Libra Rooster: The Vocal Supporter Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Libra born in Rooster year

Libra Rooster
  • If you are born between September 23 and October 22 then you are a Libra.
  • The Rooster years are: 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029.
  • These people are patient and really don’t mind waiting for their turn in many life aspects.
  • The Libra Rooster woman is not a big fan of life changes.
  • Disciplined, the Libra Rooster man is able to respect the rules like no one else.

People who are born in Libra the Rooster year are always up to deal with the consequences of their own actions, even if there is quite a price to pay. They are among the calmest people in all zodiacs and they have a balance that is unmatched.

Optimistic and gentle, these guys have a good taste and are very refined. Because of this, people around them will always search for their advice and opinions on how to dress and do their hair.

Of all the signs in the Chinese zodiac, the Rooster is the one that talks a lot, about everything and everyone.

People in Rooster, including the Libra, will be articulate and they will know how to behave in society.  The Libra is known as a sociable sign with a great ability to communicate. This means people who are both Libra and Rooster are open to talks and enjoyable in a conversation.

The Persuasive Libra Rooster Personality

Sensitive as well, Libra Roosters are intellectuals who will charm anyone who crosses their way. They are skilled and precise, and they have an analytical mind that will judge very clearly no matter the circumstances.

More than this, they are also very interested in their own appearance and how others perceive them. For them, the most important things in life are their family, their health and their home.

They will surround themselves with people who are both intelligent and influential, and they will all discuss politics and the latest news.

These guys simply love to discuss anything and they choose their words wisely before they decide to say something. It could easily be said Libra Roosters are the best communicators of all the zodiacs.

Top Characteristics: Intriguing, Supportive, Assertive and Eloquent.

Responsible at their jobs, they will get attached to the people they are working with. This means they won’t leave a workplace till the situation is really requiring them to do so.

Not necessarily interested in being successful, they like to have small accomplishments, achieved with baby steps. Very observant, Libra Roosters will always know what to do and more importantly, when to do it.

They are patient and they always wait for their turn when they’re about to speak. And they would like it if other people would be the same when it’s their turn to say something. It is very annoying for them to be stopped when they are having a discussion. As said before, talking is one of their most favorite things to do, so a little bit of respect for the chat is required when around them.

As friends, Libra Roosters are loyal and reliable. They support their loved ones with whatever they can, in any situation. Because they’re observant, they always know what’s going on with their friends and they are able to offer support.

But when it comes to getting along well with people, they will often find themselves to be in conflict. It’s because they have different ways of seeing things and their ideas are not always the most practical ones.

A Sun sign, the Libra is tolerant and flexible, something that the Rooster isn’t. In return, the Rooster makes the Libra more confident and more determined. People in these signs are inclined to listen and compromise when they are required to.

The fact that they are so good with words makes these guys great at jobs like sales and telecommunications.

They are not the fans of doing things with their hands, so careers where they are using their minds will be more suitable for them. They are also good at helping others, especially with a piece of advice.

Perfect careers for Libra Rooster: Music, Sciences, Writing, Architecture.

Something involving phone or online support would also be appropriate for them. The fact that they have a creative mind makes them perfect for design and art. You could see their creativity as soon as you enter their homes.

They like to decorate everything uniquely. Don’t be fooled by the Libra Rooster’s cheerfulness. They are not the people to trust others easily, no matter how polite and elevated.

But if you manage to gain their trust a little bit, they will tell you about every detail in their life. This can be interpreted as a weakness as there are many Libra Roosters who have been disillusioned by people they confessed to.

The fact that they like to talk so much can bounce back against them. And their talking can bring even more problems.

For example, they can start to babble and talk about unimportant things if they are anxious and stressed. You will notice when something bothers them as they tend to speak much faster.

But this thing surfaces only rarely and when they are worried. It’s best to leave them do their number. If deceived or angered, they will really hurt their opponents with harsh words. They are not afraid to speak out when they feel they are entitled to do so.

Love – Exposed

Libra Roosters believe in true love and they expect life to make them happy in this sector too. If they aren’t able to find the right person, they won’t make any sacrifices and compromise.

They devote themselves to finding THAT person, the one who can truly understand them. Many of these people will only fall in love once in their entire life. When they like someone, they tend to be a little bit shy and hide their true feelings.

This is one of the rare situations in which they really don’t know what to say. They will be reserved towards the person they like, and they will never initiate a conversation with him or her. It’s not easy for the Libra Rooster to engage in love.

At least not as easy as it is for other Libras. Even when they are trying to convince themselves that they are more daring, they end up realizing they can’t do anything to no longer be timid around the person they like.

Their skills will make their lovers worship them. They are communicative with the partner, expressing their feelings freely and willingly. It’s not in their habit to make compromises when involved.

They prefer to follow their heart and do what the gut dictates them to do. Libra Roosters expect their other half to be faithful and devoted.

The have a need to be loved, but they couldn’t stand it if their partner would become too possessive and clingy.

Only when they are convinced they are loved and cherished, these guys will decide to make the big step and get married. Because they take their time to open up, Libra Roosters will spend a significant amount of time wooing.

They are calm and they prefer not to rush into relationships. Besides, they don’t commit until they are completely sure of the other’s love.

Most compatible with: Aries Pig, Cancer Rabbit, Cancer Rooster, Capricorn Rabbit.

Libra Rooster Woman Characteristics

Appreciating everything that surrounds her, the Libra Rooster woman is easygoing and capable of understanding other people’s point of view. For this reason, she will have many friends and will walk easily through life.

She only needs to not wish for change so much and she will be much more successful. Calm and mature, this lady is intelligent and a diplomat.

She approaches different situations with tact, and she takes action whenever she is required to. It is recommended that she doesn’t express herself so openly and roughly.

If she would be more observant, she would learn how to use this in her favor. This girl needs to be looser, to just go with the flow, especially if she wants to be happy all of her life. Not being too criticizing would help a lot too.

Celebrities under the sign of Libra Rooster: Fran Drescher, Gwen Stefani, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Wyclef Jean, Serena Williams, Christina Milian, Keyshia Cole.

Libra Rooster Man Characteristics

Eloquent and cheerful, the Libra Rooster man will always be in the center of attention. It’s not difficult to start a conversation with him as he is sociable and knowledgeable.

But he doesn’t like it when people aren’t honest or when they are trying to deceive him. Disciplined, this guy respects the rules like no one else in the zodiac.

He will immediately end a relationship with someone who isn’t fair and respectful. He usually doesn’t accept others’ point of view, and this is why he sometimes ends up alone.

Some people may find him harsh because he is pedant. But he is like this only because he’s insecure. He needs a certain code to live by if he wants to be happy. He should learn how to sometimes break the rules and build relationships.

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