Libra Sun Leo Moon: A Compassionate Personality

Honest and socially active, the Libra Sun Leo Moon personality makes for a charming companion who says things exactly as they are.

Libra Sun Leo Moon

Combining the Sun in Libra with the Moon in Leo, you get interesting people who are curious about others.

Libras are the ones who take care of meeting new people and who adapt themselves to any social situation. Leos are the celebrities, the ones who always shine and get all the attention.

Libra Sun Leo Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Respectful, helping and strong;
  • Negatives: Vain, distracted and stubborn;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will admire and put them on a pedestal;
  • Advice: They shouldn’t allow themselves to become workaholics.

These people genuinely love being admired and appreciated for their efforts, at work or in a relationship.

Personality traits

Libra Sun Leo Moon natives are very motivated to interact with other people. They are not happy when being told only half of a life story. These natives are the type who want to hear more than one point of view.

What makes them tick is sharing. That’s why they want to exchange ideas, to give and take, to differentiate themselves as individuals while making appreciations through others’ eyes.

The social mirror is something they’re always counting on. They are the Libras who crave attention the most. And when they’ll get what they want, they’ll be warm and generous in return.

Creative and enthusiastic, these natives can be very dramatic. And you’ll never see them taking criticism lightly. What they love the most is being flattered.

So a little bit of praise will do wonders in the relationship with them. They have strong egos but their morals can’t be interfered with.

As they want others to think well of them, they will try and make their loved ones happy no matter what. Their social life will always be active. They like to interact with people from all corners of the world. They are even more amiable and positive than other Libras.

Honest and well-intended, all they want from people is to love and appreciate them. When it comes to love, Libra Sun Leo Moon people are attentive and bubbly.

Role playing and sexual fantasies are their thing. It’s easy for others to want to take advantage of them because they’re generous and kind.

While independent and feeling gratified with their own accomplishments, it’s possible they’ll start to depend on their lovers. It’s because they want approval and companionship too much.

It doesn’t matter if men or women, they will always feel like it’s normal for good things to happen to them. Not to mention how bossy they can be. At least they can always make people laugh.

Compassionate and respectful, these natives think honesty and integrity are something anyone should have. Others will appreciate them for this attitude.

One of their negative traits is that they can be too proud and worried about how others see them. Wanting to be popular can drive these natives crazy.

They have to be socially active or they’ll lose contact with reality. It’s important for them to feel fulfilled, but they need to be careful not to compromise their own principles just to be liked.

Some people may not think the way they do. And they may be annoyed by this. They’re lucky but they don’t feel happy until they have reaped the rewards for their efforts.

Always doing something, these natives need to learn all the time. It gives them energy to be like this. Just like all Libras, they may have many interests and invest their energy in more than one project.

They feel like they have a purpose, but it’s difficult for them to decide on what job they will do. Only experience will help them in this situation.

As young adults, they will stick to their ideals and fight for many causes. But when older, they would have learned from disappointments and be wiser.

Libra Sun Leo Moon people are the type who relies on intuition and not on reason. And sometimes, their hunches prove to be correct and effective. Their Moon will reflect their Sun’s personality most of the time.

But they will still have the need to be praised and admired. These natives want validation from others more than anything else. Their individuality will be nourished by acceptance and authenticity. Being unique motivates them to be better.

A place in the spotlight

Libra Sun Leo Moon lovers will have many relationships and will avoid thinking of the past. These natives have ideals when it comes to love. And these ideals are contoured by their dramatic nature and relationships.

The only thing that could interfere with their liveliness, intelligence and sociability is their pride. They would never be with someone whom they consider their inferior.

If they will be interested too much in materials, others will perceive them as vain. Because they strongly believe they only deserve good things, fate will be on their side.

They think they’re gorgeous, so it’s going to shock them to find out someone doesn’t find them attractive. It’s good that they’re confident, but the feeling that they’re entitled to everything should come from giving too. Not only from receiving.

All the Libra Suns want is harmony. It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship they’re having with a person, they always want to know he or she is happy.

Many think of them as superficial, but they aren’t. They’re gracious creatures who can see anyone’s point of view. But this can become bothersome, especially to their lover. As partners, they’re compassionate and attentive.

Leo Moon people want to be admired. And their partner should be the first to praise them. Not that they don’t want attention from everyone. It wouldn’t matter if their Sun is introverted, they will always want to shine in public.

They can be kept happy if treated like royalty. While high-maintenance, expect them to be loyal and generous lovers.

The Libra Sun Leo Moon man

The Libra Sun Leo Moon man is very attractive, not to mention that he has a likable personality too. This guy simple spreads his charm wherever he’s going.

Other men will feel like they don’t have a chance with the women when around him. And he’s a treasure because he likes to make people feel good even if his life is a complete chaos.

The position of the Moon makes him able to deal with anything. And this thing about him will impress everyone. You can trust this guy to never be boring. His life will always go through many changes.

It’s easy to impress this man. He can be inconsistent in love. But this would be useful if he’d have to travel or would work as an artist.

Romantic, he will do anything to impress his lady. Expect him to be traditional and bring roses. And he’ll never seem proud in front of his other half. It’s possible he married young and now he’s divorced.

Or not, as he can go through many tough moments and keep his relationship going. Even when angry, he’s still soft and seems to be rather calm. And he’s a wonderful father.

Don’t try to play him because it won’t work. Not to mention it’s impossible to push him to do something. He will wait for things to get done the way he wants them to. And he can be patient enough if he feels like he needs to.

The Libra Sun Leo Moon woman

The Libra Sun Leo Moon woman is dramatic and prefers to play any role to inspire, motivate and bring harmony. Positive and always active, this lady doesn’t need too much from others. Her friends will most likely be influential.

The perfect job for this woman is one that requires her to travel and exchange ideas. She could be a great theater director too.

But no matter what she does, you can rely on her to be honest, hardworking and important. She’s not the traditional mother but she can play this role perfectly.

She will teach her children all about her values and interests. And her husband will love her even after the passion is supposed to have gone between them.

She needs someone tactful and sociable. A guy who can put up with her eccentricities. Loving expensive things and having great taste, this girl will always dress like in fashion magazines.

After all, she likes to shine and to have a glamorous lifestyle. She will attract many men but won’t play games when it comes to love. It’s very likely she’ll speak her mind and choose the one whom she fell for.

Her confidence that she can move past any problem may prove to be true. It’s important no one takes advantage of her because she’s capable of great things in life.

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