Libra Sun Capricorn Moon: An Affectionate Personality

Principled and strong, the Libra Sun Capricorn Moon personality benefits from great inner confidence and will only follow their own path.

Libra Sun Capricorn Moon

Whilst people with the Sun in Libra are generally friendly and nice, when they have their Moon in Capricorn, they’re a little bit colder and more distant.

When they set their mind to something, Libra Sun Capricorn Moon people don’t even need to rely on charm or kindness to get it. They will use their ability to read people’s minds.

Libra Sun Capricorn Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Reliable, caring and reserved;
  • Negatives: Stubborn, judgmental and cold;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who allows them their personal space;
  • Advice: They need to respect themselves before anything else.

In conjunction with the Capricorn’s sound judgment and sensibleness, they’re honest and always fair, so they will never try to manipulate or lie. When it comes to their reputation and social status, they will do anything to protect them.

Personality traits

Libra Sun Capricorn Moon people will never talk about their feelings or show their emotions. They are very serious and reserved, but they have a very good sense of humor.

While calm and emotionally introverted, they show their affection by being protective. When it comes to their finances, they need stability and to know what they’re going to live on tomorrow.

Anyone can rely on them to be constant and helpful, but not open about their feelings. It’s possible they’ll become workaholics because they’re all about work and they want to avoid getting intimate.

They are the CEOs and the managers of big companies. Always keeping their word, these natives are people of commitment and long-term partnerships. There’s no one more responsible than them, even if they sometimes indulge in luxury and life’s most refined pleasures.

You can trust they’ll never allow anything to have any issues with their work. These Libras will always seem older than they actually are. And not in appearance, but in wisdom.

They’re fair and balanced when it comes to their relationships. While many may think they’re too serious, they can laugh at themselves more often than others.

It’s suggested they work on seeming more open, kind and nice because their Moon can make them seem very cold. But they shouldn’t worry that much about what others think of them.

Being themselves is definitely the way to go for these natives. Some self-respect would be very well deserved because they’re reliable and good people, after all.

The energy invested in making calculations about what others think of them should be used for something more constructive.

Libra Sun Capricorn Moon natives will try to understand others with the hope that they’ll get to know themselves better. They want approval.

Their childhood has probably been unhappy as their two ruling signs are in conflict with each other. If their efforts haven’t been appreciated when they were kids, they will look for more attention as adults.

They normally doubt people inside, but their Libra helps them to be approachable, nice and sociable. Many will like them for sticking to what they’ve said and for their sensitivity.

While their heart will be filled with a feeling of sadness and constant regret, they will also respect themselves enough to have a happy life. And they should because they have great values. Thinking of whom they could be wouldn’t help.

As soon as they have managed to establish an inner confidence, they need to go out in the world and fight their battles. They would be great politicians, lawyers and managers. They also have the talents and creativity to be successful artists.

If only they wouldn’t look so much for approval. Libras have great taste and can see beauty in everything, especially in a potential partner.

Libra Sun Capricorn Moon people observe others from a distance and decide which qualities they should copy. And the observations they make help them be even more diplomatic than normally.

As politicians, they would be assertive but a little bit mean with their opponents. While they want to bring peace everywhere they are going, in their heart they are looking to feed their ego by any means.

Their main purpose in life may be getting the power. And they would never admit they may be wrong. Working with their sociability just for their pride, they would only end up being unappreciated.

But if their diplomacy and goals will be well-intended and unselfish they will become the heroes of the day.

It’s essential that, whatever they do, they keep respecting and appreciating themselves. Others’ opinions are not at all important in the way they act and follow their dreams.

Cautious in love

Libra Sun Capricorn Moon lovers are all about relationships. They love to socialize and make people feel important.

Their partner will appreciate that they’re charming, courteous and romantic. And they will always be cautious about what their lover wants.

As a matter of fact, their downsides emerge when they forget about themselves trying to make their other half happy. Not to mention they run away from conflict and debates.

It can be difficult to contradict them because they prefer to withdraw and never bring the same discussion up. That’s why they shouldn’t couple with Arieses, for these natives are always looking to pick up a fight.

Capricorn Moon people need to surround themselves with self-protecting walls. They also have to have their own space and time alone. But they will build a beautiful home for them and their partner.

They will hook up with someone only after they trust and decide it’s time they need a relationship.

In their heart, these natives are loners who enjoy thinking only of themselves. If they’ll have an unemotional partner like themselves, they will be very reliable and devoted.

The Libra Sun Capricorn Moon man

This man is highly motivated and determined. He puts his needs on top of anyone else’s. If he’ll have to make some compromises to attain success, he won’t hesitate to make them. It will be tough for him, but he will.

The Libra Sun Capricorn Moon doesn’t need to be told about feelings, he prefers to guess. As one of the least charming Libras, he’s more like the distant Capricorn.

If born around midday, he’ll be more successful and competitive at home. As a father, he will have conflicts with his children.

But he’ll invest a lot of time and efforts in being the best. His life will have many accomplishments. But he will use a lot of his energy to make good money and advance at work.

When it comes to his love life, he wants a woman who excels at everything. That’s why he likes ladies who work hard, are attractive and don’t mind being homemakers.

It’s possible he’ll treat everything like a business. At least he will charm everyone and become really powerful.

A traditionalist and a romantic, he’ll be loyal and protect his lover from the harshness of the world. He won’t be late because he’s been out with boys. It would be indecent for him to do this.

While he doesn’t have any plans to act in a certain way with his lover, he will manage to be satisfactory because he works hard and is caring. But he wants to be loved and appreciated. This Libra man needs a woman who has the same values as him.

The Libra Sun Capricorn Moon woman

This lady is so self-centered that others consider her selfish. She’s not as charming as other Libras, but she can still get men. And she’ll be liked by other ladies too because she’s fun, intelligent and responsible.

Many will think of the Libra Sun Capricorn Moon woman as a snob because she’s mannered. If she needs to use someone in order to climb the social ladder, she won’t hesitate to do it.

The obstacles she’ll need to overcome in life will be many and tough. But she’ll be victorious. This is the type of woman who’ll support her husband morally and financially if he wants to go to school and change his career.

But she won’t accept him to fail. As a matter of fact, failure makes her fall out of love. If she was born between 4 and 5 am, her Moon will make her strong enough to handle all the responsibilities of a marriage. However, her Sun won’t allow for this to happen as much as she would allow.

She probably won’t have too many children, but she will definitely love and care for the ones that she has. It’s also possible she’ll want to study for her PhD at some point. And her man will have to accept this or she’ll leave.

And problems with the next man will emerge too. At least she falls out of love very fast. A little bit vicious and with many relationships in her past, this lady will support other girls who act the way she does. This woman doesn’t like being told that she’s wrong.

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