Libra Snake: The Intuitive Deep-Thinker Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Libra born in Snake year

Libra Snake
  • If you are born between September 23 and October 22 then you are a Libra.
  • The Snake years are: 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025.
  • These people may sometimes feel the need to distort the truth.
  • The patient Libra Snake woman will always make a good impression.
  • The Libra Snake man is more inclined towards practical decisions.

The Chinese astrology offers us excellent insight into the characteristics of the serious and resourceful Snake but nothing can beat the combination with the brilliant and cautious Libra.

The Libra Snake individual mixes the best and the worst in the two signs, to create a strong-willed personality who is fair and principled.

The Captivating Libra Snake Personality

The Libra Snake appears to act as if physical appearance and beauty are the only things about their that matter.

But, in reality, this is a strategy they use to prevent others from seeing what they are really like deep down, theirs character, personality and thoughts.

Strong-willed and gritty individuals, these natives feel that everyone should follow their steps and act on their ideas and plans, because it only makes sense to do that.

Moreover, being very intelligent and a deep-thinker, the Libra Snake has certain principles and perspectives on life which are founded on long observations and tied to their moral viewpoints.

Top Characteristics: Diplomatic, Practical, Intuitive, Observant.

That’s why this native is not very likely to give up on them when confronted by a critical situation, and even if close people request that of them, it’s not going to happen.

Generally optimistic individuals who share in the joys of everyday life, you probably won’t ever see them gloomy or saddened, unless it’s something very emotional and tied to their close ones.

Very sociable and communicative with people, they may sometimes act neutral or with reserves if the situation gets too complicated, thus allowing themselves a breather to try and look on things from a different perspective.

However, what this native does which may affect their development is that they usually contend with the base aspect of something.

They will likely not delve any deeper and try to discover the secrets beyond, which is not so great an approach in any case.

One of the reasons why Libra Snakes are so good at maintaining cordial relationships with others is their keen intuition and ability to deduce what others are feeling and thinking. This way, they know exactly what to do in a certain situation, and how to lighten the mood by saying the right things at the right time.

Professionally speaking, there is little to say except the fact that they are able to put in great efforts and even greater patience in order to fulfil their goals. And those goals could be anything, tied to just about any working field, from art to commercial jobs, to science and literature.

As far as family life and relationships in general go, the Libra Snake is a very charming, attractive and kind individual who is deeply attached to close ones.

So, attached in fact that, most of the times, they are incapable of making major decisions or settling for a great undertaking without asking their friends and family if it’s the right thing to do.

And this is obviously something which makes things difficult for their self-development and path towards self-realization. Many plans will thus be cancelled or fail as a result of this tendency.

Libra Snakes are usually very interested in how they look and how others view them, physically speaking, because of their great sensitive personality.

Being attractive and seductive is a major bonus for these guys, and they strive to look as good as possible, while acting with great charm and guile.

However, while you may fall for these tricks and decide that the Libra Snake is a really intriguing person, it’s a better idea to stand back a little and observe them further.

Perfect careers for Libra Snake: Television, Modelling, Writing, Politics, Management.

Upon making contact and getting to know them better, especially their ideas and how they express themselves, you may change your tune, for better or worse.

A good thing is that Libra Snakes will always try to learn from failures and become better with each passing moment. Experience is something which they deeply strive to obtain, and they believe that there is no moment in which you have nothing else to learn.

With this in mind, noticing that their arrogant and overly-focused attitude tends to ruin social relationships comes as natural once some time passes.

One major flaw that this native entertains, or is prone to have, has to do with how they depict and view the truth.

Often feeling the need to exaggerate or add a little something to spice things up, they will proceed on distorting the actual happening of the events or bend the truth to suit their needs.

Love – Revealed

When trying to woo a Libra Snake, you have to prepare yourself in advance and steel your nerves. Patience is a virtue, or so the saying goes.

With these natives, this couldn’t be any truer, because they’re not going to let the defences down so easily. Granted, they are incredibly intriguing, with all the good looks, intelligence and great charm, but all great things come at a cost.

When in love, they become true romantics and people who will love unconditionally, no matter what happens.

All the qualities and perks that they’ve caught your attention with will get a big boost-up thanks to the supportive and healing effects the partner’s affection has on them.

This native can be a very flexible individual, capable of great enthusiasm and playfulness, as well as seriousness and thoughtfulness, depending on the situation and circumstances.

Usually, these traits are spread out evenly, with no ups and downs, which goes to create an equilibrium between his emotional states. Whoever wants a reasonable and ideal partner should pay attention to this native.

Most compatible with: Gemini Rooster, Leo Ox, Sagittarius Ox, Leo Rooster, Aquarius Ox.

Libra Snake Woman Characteristics

What makes the Libra Snake women stand out is their ability to make a good impression, or the best impression, as it depends on who you ask.

With their innate abilities and talents, it would have been a surprise if they didn’t use them to search for the spotlight and shine brighter than the Moon.

Unfortunately, they are also doomed to be incredibly difficult to understand and approach, due to their existential dualism.

They can be both kind and evil, honest and manipulative, calm and aggressive, and this emotional polarity brings about a bad harvest, either for themselves or for others.

Relationships are marked by this very contradictory nature, and how it further evolves depends on the current mood of the Libra Snake.

The partner thus needs to be a very patient and understanding individual, otherwise everything’s going to turn into a disaster and he won’t take kindly to all those sudden shifts in disposition.

Therefore, what would help these natives tremendously, and being pretty much the only serious flaw that needs to be worked upon, is the very manner in which they express themselves.

Self-control, a mediation of the psyche, the placement of restraints on those spontaneous shifts in emotional states, either one or all three of these things will have to be enforced in order to reach a consensus.

Celebrities under the sign of Libra Snake: Anthony Joshua, Dakota Johnson, John Mayer, Paul Simon, Linda McCartney, Barbara Walters.

Libra Snake Man Characteristics

This Libra Snake native appears to be a very carefree and fun seeker, while also being very attractive and seductive. And it’s not only an appearance, it’s how he is in reality.

But even more than that, he is a far-sighted and ambitious man who has great plans, and even greater means to achieve all his goals.

Mainly by resorting to others for help and support, he can fulfil all his dreams with minimum effort. And he remembers any aid that he received during trying times, his gratefulness and appreciation knowing no bounds.

Furthermore, he’s not likely to experience any disappointments or failures, since he only sets realistic and doable goals, never settling for unlikely or idealistic ideas.

One strong characteristic of this native is the heightened sense of justice, of doing the morally correct thing and seeking to abolish what is unjust and unfair.

More of a guiding principle than a goal in and of itself, he will nonetheless pursue it with tremendous perseverance and grit.

Realizing that remaking the world into a better place will take much more than just a happy attitude and enthusiasm, he is swift and decisive, letting no wrong deed go unpunished.

In love matters, this native will forever be observing and analysing the partner, seeing if it’s worth it to continue, or just give up on a useless endeavour.

If they reach that conclusion, they won’t hesitate to make the most practical decision for himself. Of course, that only goes if he notices that the partner brings more suffering and disadvantages, than joy and perks.

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