Libra Sun Aquarius Moon: An Original Personality

Eccentric and motivated, the Libra Sun Aquarius Moon personality will be at the forefront of changes in their personal and professional life.

Libra Sun Aquarius Moon

Libra Sun Aquarius Moon people are inspired by harmonious relationships. But don’t think they’ll give up their individuality in order to have them. It wouldn’t be in their benefit to sacrifice who they are just to please others and to be liked.

Because they are eccentric and a little bit unusual, it may be necessary for them to find a way of expressing themselves.

Libra Sun Aquarius Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Generous, honest and resilient;
  • Negatives: indecisive, grumpy and vindictive;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is attentive to their needs;
  • Advice: They need to be more decisive, especially in private life.

One of the biggest challenges they may face is adapting their weirdness to reality and at the same time having meaningful interactions with the people they care about.

Personality traits

Libra Sun Aquarius Moon people are among the oddest Libras in the zodiac. Self-motivated and original, these natives want to be independent and to rely only on themselves.

It’s impossible to ever tell them what to do because they hate being controlled or even suggested what is best for them. They surely are inventive and ingenious when trying to follow their own path in life.

It doesn’t matter if women or men, these natives will try things others wouldn’t even dare thinking off. While they like being around people, they often think they’re not appreciated to their true value or that no one understands them.

Libra Sun Aquarius Moon natives will always stay true to oneself, no matter what the majority thinks and does. They are bold and they prefer to live in the moment rather than to plan in advance.

When it comes to individuality, there’s no one to know this word better than them. They have integrity and they become very defensive when someone wants them to do something dishonorable.

Supportive and always with a good idea up their sleeve, others will turn to them in their most difficult moments. And they’ll be sympathetic because they like being the shoulder on which everyone cries.

Empathetic and in the meantime detached, these natives would give a hand with any kind of problem, not expecting something in return. Because they’re pragmatic and realistic, they will make sound judgments and always find ingenious solutions.

Their ability to think outside the box is very useful in crises. Their Moon makes them a little bit cold and unattached, but the fact that they are Libras changes it all, as this sign is friendly and open to communication.

However, the Aquarius in them will always have them keeping their identity. Generous and honest, they need to start being sincere with themselves before anything else. It would help if they would listen to others and compare what these are going through with their own experiences.

This is how they could become more humane. Mystery and uncharted territories make them tick. A new person in their circle of friends will make them curious and more observant because they love studying the human psychology.

Their strongest desire is to help others as much as possible. Aquarius people are artistic and sensitive, Libras are aware of their social position and open.

This means Libra Sun Aquarius Moon people will be sociable and capable of discovering themselves by making connections with others. However, they’ll remain independent and self-reliant no matter how many friends they will have.

Until someone proves to be unworthy of their friendship, they will be good and kind. They hate being lonely and isolated, so they’ll attend different events and gatherings, becoming more and more popular.

Happy, modest and friendly, the Aquarius in them will replace the Libra’s pride and superficiality with compassion and a scientific approach. These natives will be fascinated by anyone and everything.

Imaginative and sympathetic, they will be happy when those around them are happy too. And when others will be down, they will feel sadness as well. But this is not necessarily in their advantage because they’ll get to be overwhelmed by all the suffering and pain that exist around them.

It can be a burden to feel what others are feeling. And their imagination will cause them to think they may be responsible for all the bad luck in the world.

The deceptions their mind could come up with are huge. At least they have high ideals and apply their romanticism in everything they are doing.

And when it comes to their hopes and dreams, they are pretty realistic. These Libras know when one of their ideals is impossible to be reached.

An indecisive lover

Libra Sun Aquarius Moon lovers know how to be charming. What makes them even more attractive is the fact that they listen.

As partners, they’re compassionate and giving. But the thing is, they’re nice with everyone whom they find interesting. Don’t think they are strange, but they will definitely have a very wide social circle.

They are peaceful creatures who hate conflict. Their downside is their indecisiveness, when it comes to choosing, these natives weigh all the pros and cons.

Not to mention they’re able to see a situation from both sides. That’s why they need someone decisive and grounded in their life.

Aquarius Moon people have to have their independence more than anything else. They’re a little bit insensitive and this may bother some people. But they definitely are capable to commit.

The thing is, they will always want to observe things from far away. They hate rules and prefer to wait for things to be done their way.

When they don’t get what they want, they become rebellious. If you are looking for a traditional relationship, look somewhere else. These natives are too eccentric for such thing.

The Libra Sun Aquarius Moon man

Nice, inventive and amiable, this man has a Moon ruled by Uranus. This means he’s in love with love and variety. Good looking, he acts differently than other guys.

The Libra Sun Aquarius Moon man is moody and exciting, so it’s impossible to get bored with him. Idealistic about romance, he’s a dreamer when it comes to relationships. He sometimes fantasizes, which will leave his partner wondering and captivated.

Because he’s childish, all the women in his life will act very motherly with him. Talented and intelligent, he would be a great scientist, computer engineer and even actor or artist.

But he has a problem settling for only one domain of activity. A harsh manager would help him decide what he wants to do. And when focused on something, this guy has all the chances to become successful and highly productive.

Others shouldn’t underestimate his calm and charm. While he doesn’t get angry too often, he can be nervous from time to time. His lover should be able to calm him.

Interested in the occult and paranormal activities, he would like someone who understands these interests that he has.

While intrigued by a woman, he will take some time to decide if she gives any meaning to his life. Because he’s smart, unconventional and free, he wants a lady who’s exactly like him. But he can be too strange and inconsistent.

The Libra Sun Aquarius Moon woman

The Libra Sun Aquarius Moon woman is attractive and romantic, she may not be the one who relies the most on facts, but her abstract thinking and ingenious ideas can make any person curious about what she has to say.

This lady will probably marry well and live a comfortable life. And she’ll cover the fact that she’s erratic very well. It’s possible she will make her husband very unhappy with her behavioral changes.

As a mother, she will probably be with her head in the clouds, so she needs children who can take care of themselves from a very young age. She will not work her entire life if it will be possible.

But when working, she will often look at her colleagues like they are inferiors. And they will feel it. That’s why she won’t be the most popular woman.

But she won’t care about this. Fortunately, she’s lucky enough and she won’t ever admit fate is not on her side. She’s the type of housewife who always goes to have her hair and nails done.

At least she has a good sense of humor and a unique charm, so her man will always take her side. However, she will want to make a sugar daddy out of the person she marries.

This girl is helpless enough to think getting married to a rich man is the best thing that could happen to her. She will want a big house and to live in Beverly Hills. And if you can’t offer her this, you can be sure she’ll find someone who will.

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