colleagues.

If you happen to be in love with him, don’t say it. This guy needs to have things happening on his own terms. You can be sure he’s looking for a companion, though. Always be beautiful because he can see beauty from miles away. He will notice that you have done your hair and nails. And he’ll let you know that he has acknowledged it.

For the woman of his dreams, he’ll buy creams and perfumes. Not that he doesn’t care about inner beauty, but he gives the physical one a lot of importance.

And he will see his partner only as beautiful. But he needs someone delicate and gracious. This guy is the personification of charm, romanticism and sweetness.

If poor, he’ll work hard to change this because he would hate his children to go through what he has lived. Women won’t resist him when having such a story.

The Libra Sun Libra Moon woman

Libra Sun Libra Moon woman pays a lot of attention to looks. She may fall in love all day long, but the most attractive man will be the one who will get her heart.

And she will give up all of her relationships for the right guy. It’s possible she’ll chase him for years. Not to mention she’ll be everything he likes and wants.

The fact that she’s attractive will help her get many men. And after victory, she’ll want to change him. But she won’t be nagging. More like subtle and gentle. But it will be long before she settles.

She wants to be everything for her husband: a wife, a sister, a friend and a mother. But there will be many partners in her life before she finds the right one.

Many can get manipulated by her. But they won’t care. After all, she may have a point with the suggestions that she makes. Maybe the garage shouldn’t be turned into a hangout den. Or the car would look better without flames on the doors.

And she will have the same influence at work too. Even over her bosses. Many won’t care, others will be shocked. What this girl needs the most is harmony and to enjoy beauty. Optimistic and inspiring, she will make people happy when they are feeling the worst.

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