Libra Sun Cancer Moon: An Enthusiastic Personality

Empathic and diplomatic, the Libra Sun Cancer Moon personality can balance, like no other, tense situations in private and personal life.

Libra Sun Cancer Moon

The combination between the Libra Sun and the Cancer Moon suggests the natives born under these signs are sentient and caring.

They are soft creatures whose emotions interfere with their life from time to time. But no matter what, they remain supportive and nurturing with those they love.

Libra Sun Cancer Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Diplomatic, communicative and idealistic;
  • Negatives: Melodramatic, hyperactive and criticizing;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will appreciate all his efforts;
  • Advice: They should take care because others will take advantage of them.

The fact that they’re emotional suggests they are also jealous and insecure when it comes to their romantic relationships. They usually keep their true feelings hidden until they completely trust a person.

Personality traits

It wouldn’t matter if women or men, Libra Sun Cancer Moon people will always be moody and too emotional. Childish, these natives know melodrama and sulkiness like the back of their hand.

Especially when things don’t go the way they want them to. While full of love, they can be a little bit shy with the ones they love.

They’re too enthusiastic about a new relationship and often end up disappointed. If they will never be cheated on or deceived by a lover, they will keep their naivety for a lifetime.

Very attached to their family, Libra Sun Cancer Moon natives give their relationships a lot of importance. They like knowing they bring a contribution to something great, no matter if it’s about supporting a family or being in the service of people.

It’s just that they get their energy from doing something meaningful and helpful. And many will like them for this. They will have their friends coming to them for advice all the time.

Both the Libra and the Cancer are idealists when it comes to love. They are profound and flexible creatures who believe in soulmates. But the fact that their heart doesn’t always agree with their mind can be very confusing.

That’s why they’ll have problems making decisions. Not to mention how difficult it will be for them to distinguish between reality and fantasy.

Dreaming of an ideal world, they will often not be completely involved in group activities. But they very much like people. And because they are always looking to interact with others, many will take advantage of their good nature.

Empathic, these Libra Sun Cancer Moon people understand what others are feeling. And they will be able to dodge conflicts in the most diplomatic manner. As true seekers of peace, fairness and freedom, they will balance tensioned situations everywhere they’ll go.

Someone as serene and diplomatic as them will always look to avoid arguments. Usually in control, they can adapt to any situation and type of people. You’ll never see them trying to impose their views on others.

It’s normal for them to always mind their own business. Because they’re not assertive, they will never fight for a cause or for others who are less fortunate to be done justice.

Their philosophy of life is pretty much centered around themselves. These natives don’t want to get involved and create any problems. They have great taste. That’s why it’s suggested they take a career in the arts.

They will get to know themselves and to harness the social wisdom by acknowledging, accepting and honoring others’ emotions and expressiveness.

If they will recognize they have an amazing intuition, they will become masters at interpersonal relationships. Their main purpose in life is acquiring equilibrium.

That’s why they should stay away from superficiality and plans that seem to take them nowhere. These guys’ need for a family can’t be seen in other people.

But this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t sometimes spend some quality time with themselves. There’s nothing selfish about that. When people will notice all they want is harmony and to be kind, they’ll take advantage of them.

It’s essential Libra Sun Cancer Moon individuals think more positively of themselves. Also, that they don’t throw tantrums each time they are feeling emotional. It wouldn’t hurt if they would show more interest in others instead of withdrawing.

It’s true they like minding their own business and are usually reserved, but people will try to take advantage of this.

These natives are both great thinkers and warm feelers. As said before, they may have problems discerning what’s real and what’s not. Only after they’ve established how reality is, they can start expressing their feelings and needs.

A great love story

Libra Sun Cancer Moon lovers are all about socializing. They like people and having as many friends as possible.

Ruled by Venus, they want to participate to parties and gatherings as long as they have harmonious relations with everyone. These natives hate conflicts and vulgarity. That’s why they will always try to fit in.

Their partner will enjoy a great love story with them. But there may be trouble when they won’t be able to make a decision or become very frustrated because they’ve embarrassed themselves. More gentle than rugged, they are the perfect lovers for those who want someone kind.

Cancer Moon people are nurturing creatures who have a need to care for someone. They feel secure only when their partner is happy. That’s why they are always struggling to cook great foods and create a cozy home for their other half.

But they need to be cared for too. Their Shadow is noticeable when they start to be too smothering. Also, when they have their moods and worry they’re not being loved.

The Libra Sun Cancer Moon man

This man will be controlling and very attached to his family. His children are disciplined and aware of the rules of the house. He will manipulate his partner to do what he wants, and she won’t even realize it.

Don’t be surprised if after years of relationship with him you’ve changed your career and hobbies. He surely took care that you’re functioning at your full potential.

A gentleman who knows how to subtly suggest his ideas, the Libra Sun Cancer Moon man is also a good money maker and a hardworking colleague.

He’s usually loyal and doesn’t want to hurt anyone. But he never admits when he’s wrong. This guy would do a great job as a teacher or counselor. Laid back, he thinks getting along with everyone is the best way to achieve success.

But don’t believe he’ll be the boss’s puppy because he’s too charming for such a behavior. If he has managed to make his lover reach her maximum potential, it’s possible he’ll leave and look for someone else to fix.

Not that he wants to be unfaithful or deceiving. He simply is. And he won’t admit he has a made a mistake. When it comes to physical appearance, this guy has a sweet face and a lean body.

He likes to help and to be an important figure for everyone. But he will want to be appreciated for all of his efforts. People in his life need to understand this about him.

The Libra Sun Cancer Moon woman

The Libra Sun Cancer Moon woman stands out from the crowd. She’s charming and usually surrounded by men who want to help her with anything, especially when young.

Because she’s attractive and sociable, she will change partners very often. She probably wanted to have a family and be a wife at some point, but things dramatically changed along the way.

While life will throw many great opportunities at this woman, she won’t take them because she has too much to drink. This is the type of woman who gives up a good husband and a great job for her vices. Not that she wants to hurt anyone, she simply doesn’t have a direction.

Maybe around 35, she’ll have a revelation. And if she won’t change her ways after a serious introspection, she’ll remain the same self-destructive character all her life.

This lady is soft and nice. But she sometimes can be too emotional for others to understand her. That’s why she has to join some support groups that keep her grounded and still interested in a family life or a career.

A man who would understand a little bit of infidelity and wants to take care of her would be more than perfect for this girl. After all, it can be very fun to be around her. As far as work goes, she’d be a great interior designer or real estate agent.

She will love her children, but they will learn to never be dependent on her. It’s possible she may not be there all the time, when they’ll need her. Her man needs to be much more down-to-earth if it’s for her family life to be a successful one.

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