Libra Sun Gemini Moon: A Flirtatious Personality

These people are witty but distracted so they find it hard to concentrate.

Libra Sun Gemini Moon

Libra Sun Gemini Moon people are even more witty and socially aware because their Moon influences them to be like this. They are also curious and restless.

These natives want to navigate the world and find the true meaning of things. Relaxed and logical, they are true intellectuals at heart.

Libra Sun Gemini Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Principled, easygoing and witty;
  • Negatives: Changing, moody and distracted;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is as free-spirited as them;
  • Advice: They need to be careful because their flirtatious behavior can be misinterpreted.

It can be difficult for them to understand superficiality and people who don’t get the deeper meaning of things.

Personality traits

Libra Sun Gemini Moon individuals are eloquent and convincing people who believe in honesty. They have a relaxed and positive attitude that will always keep them graceful.

While they may bother some people with their wit, many will appreciate them for being sincere and for having good intentions. What they hate the most in life is boredom and seeing that others are indifferent.

Because they are always looking for variety and to be challenged, they will get themselves getting into trouble more than often.

As they are detached and unemotional, they sometimes think this world is hopeless and cruel. And they won’t believe in people.

They will try to experiment with the occult and with products of their own imagination. After all, they’re true rebels who are struggling to adapt to this world. It’s difficult for them to settle or to feel they belong with someone.

When they’ll refuse to accept reality as it is, they will start to play different roles according to the circumstances. And they are great actors. Or they’ll decide to not participate.

However, being themselves is their biggest challenge. The combination of the Libra Sun and the Gemini Moon suggests they’re flirtatious, easygoing and intelligent. Sociable and nice, these natives will make friends anywhere.

Many will like them for being open and careless. They’re the best at communication, so there’s no discussion they won’t address. When it comes to their emotional satisfaction, they want to please everyone because they need approval.

As they like to socialize and they’re aware of how people think, a job where their character can be displayed would be perfect for them. When having people over, these natives simply shine as hosts.

Because they know their way with words, Libra Sun Gemini Moon people will use communication to escape any difficult situation. It’s like they’re a little bit too charming. It wouldn’t matter if men or women, they will always be young at heart. They like spending time with others and sharing. Not to mention they’re happy only when their loved ones are happy. You can always make a joke about them. They will take it and laugh.

Because they give a lot of importance to their image, they’ll always try to look their best. When it comes to emotions, they may seem superficial because they simply don’t have them.

It can be difficult for them to start something because they have too many ideas and can see things from more than one perspective. And when others start to influence them, they become nervous and grow to be impatient.

It would be better for them to have someone to run their projects. Mentors would also be useful for them because they’d no longer have to invest that much energy in organizing their mind.

Keeping just their intellectual abilities at work, without having to focus on other tasks, will have them see an assignment to the end. It’s important they realize how unique they are.

Also that they interact and learn from others as much as possible. Their sense of humor will always help them laugh at problems and mistakes. It doesn’t matter how hard their life gets, they need to continue being appreciative of the fate’s irony.

And they are not only great artists and true intellectuals, they’re also amazing diplomats. When tension in a discussion will arise, they’ll hurry to calm the spirits and to mediate the conflict.

This makes them good social workers, lawyers and even politicians. It’s important for them to find something they’re interested in and work for it.

Many will be shocked by their actions, waiting for them to do something new and interesting again. Because they’re changing all the time, it’s impossible for someone to truly know them. But you can trust their values will always stay the same.

Flirty and charming

Naivety, idealism and romanticism, these all characterize the Libra Sun Gemini Moon’s views on romance. It can be easy to break their heart, no matter how cold and unemotional they may seem.

They’re compassionate, generous and caring lovers, but they need a partner as free-spirited as them. It will take them many relationships before they’ll settle. Some of them will never do it.

They like to flirt because they have the charm and the communication skills of the Gemini. Their magnetism and cleverness will have people hanging on to their every word.

Interested in many subjects, they will probably study till later in life. But it can be difficult to call them hard workers. Libra Suns tend to sugar coat everything.

Mannered and open to flirt, they have great instincts when it comes to spotting people who want conflict. And they won’t deal with them. But this attitude and their indecisiveness can bother their lover.

They will feel ruined after a break up because they want to be in a relationship more than anything else. Their partner will feel great being loved by them.

Gemini Moon people need to talk more than anything else. That’s why they need a partner who’s chatty. Ruled by Mercury, these Moon people like talking about their feelings, but not too much. They’re never too emotional or intense.

And they are more the talkers of the zodiac than the feelers. As long as they have variety in their relationship, they’ll be happy. These natives would hate routine and a domestic life. Being possessive with them is the worst idea someone could have.

The Libra Sun Gemini Moon man

The Libra Sun Gemini Moon man can be very lazy sometimes, not to mention that his Sun and Moon suggest he’s relaxed, smart and always full of ideas. Having both signs in the Air element, he’s like the wind: easygoing and always on the go.

Expect him to travel a lot. He won’t have any precise goals, living in the moment. As far as his ideal jobs go, he’s a great public speaker, teacher or travel agent.

A career would bring more stability into his life. He can convince anyone of anything because he knows what appeals to people. If you want to get him be surprising, open to talk and change your look from time to time.

Communication is key with him. He’s the type who goes after beauty and a red dress. Also some jewelry and a dramatic look.

The more he’s admired and flattered, the better he feels. But he’s a wanderer who can forget that he’s after a lady. Yet he’s worth all the effort because he’s good looking and has a lot of charm.

Not to mention it can be a challenge to get him. He’s not the best money maker, but he loves spending his finances on the girl he loves. He’s the type of father who’ll shop for the children and read them a story.

His type of romanticism is intellectual. Just get to know him better and discover what that means.

The Libra Sun Gemini Moon woman

The Libra Sun Gemini Moon woman is so attractive and intelligent that she could charm anyone. This lady likes being supported by her husband from an emotional, physical and financial point of view.

Don’t think that she’s a gold digger because she isn’t. It’s very likely she’ll make her own living as she’s smart and interested in many things. But she changes her mind more often than others change their clothes.

Not to mention she can procrastinate for days. Just when you’ll expect her to do something important for work, she’ll say a headache doesn’t allow her to.

As a matter of fact, this is the lucky card hidden up her sleeve. Expect her to want to go to the casino and to parties, to watch football and to bet on her favorite teams. And game night will be the only time she prepares some food.

She’s not at all domestic or the cook others expect women to be. Her talents make her a perfect journalist and not at all a good homemaker. As a parent, it can be said she’s decent. Her friends will want her around because she cares and has good intentions.

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